Pups 2008



The "Top Gear" Litter




  Puppy 1 Clarkson Puppy 2 The Stig Puppy 3 James (Captain Slow) Puppy 4 Hamster Puppy 5 Porsche
Time/Date of Birth 14.10 (29.11.08) 15.35 (29.11.08) 16.15 (29.11.08) 16.57 (29.11.08) 17.30 (29.11.08)
New Pet Name Brigg Stig Speckles Jem Sola
New Posh Name Borderstorm Lincoln Imp Borderstorm Top Gear Stig Borderstorm Spot On Borderstorm's Precious Gem Borderstorm Midnight Blue
Owner Brigg will be travelling all the way to Surrey to live with Jane Cameron and her 4 collies, where he will spend his life walking and doing agility and amusing the amazon parrots!  Jane competes in agility throughout the UK all summer long, and I think little Brigg is going to have such a wonderful time with her and her boys.  She trains with Sunniday and Pachesham. This little fellow will be going to live in Belgium with Johan de Pourcq and his partner Petra.  Johan has 2 dogs from the UK, both from Touchango breeding, and this chap also has Touchango in his pedigree.  Johan is an  experienced handler, having represented his country in the World Championships previously.  This is an exciting opportunity for me and I am very proud that Johan would go to the trouble of importing a Borderstorm Baby. James will be going to live with Scunthorpe member Bec Godridge, and so will be staying local to us.  Bec already competes in agility with her Blue Merle Collie Tyke, and James will be living with ponies, cats, dogs and guinea pigs.  Bec works with Karen who has Fetz from our last litter, and so James (aka Speckles) will get to see his big brother every day. Jem is going to be the new gem in the life of Pat and Tony Butcher, from Lincolnshire, and will be Pat's birthday present from Tony. Pat trains with the AgilityBuds and also with her own local club - Digby Chase. They have a number of Collies between them, and are experienced handlers.  Pat chose Jem very early, and never wavered - he was always going to be her special boy. Sola is going to live with Pia Glover "Down South" along with husband Bill and their 3 children.  Both Pia and Bill compete in agility, and train with North Downs agility club.  Sola will get to meet her Auntie Pixie (Flirts litter sister), who also trains there. Pia already has one merle girl, and so will be well rehearsed for the "madness" which is about to hit them. Sola is certainly one very special little girl. Hope there's one like her next time!
Week 6 Body Shot
Week 6 Head Shot
Week 6 Update All pups are now chosen and all have passed their BAER hearing tests and CEA eye tests.  Final preparations are being made for Stig's journey to Belgium.  The pups are now on 4 meals a day, have been wormed for the final time, and are becoming more independent every day.  Flirt pops in for a quick feed a couple of times each day, but she now prefers to play with them. I am going to miss these little monsters.  A quick character assessment - Speckles (quietly confident), Jem (mischief maker), Stig (bold and focused), Brigg (cuddle monster), Sola (OMG!!!!)
Week 5 Body Shot
Week 5 Head Shot
Week 5 Update This week has been chaos. A new years eve party ensured the pups were acclimatised to party poppers, crackers, champagne corks, and loud tuneless singing.  They were not phased at all!  We have also had worming, and a visit to the vets for a check up.  The new owners have started to choose their pups, and at the time of update, 3 are definately chosen, with the other 2 waiting for a final decision.  One pup will be travelling overseas to Belgium to start his agility career, this is exciting for us as we have never sent a pup overseas before, but this handler came with very good recommendations, so we did not hesitate.  Personality wise, Sola (Porsche) and James (Speckles) are the naughty "up-for-anything" pups, Jem (Hamster) is full of beans but not quite so naughty.  Stig and Clarkson are busy and friendly, but not quite so mischievous - Clarkson is a big softy at heart and loves a cuddle, whereas Stig like to steal Sola's special cushion for a snooze - but she soon kicks him off!
Week 4 Body Shot
Week 4 Head Shot
Week 4 Update The pups are now downstairs, and meeting lots of visitors.  They are on solid food, but still prefer mum!  Their nails have been clipped again, and they have a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Personalities are starting to come through, the merlie girl (Sola aka Princess) is, like most merles, noisy and independent - she has a fine pair of lungs.  James (aka Mr Speckles/ Captain slow) is the one who craves human attention the most - always first to the edge of the pen when he sees you.  Clarkson is flashy and well co-ordinated, but also laid back.  Hamster and The Stig are much the same - very handsome chaps, but Hamster has those wild, wild Borderstorm eyes and is a real mischief maker!  The Stig likes to share the cushion with Sola. He likes his home comforts.
Weight Week 3 53oz 54oz 47oz 52oz 53oz
Week 3 Body Shot
Week 3 Head Shot
Week 3 Update This weekend we were at Olympia and the "in-laws" moved in to puppy sit.  Its amazing how much they change in 3 days!  The Stig has now taken over as the biggest pup, and the biggest growth spurt is by far Hamster.  They are really focusing now, and run to the edge of the whelping box when we peer in.  They will be moved down to the lounge soon, where life is a bit more hectic.  They have had their first taste of formula (yum!) and little Porsche has been visited by her new owner and has a new name - Sola!  I think it suits her 100%. 
Weight Week 2 40oz 39oz 34oz 34oz 39oz
Week 2 Body Shot
Week 2 Head Shot
Week 2 Update Pups have their eyes open and have had their first worming and loads of visitors.  They are quite mobile now, if a little wobbly, and we have had to move the pig rails up in the box to stop them escaping.  Some of the new owners have visited and are already choosing their favourites, but we may have one boy pup available.  Contact me for more information.
Weight Week 1 30oz 28.5oz 25oz 25.5oz 26.5oz
Week 1 Body Shot
Week 1 Head Shot
Week 1 Update All pups are doing well, most nearly doubling their birth weight, and 2 little fattys more then doubling!  James is going to be a speckled boy just like his father, already covered in naughty spots!  Eyes should be open in the next few days, which is always exciting - who will be first?
Weight at Birth 16.5oz 15.7oz 13.6oz 12.7oz 13.0oz

