Pups 2013



The "LOTR" Litter


  Puppy 1 Eowyn


Eowyn "White Lady of Rohan"

Noblewoman and Shield maiden

"I will be a healer, and love all things that grow" Eowyn  after slaying the Witch-King in battle



Puppy 2 Arwen


Arwen "Noble Maiden"


"I would rather spend one lifetime with you then face all the ages of this world alone" Arwen to Aragorn



Puppy 3 My Precious


My Precious, The Ring referred to by Gollum.

The one ring is forged to rule over all other rings of power, the most powerful of them all.

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"


Puppy 4 Galadriel


Galadriel "Lady of Lorien"

The mightiest and fairest of all the elves that remained in Middle Earth

"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future" Galadriel to Frodo


Time/Date of Birth 13:45 (04.12.13) 16:45 (04.12.13) 18:00 (04.12.13) 00:15 (05.12.13)
New Pet Name Wave Sidi Shine Freak
New Posh Name Borderstorm Shockwave Borderstorm Dare To Shock Borderstorm Aftershock Borderstorm Freak Out
Owner Marilyn Murphy Jackie Smith Staying here with me Sue Baker
Weights 7 weeks 3.8kg 4.05kg 4.25kg 4.10kg
Week 7


We have been so busy this week, I'm a bit behind with my updates!  It appears that while I was out one day, someone broke into my house and swapped my 4 beautiful cuddly puppies with 4 psycho puppies which are clearly a cross between snapping turtles and Tasmanian devils.  Fortunately, we now have an outdoor section available to them through the French Doors and they can burn off their evil energy by running inside, outside, inside, outside and doing a wall of death along the sofa!

They have had a 3rd Drontal worming, have tasted chicken wings, chicken feet, turkey neck and pigs noses, have had their photographs taken at the local photographer (who probably needed a stiff brandy afterwards) and have met lots of new people for cuddles, playtime and biting practice!

Arwen has finally been named as Sidi (motorbike link for those who don't know), although I prefer to still call her little black bitch :)

Our KC certificates have arrived, and our 4 weeks free insurance has been activated.  There are numerous bags of Royal Canin in our hallway.  So this means one thing - they are nearly ready to leave home.  Only 1.5 weeks left.  I can't imaging life without my 4 girls, and it makes me tearful to think about saying goodbye to them.

I can't wait until the next time, although hubby may leave home if we do this again soon  ;)

Week 6


What an eventful week.  The puppies made the long journey to the Animal Health Trust at Newmarket to have their BAER Hearing test and all passed, although little Galadriel refused to stay still, and her test took some time - bless her, after a 4 hour car ride she clearly did not want to relax for Julia, the tester. 

So the pups have now been chosen, and I feel so lucky that all my babies have such good homes with friends, all of whom have babies from my previous litters. 

Precious will be staying here with me, her name is now "Shine", and she is my perfect merlie girl.  Her name will be Borderstorm Aftershock, because obviously she came after Shock.  Her eyes look to be staying dark at the moment, but there is still time for them to change.

Jackie has chosen Arwen, still to be named but her KC name will be Borderstorm Dare to Shock - Shock being her mother and Dare being her Granny.  As Jackie originally wanted a merle dog, it makes me smile that she has bonded so well to little Arwen, the little black Bitch as we affectionately call her.

Marilyn has chosen Eowyn, now to be known as "Wave", Borderstorm Shockwave.  Wave is such a naughty full on puppy, Marilyn will no doubt have her hands full.  Her naughty spots are coming through thick and fast.  She's far too naughty for me to keep  lol.

I'm so pleased that Sue has Galadriel, almost a carbon copy of her other Borderstorm baby Spud!  Just a bit more girly, she so gentle, and such a cuddle monster.  She will be little "Freak", or Borderstorm Freak Out.  I have had a particular soft spot for her.

