Pups 2007






  Puppy 1 Homer Puppy 2 Itchy Puppy 3 Krusty Puppy 4 Bart Puppy 5 Marge
Time/Date of Birth 22.29 (11.02.07) 00.06 (12.02.07) 00.25 (12.02.07) 02.00 (12.02.07) 04.30 (12.02.07)
New Pet Name Spud Buddy Kobe Fetza Blitz
New Posh Name Borderstorm Dare To Have Fun Borderstorm Dare'd Again Borderstorm Now or Never Borderstorm Challenge (at Petnat) Borderstorm Dare To Dream
Owner Spud has gone to live with junior handler Georgie Baker, and her parents Sue and Mick. Sue and Georgie train with Phoenix Agility. Buddy has gone "Up North" to Ian Bateman, and his wife Sue. Ian runs the AIS agility equipment  business.  They train with Tarny's Tossers. Kobe has gone to live with Jackie Smith, who also has Kobe's older brother Zak.  Borderstorm Babies are catching - you can never have just one :-) Jackie trains at Scunthorpe. Fetz has gone to Karen Marriott, (aka Miss Petnat) who trains with us at Scunthorpe. Fetz will be one of 8 dogs in their household! Blitz has gone to Amy Smith, to be with her sister Haze.  Blitz would have been my choice so I'll be keeping a close eye on her.  They train at Scunthorpe too.
Goodbye Pictures :o(
Day 48 Well, 3 of our babies went today, Kobe, Fetza and Blitz all went to their new homes, Spud will go tomorrow, and best of all, the merlie boy now has a confirmed great agility home to go to as well.  I couldn't be happier.  What breeder can honestly say that they see all of the pups they have bred regularly at weekends.  Its a perfect outcome.
Day 45 Now that the news has sunk in about our merle boy, there has been some soul searching as to where the pups are going.  The merle boy should not have any problems in agility, but clearly this may affect the handling style which is most suitable for him. There are no definite decisions on his future yet - he may stay here :o)
Day 44 What a traumatic day for us here.  The pups went down to the AHT in Suffolk for puppy eye tests (although we already know they are OK due to the DNA status of the parents).  We also had them BAER hearing tested, but expected no problems as both parents are BAER tested normal.  Deafness is a major problem in Border Collies, but many owners do not know that their collie may have a hearing problem in one or both ears, and put it down to stubbornness.  Well, we were faced with the disappointing news that our merle boy pup failed his hearing test in his left ear.  His other ear was perfectly normal, but obviously we were devastated.  However, it really proves how invaluable this test is, as without it we would have been none the wiser, as he reacts, responds to noise and behaves the same as the rest of the litter.  His hearing is fine, he just uses one ear more whereas other pups use both.  Bless him.
Day 40 The pups have been to the photographers today. I always like to get my litters photographed by the local chap. Check out the Puppy Page for examples. Its serves as a beautiful and permanent reminder of the little darlings that take over our life for such a short period. Anyway, we had great fun - of course the puppies behaved like...puppies, and heaven knows if we got any good shots out of it - we will see next week when we go to view.  Obviously, the new owners have a lot of work to do on their stays, judging by today's performance.  The pups came home tired, and ready for their tea (green tripe - yum!). We came home equally tired, but passed on the tripe thank you very much.
Day 38 All final worming completed, and the pups are chomping their way through 4 meals each day, 2 x puppy food and 2 x raw, other then Fetza - owner Karen wants him fully BARF reared. All the others seem to think Fetza's bowl smells the best :-) Dare visits occasionally to give them a quick feed and have a game or 2.  They are using the outside pebbles as a toilet - and stand whining at the french doors to go out.  Kobe's eyes are a puzzle, they are a sort of greyish colour at the moment - I don't think they'll be blue. Blitz on the other hand may well end up with one blue and one brown.  For merles, eye colour is unimportant, other then for owners preference.  Our Flirty is mesmerized by the pups. Dare won't let her visit, but every now and then, she sneaks in to within striking distance, she waits, she pounces, she dives in, and steals a toy, and leaves the room so fast with her prize.
Day 35
Day 35 Wow what a weekend - it's been so hectic with comings and goings, difficult decisions, choices and nervous owners hoping to get their preferred puppy. Its all been too much for Jackie who has visited Friday, Sunday and again tomorrow.  She may as well move in :-)  Now all the pups have their new homes and they can be given proper names.  The pups themselves, have lapped up all the attention, with the more then occasional snooze in-between.  I am more than happy  with their new homes, and the owners seem more than happy with their new babies.
Week 4
Week 4
Day 27 Sorry, there have been no updates for a few days - we've been at Crufts (hubby John has been puppy sitting) but everything in back to normal now, and the pups are downstairs in their big run.  They have had their first taste of real food, and are really starting to play, bark and interact.  Their energy levels are still a bit low, so they tend to play for about 15mins, and then crash for an hour.  They certainly have the cute cuddle factor right now.
Week 3
Week 3
Week 3
Day 20 The pups are really starting to interact with each other, mouthing and barking.  When we gave them a tuggy, Itchy ragged it, Bart stalked it, and the others sucked it.  They all have teeth, and can all hear as well (but will still be BAER tested to ensure they have full hearing). Dare is spending less and less time in the box, as she gets very hot, and they tend to mug her for a quick snack, but she's usually only a yard or two away, guarding the box from any other dog that dares to put a foot on "her" stairs.  We'll start to put them down in the pen next week, to get them used to a few more sights and sounds, and of course they'll get their first taste of chicken wings soon.  Jackie came to see them today with partner Kev, and there are more visitors due tomorrow - Amy and also Sue and daughter Georgie from Leicester.  They'll be having visitors all the way from Scotland on Wednesday!
Day 17 All eyes are open now, and of course this gives them a much cuter expression.  They look a bit more like puppies and a bit less like guinea pigs.  Because they can now see, their personalities are developing, although of course it is very early days.  Homer is the friendliest, he's always first to come for a cuddle when he sees us at the side of the box.  Krusty is, like his namesake, the clown of the litter, always pulling strange faces, and jumping on the others.  Bart is the quietest boy at the moment, but the most handsome I think.  Itchy pup is still very vocal, and pushes the others away to get the best position at the milk bar. And Marge? Marge is just sweet little Marge, trying to get by in a whelping box full of big boys.  She has the cutest face, like a little teddy bear.  All worming is now done for the time being, and the pups are doing really really well. We are having a few visitors this weekend, but I still think its too early for anyone to make any choices.
Weight at 2 weeks 37.5oz 35oz 36.9oz 34.5oz 27.9oz
Week 2 Body Shot
Week 2 Face Shot
Day 14 The pups' eyes are starting to open - they have little shiny slits at the moment, but they should be fully open by tomorrow.  And they are all supporting their own weight now and are up on their legs. They can all do a few steps before losing their balance and crashing down again :-)  Amy and Jackie are coming over for a cuddle latter (the pups, not me LOL), and tomorrow is weighing, worming and photos.
Day 10 Puppies had their nails trimmed for the first time today.  They were like little talons, and were scratching Dare to pieces.  All pups were chilled, apart from Itchy Pup who argued every step of the way.  Their eyes and ears will be opening any day now, so I thought I'd have a better chance of clipping nails while they still couldn't see or hear me, but Itchy Pup had other ideas.  He's a headstrong little monkey!
Weight at 1 week 26.3oz 25.9oz 26.8oz 25.8oz 19.1oz
Week 1 Body Shot
Week 1 Face Shot
Day 9 Oooo, it's hard to stay impartial, but I can't help loving Bart just that little bit more then the other boys.  He's the smallest boy, and more finely built then the others.  He reminds me very much of Thomas, Flyte and Bo.  His blaze is ever so slightly wider, but he is a very slim build, just like those boys from previous litters. But then Marge is soooo pretty, her facial markings will be very much like Dares I'm sure, its almost like looking at Dare again.  Krusty is a real doggy dog - I mean, sometimes you can look at a puppy and on first glance, not be sure whether its a boy or girl, but with Krusty there is absolutely no doubt - he's a boy for sure.  The same with Itchy, but Krusty has the squarest head. Even though Homer is slightly heavier, he still has a finer head shape, more like Bart.  Itchy has a look of Ski in his markings, but has much more merling and much less white. Its quite a relief that I'm not having a pup this time - how would I ever choose?????
Day 7 The pups are starting to move around quite quickly now, and the 2 black boys are ever starting to support their own weight a bit - the other 2 boys have no chance - they're too fat LOL.  Amy came for another visit, and brought her partner too.  He was amazed - he didn't appreciate puppies were born with hair LOL.  They will have the first choice of the litter, Amy had always talked about having a merlie girlie to go with her other girl Haze (Borderstorm Wicked But Wise) but it's very early days yet.
Day 5 The pups have had their first visitors.  Well not really, Amy came to see them, but she was present at the birth anyway.  We don't mind a few close friends coming early - if Dare knows them and trusts them she is chilled about it.  The pups will have to be a little older before we allow more visitors to come.
Weight at Birth 13.8oz 13.45oz 13.4oz 13.4oz 9.75oz