Body Shot


Face Shot

On the 28th and 29th September 2008 Flirt was mated to Jackie Gardeners lovely boy Del, Glenson Delboy.  And on the 29th November Flirt produced 5 beautiful babies, 4 black and white boys, and 1 blue merle girl.  Pups will be KC registered, Insured  and Hearing Tested.  Pups are clinically CEA unaffected, but to ensure they are not carriers, pedigrees will be endorsed for breeding until the appropriate health checks have been carried out.  My pups are only suitable for experienced, working Border Collie homes, preferably agility.  Border Collies with a strong work drive are not suitable for pet homes.

To enquire about a Borderstorm baby, please see me at shows, or E-Mail me by clicking here.    If I do not know you personally, I will require references.   There may be a boy pup available from this litter.

To see pups from the previous 4 litters please click in the year. Pups 2002    Pups 2003  Pups 2006 or  Pups 2007

All our pups from the first 2 litters are working in Agility Grade 6 or above, 1 has a CC already, and  6 are in Grade 7.  The litter to which Flirt belonged are all doing nicely, one remains at Grade 3, 2 are at Grade 4, 2 at Grade 5 and 2 at Grade 6.  The youngest litter have only just started their agility careers in the Summer but all are shaping up well, are keen, fast and have a very high work drive.  One has already won Grade 3 classes and all have been placed.

Mum   Dad
Flirt x Del
Borderstorm Dare To Flirt   Glenson Del Boy (ISDS 278361)
  Grade 5     Grade 7
  owner: Lisa Adamson     owner: Jackie Gardener
  Hips 5:4     Hips 5:5
  BAER Hearing Normal     BAER Hearing Normal
  TNS Normal     TNS Normal
  CL Normal     CL Normal
  CEA Carrier     CEA Normal
  Blue Merle Bitch      Tri Dog with speckles :o)

 Lots of people have commented how much they enjoyed Dares Diary, when she was expecting her litters, so I asked Flirt to also keep a diary too. Flirt is much more of a free spirit then Dare, and her original answer was to tell me to "go away", but eventually she agreed to keep some notes........

