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Hello, my name is Lisa, and Borderstorm is the Affix granted to me by the Kennel Club in 2002.  I have been doing agility with my dogs since 1992, and this site is dedicated to them, and the crazy life we lead together.  We compete at shows all over the UK, and my 3 competing dogs all compete at Grade 7 Championship, which is the highest level.

And introducing our new baby ......

Redanmuir Shock Tactics at Borderstorm

Also at Team Borderstorm are husband John, and son Leo.  They enjoy living with, and playing with the dogs, but they usually leave the agility to me.

We have occasionally bred litters of puppies, such as the 2006 and 2008 litters below, but our main interest lies in working with our dogs, and just enjoying their company.


2006 Litter (Dare x Dylon)


2008 Litter (Flirt x Del)


We have 5 dogs currently, and each has their own page which you can visit.  Follow the links left to go there.

I train with Scunthorpe Agility Club, and Field of Dreams Dog training, check out their sites:  Scunthorpe Agility and Field of Dreams Agility.


The dogs we have bred each have their own pages - there is a page for each puppy, which the owners can update by sending me photos and news.  You can reach these pages by following the "puppies" link on the left.  However, I especially love the 2 photos below, as to me they capture what a Borderstorm Border Collie is all about.


Agility Champion Borderstorm No Regrets


photo copyright:Sam Houston


Borderstorm Challenge At Petnat


photo copyright: Karen Marriott

You can contact me by clicking here Speculative/generic/vague puppy enquiries will be deleted.  Please see the puppy pages for information regarding future litters before e-mailing.