Ski - Borderstorm Who Dares Wins

Date of Birth 18th Dec 2003 

Eyes CEA, CPRA and PLL unaffected - Hips - 6:4

Ski is out of my special girl Dare and Joe Boy, our 2nd litter.

Borderstorm Who Dares Wins
Ski is of course the most beautiful, handsome and intelligent of all the Borderstorm Babies, but then I am biased of course.  I chose him as I wanted a calmer puppy to fit in to our already hectic household.  A calm puppy!  Hmmm - not for long - he's as nutty as the rest of the gang.  However at home he is a very loving dog, soppy even. 

Ski is my best boy - loyal, loving, nuts,  he and I dote on each other 100%.  He is now Grade 7, has qualified for Crufts, and has taken part in numerous championship finals since our first in 2008. A 3rd at The Agility Club has been our best effort to date.. If there was ever a dog in a million, it would have to be my Ski.




Ski is not available at stud, so please don't ask.  Simple reason - he has no "bits", bless him!

Such a Handsome Boy!

Me and My Mum!


Handsome isn't he!

Ski and Cruise in the Lake District - Summer 2004

 New Years Day on the Beach

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bulletAt birth he weighed 12ozs. I was immediately attracted to him as the only merle in the litter.
bullet1 Week old, and 27oz, our son christens him Henry Wiggins!!!! - Why?
bullet2 Weeks old, and 39 ozs, this pup loves his mum, and is the most clingy to her.
bullet3 Weeks old, and quite laid back in attitude.  Is he ill?
bullet4 Weeks old - Henry seems very chilled - not as pushy as the bigger pups, but not as naughty as Flyte, the smaller dog.
bullet5 Weeks old - I've decided he will be staying with us.  He's chilled mostly, but has the usual naughty puppy streak.  One of his eyes is blue, but seems to be turning brown.


bullet6 weeks old, and his name is Ski.  He's cheeky yet cuddely, and seems to fit in with the pack.


bullet7 weeks old, and theres only his sister here with him, and he's taken on the role of bossy big brother!  The blue eye is turning brown at the top and the pink nose gets blacker every day!








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