Flirts Pregnancy Diary - sponsored by www.petnat.com

28th November 2008 - Day 61 - WAITING IS SOOOOOO BORING!  But I do like my cuddles!  Thats me and my dad  :o)

You can watch me if you like on http://borderstorm.camstreams.com/ If you can't connect, it means the cam is off-line, maybe mum is using the webcam for another package, or is getting changed!  If you can connect, but you can't see me, I'm not there LOL.  Apparently I have to type this...."Streaming webcam supplied by camstreams.com". Love Flirt


27th November 2008 - Day 60 - I am now having my "temperature taken" (or so she calls it!) 2 times each day - its fairly static at the moment, just a few little waves, but mum says she knows I won't be having the pups in the next 24 hours! Bloomin' good job, I want fit in at least another 6 meals before I have any pupsters!  The webcam is now set up, and apparently you can all watch me in my box.  I'm going to be really naughty and stick out my tongue next time you're looking!  Or pull a moonie hehehe. I was looking back at Dare's diary last year "thought you might be interested in the scene in my mums bedroom.  It used to be really tidy, the only things lying around were dads socks and mums trainers. Now.....well now its my boudoir!!! There is my whelping box - at the moment it has lovely fluffy lilac vet bed in and a pink flamingo, but next to it is a pile of old clean vet bed - having puppies is too messy for lilac vet bed.  I have a pile of newspaper, some plastic sheeting, some new towels (for rubbing puppies with).  There's also a plastic storage box, lined with vet bed and fleece for putting the pups in if mum needs them out of the way for any reason.  On the window ledge there a whole chemist shop!!! Milton sterilising fluid, antibacterial hand wash, latex gloves, weighing scales, Dopram V (for emergencies!) scissors, suction pipettes, Detol wipes and fluid, pens, paper, phone numbers, record charts, text books and kitchen roll.  Wow.  Oh, and not forgetting the webcam!  How much stuff can a girl need!  I wonder how dogs give birth in the wild without all this stuff?"  Well it looks like that all over again, although this time mum has a heat pad from Auntie Karen as well!  All this fuss for a couple of pupsters! Love Flirt
23rd November 2008 - Day 57 - Hooray - pups are viable from today, according to the literature!  That means if I were to give birth early for any reason, the pupsters are well enough developed to survive on their own. I wonder how many their are??? Isn't it exciting. I know of one new pupster owner who desperately wants a merlie girlie, and another who equally desperately wants a merlie chap. And another who would like a really, really dark boy.  Please let everyone be happy ,  Love Flirt
22nd November 2008 - Day 56 - Mum should have been at a show today (Newton Heath) but she's been working hard and was too tired, so she laid on the bed and cuddled me most of the day, feeling my tummy for pupsters!  That's a picture of me taking a little break in my sparkly blue box :-)  Apparently it was my mums box last year, but it was pink then.  I'm more of a blue kind of girl myself! Love Flirt

My mum Dare in the pink box

Me in the blue box

17th November 2008 - Day 50 -  I seem to have "got fat" over night (maybe due to the number of turkey necks I scoffed hehehe).  I didn't realise I was the only one getting extra meals  - I though mum was feeding us all extra.  How would I know the others weren't getting any, I have my nose stuck in my dish all the time. Love Flirt


14th November 2008- Grumpy, miserable, grumpy, miserable - I've taken to being whiney and giving huge sighes every few minutes!  Mum just laughs at me and says "oh Flirty you are funny!".  Hhhhhhrrrrruuuummmppphhh.  Love Flirt
7th November 2008 - DAY 40!!!! - Now I am really grumpy - wormer.  Yuk  Love Flirt
3rd November 2008- Grumpy, miserable, grumpy, miserable - I miss agility and miss my mad, mad runs in the park, and playing dodgems' with my brother Ski. Love Flirt
27th October 2008 - Went to the vets today - she shaved my tummy, put cold gel on my tummy, prodded me, and told me I was having Pupsters!  Can you believe that?  Me? Pupsters?  Yeah right!  Love Flirt
October 2008 - I'm not getting to do any training now - mum keeps taking me training, and to shows, but I don't get to do anything! Not sure whats going on. Love Flirt
September 28th 2008 - After a journey of around 1000 miles up and down the country, visiting a couple of handsome chaps, I finally mated today, a bloke called Del.  Handsome, a sweet talker, funny colour! Mum said, "well thank goodness thats sorted" - not sure what she means by that!  Love Flirt




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