Every one of the owners of Shocks babies spoke to me when I first brought Shock home from Scotland 3 years ago, and asked that if I were ever to breed, they would love a puppy from Shock.  At that stage I had no plans, but here we are 3 years later, and they all have their precious puppies. It is so gratifying to know that Shocks pups have gone to the best homes, being cared for and adored by true friends.  Thank you all x

Week 5


The puppies are now creating havoc in their pen in the front room, where we are getting visitors most days.  Their personalities are now well developed, and they cause endless hours of amusement with their antics.  The 2nd worming was carried out a few days ago, and we seem to have had no reaction from the Drontal.  Will definitely use this again in future.  They have 4 meals a day made up of Royal Canin Starter, mixed with Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk and Royal Canin Puppy Mousse.  Not that I'm trying to advertise Royal Canin :) but I wouldn't trust any other brand with my babies.  We will introduce a little raw food this week.  Shock dips in and out to feed them and check on them when she feels inclined (with is not very often now!) but she does like to come and play with them frequently.  The other collies have been in for a peak, but they generally look disgusted at the little ankle biters, and make a hasty escape.  Our pug however, thinks she should be their surrogate mother, and is absolutely obsessed with them.

Little Eowyn is still the dinkiest puppy, but now has naughty spots appearing on her nose and the attitude to match!  Arwen likes the sound o her own voice, and likes to get her own way, Precious is bold and outgoing, and Galadriel is attention seeking, and a huge fluff ball.

Hearing tests are booked for this week at the AHT, and then the choices can begin.  Exciting times for Me, Jackie, Marilyn and Sue who have been planning our new additions for many years.  These puppies are so scrummy that I would hope to repeat this mating at some point, so for those who have asked me - theres the answer.  No plans when though.  I just would like to concentrate on having a great agility season with Shock, and enjoy the new pup before any decisions are made.  I might even teach the pug a thing of two ;)  This will be Skis last year at full height I think, definately his last year in championship, and Flirt can have a fun season in anysize.  And Cruise and Dare can continue their happy retirements laying in the sun and watching the younger ones burning off their energy.  Happy times ahead.

Week 4



The pups are just over 3 weeks now, and are quite mobile.  We have had one escapee from the whelping box, and so the pig rail will be moved up today to prevent further breakouts LOL.  They have started on a small amount of Puppy Milk 2x each day, which they are loving, but usually they end up wearing most of it.  Their coats are getting  much fluffier now, with Precious and Galadriel having the longest roughest fur.  Their little personalities are starting to develop and they interact with each other when they are awake.  They are starting to make the first "play" actions and are showing interest in the toys which we put into the box, with a real sense of curiosity. 

Eowyn is now noticeably smaller then the other pups, although she is feeding and growing well, she is just a more delicate build.  However, what she lacks in brawn she certainly makes up for in brain.  I wonder if she might be our first Borderstorm Medium Collie? 

Shock is finding the pups a little tedious now, she is cross when the others get to go out walking, and she has to stay behind - we can't risk her coming into contact with any infections which she could bring home to the pups.  She takes her frustrations out on a battered football in the garden, which probably won't survive much longer.

Weight Week 3 1520g 1750g 1760g 1800g
Week 3

Body Shot

Week 3

Face Shot


Puppies are just over 2 weeks now, and are starting to get mobile.  Their eyes opened at 14 days and they now run to the edge of the whelping box when they see anyone/anydog approaching.  They are such friendly little babies.  They were wormed easily at 2 weeks - we have switched from Panacur to Drontal this time, and it was so easy - no mess no fuss.  I would recommend this for future litters.

We now know where all the pups are going, initially there was some ummmming and ahhhhhing as we had a litter of all girls, but I now know they are all going to friends who already have one (or two) of our Borderstorm Babies.  As we were expecting more puppies, it has been so sad to let down some really great homes, even some who already have one of our pups.  But that's nature and I am grateful that the 4 babies we have are all healthy.  No-one has chosen their puppy yet - I insist on test results (BAER hearing) before any choices are made - but I guess everyone has their secret favourite - I know I do  :)

We have had a steady stream of visitors, which we love.  Over the Christmas period it will be like Piccadilly circus here :)


Weight Week 2 1320g 1490g 1500g 1600g
Week 2

Body Shot

Week 2

Face Shot


The puppies are growing well - you can almost see them change daily.  "My Precious" in particular seems to be enjoying her food!  They are a noisy bunch, I had forgotten just how noisy newborn puppies can be, with their little squeaks and random yelps.  As Shock and the pups are in our bedroom, we sleep with one ear open, and I seem to be up and down all night responding to the faintest puppy noise.

Little Eowyn was born with hind dew-claws, so they were removed by our vet at 3 days.  She didn't even notice - she was too busy squawking that she had to be on her back.  The puppies have had a few visits from close friends, people whom Shock feels very comfortable with.  Shock herself has been changed onto a very high protein puppy diet, to ensure she is keeping up with her energy requirements. 

As we only had 4 female pups, we have had to sadly let some prospective owners know that there will be no puppy for them from this litter.  That has been very difficult, as the puppy owners become our good friends over the years, and I know how much they wanted their babies.  We know where 3 of the 4 are going (but not which one where), and the 4th should be decided this coming weekend.

I have been lucky enough to be able to work from home this week - thankyou to my employers - and from Monday John has 3 solid weeks off work, so he gets all the messy jobs - weaning and worming :)

This is our web-cam http://video.gamecreds.com/10p5l45uky0qj/channel/Borderstorm please visit us :)


Weight Week 1 600g 680g 760g 790g
Week 1

Body Shot

Week 1

Face Shot


Shock gave birth to the 4 girls over quite an extended period, her contractions started at about 1pm on the 4th, with the first puppy (Eowyn) arriving 45mins later.  Puppy 2 (Arwen) seemed to take forever, she came 3 hours after the 1st. Puppy 3, my much longed for merle girl and so christened "My Precious". arrived at 6pm, (5 hours after her first contractions).  By 10:30 pm, we had no more puppies or contractions, even though we could still feel a baby.  Fortunately, a visit to the vet and a dose or 2 of oxytocin brought puppy 4 (Galadriel) into the world.  As she was born in the vets, we did not get her birth weight, but she is a very similar size to the others, and we will get a reading for her at the Week 1 weigh in.

4 beautiful girls, all healthy and doing very well, and Shock has recovered well from the enduring labour, and is being a perfect mother.   I'm so proud of her and her girls x

Weight at Birth 342g 344g 390g 410g (24 hours later)

Body Shot


Face Shot



Shocks Pregnancy Blog - 2013

4th December 2013 - I've had a very restless night, my temperature is low and I didn't seem to be able to get comfortable at all.  Anyway, as I was awake I though mum should be too - she looks very sleepy this morning.  I didn't fancy my breakfast this morning, but I did manage a few little scraps of beef :)

The webcam is having some "technical issues", and so mum is now using


This is a lot slower and the quality is not so good, its not really streaming, more lots of snapshots spliced together, but we are working on it.  I will keep you up to date,   Love Shock 


3rd December 2013 -  This is a photo of me with Ski and Dare on todays walk - OK, so I look a bit fatter now.  I will be back into my pre-pregnancy clothes in no time  :)  I think that today will maybe be my last walk now as I have to admit I was a bit puffed, even though I didn't charge around like normal.  I spend most of my day now snoozing and watching TV.  Mum likes to watch medical programmes - we watched Bizarre ER last night - you wouldn't believe what injuries those silly humans end up with!  I like to watch the shopping channels, oh and of course Animal Rescue :)

We are having some technical difficulties with the web-cam, mum isn't sure what the problem is, but hopefully it will be operating again soon.  Love Shock 

2nd December 2013 - Must be a faulty thermometer, as I have no babies yet, and am really hungry still. On the plus side, after lots of swearing at the computer, my webcam is working.  This is the link - it won't be on all the time, so if the screen is dark, text mum and remind her :)


Stop Press.......mum changed the batteries in the thermometer, and my temperature isn't so low any more LOL.  I think my babies will come on Thursday.

P.S. well done to my litter sister Miley, she went into Grade 7 at the weekend.  Love Shock 

 Waiting ......

1st December 2013 - Hmmmm, my temperature has dropped, by 3 degrees!  That is normally a sure sign that the puppies are on their way, but mum says she thinks the thermometer is faulty, because they are not due until later this week, watch this space.  I'm feeling fine, and am enjoying the Strictly dance off, along with my 3rd meal of the day  :)  Love Shock   
29th November 2013 - Today, Flirts first and only litter are 5 years old.  Look at this picture - how adorable are they?  I would love my puppies to be that cute. 

Today I have been walked with Dare, Cruise and Goska, the oldies and the pug!  Mum says it was to stop me running around like a mad thing!  The puppies have been really squirming today, you can see them move through my skin.  I really, really can't wait, I feel like I might burst open at any time.  Mum says just like the film "Aliens".

Techno Alert, Techno Alert.  Sue, one of the new owners, managed to download WhatsApp, so she can see pictures of the pups for free.  Amazing LOL.  Mum said she is going to try and fix up the webcam this weekend.  Not sure I like the sound of that.  I will have to mind my language if I'm broadcasting live to the nation.  Have fun.  Love Shock 

28th November 2013 - "Suil, Ni u-edhel - I eneth nin Shock, ci vellon nin n'uir".  I've been practicing my Elvish - what do you think?  Mum has written down 4 boys names and 4 girls names, plus a couple of ambiguous names. Hopefully there's no trolls, orks or dwarves!  Love Shock    oooops, or should I say "Na lu n'i a-govenic"  Shock 

27th November 2013 - I got to sleep on the bed last night, what a treat.  I must admit I am feeling a little more tired now, and the pups are wriggly so mum and dads comfy bed was lovely and soft.  There's a picture of me, when mum woke me up.  I'm thinking that mums bed may be a good place to have my puppies, instead of my den.  (Errrrr I don't think so Shock!!!!)

We are now now counting down in days rather then weeks until they are born - just think, this time next week, I could have my paws full.  I can definitely feel the pups moving and mum says she can feel them too.

Mum says we always give our puppies pet names on a theme, to tell them apart, until their new owners have given them proper names.  Dare had The Simpsons, Pop Stars  and Footballers.  Flirt had the "Top Gear" litter.  Leo says my babies will be LOTR's, which to us mere mortals from this world means Lord Of The Rings.  So my babies will be come from Middle Earth.  Better start learning Elvish!  Love Shock 

26th November 2013 - Mum got a call to go to one of her Company's off-shore gas terminals, so we all went to the Lakes for the day and ended up going to the beach!  It was a bit messy and muddy, but still great fun!    I went a bit wild, and ran and ran and ran along the sand.  Eventually mum put me on my lead and told me that was enough, so I guess she means I have to take it a bit easier from now on.

Auntie Jackie came over tonight, and said I looked a bit fatter - how rude!  But still, a week today I could have my babies - Yikes!  Love Shock 

24th November 2013 - I have spent the weekend chillaxing!  Mum has been playing some opera cd's, and I have been cooking my puppies in front of the fire in the music room.  Well, its sort of a music room x gym, where Leo has his collection of guitars, and mum has her treadmill,  We're not so posh to have a proper music room. Anyway, the fire is cosy and warm, and I am now a fan of Carmina Burana which according to mum is the best operetta in the whole wide world. I've heard her playing it in the van when we are driving.  I wish she actually knew the real words, her attempts at Italian are pathetic!!!

We had a text this weekend from Granny Pam, asking how I was.  Well, as you can see I'm fine.  Granny Pam (Duncan) is very, very special, she owns my real mum "Lace" and looked after me for my first 7 weeks of life so I love her very much, and soooo want to make her proud of me.

I also heard that my "now" ex husband Bo successfully mated Tayla, so there should be more puppies from Bo on the way soon.  No merlies though.  What a shame, merlies make the world a nicer place LOL.  Love Shock 

20th November 2013 - Getting fatter :)  I have about 2 weeks to go now, and although I'm no wider, I have definitely got a lower tummy.  Mum has been away again this week, but she says thats the last time now until next year.  I seem to be hungry all the time now and am always on the look out for a free meal.  I have been sleeping in my new den every night, and I think I'm going to be very comfy with my babies.  Mum has put a oil burner in the room with lavender in to relax me, and some twinkly fairy lights too.  She has bought Dad a box set of DVDs - series 1 - 8 of 24, for when its his turn to take care of me. Kiefer Sutherland - Yum!  All we need now are the puppies LOL.

This is a photo of me and the gang on our walk last weekend by the lake.  I'm not sure where the Pug is, Lurking in the grass somewhere? Its getting a bit chilly for swimming now though so I'm staying firmly on land - Love Shock 

17th November 2013 - The Pug got new clothes! Unbelievable! (I'm loving that fluffy collar though)  - Love Shock 

15th November 2013 - So mum has been working away this week and dad has been looking after us. Mum got back this evening and we had a lovely cuddle, but she says I'm a real skinny minnie, and wanted to know where I'm hiding my puppies?  I've started with my wormer - evidently I get to have this (not so) special treat every day now!    So I'm now in the final third of my pregnancy, not long to go.  Evidently I will start to shed the hair on my tummy soon - OMG - I'm going to go bald!  Just like Dad ha!

Dad has finished the new whelping box, which is in mum and dads room upstairs.  My new vetbed has arrived, and I'm really cosy in my special den. Dad has made it a bit on the large side - I think there will be room for me, the puppies and mum too.  Best of all, the sides are too big, so that the pug can't get in :)

My boyfriend Bo is going to be getting friendly with a new lady in the next few days - Tayla. who he lives with already!  How rude!  I don't care though, it was just a 1 night stand between us - or should that be a 6 night stand :))))

Mum has bought some more natural sheepskins to make dog toys, and she put them on the sofa - I thought I would make myself at home, check out that photo of me - Love Shock 

4th November 2013 - A few little updates for you, Ski went to a show this weekend, and I got left at home with Dad and the others.  Mum said she didn't want to risk me getting any infections, and that I would be better staying at home.  Although I didn't agree, I did as I was told, and stayed cozy and warm. But I made sure I made plenty of noise as mum was leaving the house with Ski, just to make sure Dad was up and awake at 6am  :) Ski came home with a 1st and a 3rd, so that was quite good.  He got the 1st in snooker, whatever that is!

I thought I'd update my blog with a few facts.  Although I don't look any different, my babies will be about 2 inches long, and they have toes, whisker buds and even claws!  The puppies now start to close their eyes (they are formed open!) - I wonder if there will be any with blue or mixed eyes like me?  Bo has lovely dark eyes, like huge muddy puddles.  My nipples are very red now, and mum says I'm turning into a greedy scavenger like the pug.  I always seem to be hungry nowadays.  Mum found this picture on the internet of what she said my puppies will look like.  I hope not - this is a Chihuahua baby - yikes!!!  Love Shock 

This is a puppy at 35 days - wow

October 31st 2013 - Yippeeeeeee, I went for my scan yesterday and the nice lady "Anne" confirmed I am expecting at least 6 puppies.  Obvioulsy I knew that all along, but mum wanted to be sure.  She kept saying she thought I was pregnant, but wouldn't believe it until we saw the little black dots on the screen.   Anne said I have to be extra careful over the next 4 days, to make sure no reabsorption occurs, but she also said there could be more puppies that I have tucked away.  Mum hasn't stopped smiling since.  Auntie Jackie came along too, and she was sending texts to Georgie and Sue, teasing them as she could see the puppies and they couldn't!  She is so naughty  :)))  Anyway, mum has now gone into shopping mode, ordering wormer and white vetbed (WHITE!!!! Honestly what is she thinking?).  Anne said the embryos looked approx 29 days, which would make my due date around the 4th or 5th of December.  I was chatting with Dare earlier, she told me having puppies is just like shelling peas.  I'm not sure what she means, but she is old and wise and it sounds easy.  Then I spoke to Flirt who told me having pups is painful and messy, but she's mean and grumpy so she's probably trying to scare me - it is Halloween after all!

Sadly, my friend Puzzle has been a bit poorly,  but thankfully she is recovering well which is the most important thing.  Mum said we were all precious and we all got extra cuddles tonight, Love Shock 

October 27th 2013 - Mums been away this week with work, so dad looked after me.  She went to Kings Lynn and Peterborough, wherever they are.  Anyway, 'cos dad gets home later, we had our evening walk in the dark, dad was frightened he might lose the pug so he attached LED bike lights to her collar - she was flashing like a christmas tree!  Now mum has bought LED bike lights for all our collars so we'll all be sparkling :)  She has also bought soothing candles which she says will improve the "ambience" in the house. 

Also while mum was away, dad finally managed to put up the picture of me which mum has been nagging him about for months.  Thats me in the photo to the right, I'm finally up on the wall.  Yay!

I'm well in myself and looking forward to my scan on Wednesday.  Mum says she thinks there are little signs, but she doesn't want to get too excited until the scan. I'm enjoying my extra food, but missing my agility training.  Ski has a show next weekend, but maybe I'll get to go and watch.  Love Shock 

October 20th 2013 - Its been a boring, wet and miserable week.  Dad has been working away this week, so I got to sleep upstairs with mum - usually I'm not allowed upstairs.  The pug was most put out that she couldn't sleep upstairs too, I think it would have put her nose out of joint - if she had one LOL.  I have a scan booked - 30th October - I'm going to Derby with my friend Puzzle who is also hopefully having puppies too, a week before me.  Puzzle is Bo's daughter - all seems a bit weird!  Will that make my puppies Puzzles half sisters and brothers?  I have started on my Raspberry Leaf tablets - mum says its a natural whelping aid which should help me to give birth easily.  Mum has been plaiting fleece this week, as Tug-tastic will be at Crufts again next year.  Auntie Jackie came over on Thursday and together they were making bungee sheepy toys.  I didn't get any to play with, but today mum is making fleece cage balls and me and the "pugster" take it in turns to sneak off with the completed toys!  The others don't seem bothered but I think its a great game. Love Shock   
October 12th 2013 - Lazy day, mum and Ski were supposed to be going to an agility show, but it was wet and windy and she stayed in bed.  I had a lovely snooze with Goska-Pug - but she snores so badly!  I really need to tell her.  I had a fight with the hoover which I won (well I think I did as mum switched it off - it was obviously fatally injured), and then to my absolute delight, dad got the water-jetter out.  I thought that was fair game for a fight too, but dad said not and I got shut in the house - spoil sports!  Love Shock 

October 11th 2013 - Whats going on?  Mums changed my food - I'm getting more BARF which is always welcome!!!! but I'm getting HT42d Pro as well!  I googled it and it says

 "Meeting the mother dog's unique nutritional requirements during her reproductive cycles, particularly during the critical embryo and fetal development stages is essential to prenatal and neonatal health" 

Well fancy that!  Tastes great anyway, and the others don't get it - Ha!  Love Shock 

October 10th 2013 - Bo went home today - I really miss him.  I don't miss his howling in the middle of the night!  I don't miss him stealing my toys! and I definitely don't miss him sharing my treats!  But he was very attentive and very handsome, if a little daft at times,  and he was a great companion for helping me make sure the fish didn't escape from the pond.  Maybe I'll see him again soon. Mum says we are having him here again as a house guest when he gets to meet another collie "Sally" from "darn sarf" wherever that is?    Not sure what I think of that?

So this could be any day from Day 4 to Day 10, depending on when I ovulated.  That will keep mum guessing!  Love Shock 



Between the 1st and 6th October 2013 Shock was mated to Sue Mallabars lovely boy Bo, Borderstorm Bo-nanza.  I say Shock was "mated to", if fact the little love birds were inseparable all the time Bo was here as a house guest. Pups are due early December and will be KC registered, insured  and hearing tested.  Pups are clinically TNS, CL and CEA unaffected, pedigrees will be endorsed for breeding until the appropriate health checks have been carried out by the new owners.  My pups are only suitable for experienced, working Border Collie homes, preferably agility.  Border Collies with a strong work drive are not suitable for pet homes.

To enquire about a Borderstorm baby, please see me at shows, or E-Mail me by clicking here.    If I do not know you personally, I will require references.   

To see pups from the previous 5 litters please click in the year. Pups 2002    Pups 2003  Pups 2006   Pups 2007 or Pups 2008


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