Body Shot


Face Shot

On the 7th, 9th and 11th December 2006 Dare was mated for a final time. Pups arrived on the 12th February 2007, blue merles and black and whites. Pups are be clinically CEA unaffected, but to ensure they are not carriers, pedigrees will be endorsed for breeding until the appropriate health checks have been carried out. Pups will also be KC registered and Hearing Tested.   My pups are only suitable for experienced, working Border Collie homes, preferably agility.  Border Collies with a strong work drive are not suitable for pet homes.

To enquire about a Borderstorm baby, please see me at shows, or E-Mail me by clicking here.   Due to the majority of this litter being male, this has thrown our waiting list way up into the air.  I cannot be sure as yet, but there may be 1 pup available. For an update on any availability please contact me.  If I do not know you personally, I will require references.   

To see pups from the previous 3 litters please click in the year. Pups 2002    Pups 2003 or Pups 2006.

All Dares pups from previous litters are working in Agility Grade 5 or above, 1 has a CC already, 3 are in Grade 7, 4 in Grade 6, and 3 others in Grade 5.  The youngest litter don't start their agility careers until this July, but all are shaping up well, are keen, fast and have a very high work drive. 



bulletGoytre Prince of Dreams JW Sh CM (Wizard)
bulletKC Breed Registered
bulletRed and White
bulletBAER Hearing Tested Normal
bulletTNS DNA Tested normal
bulletEyes Unaffected (CEA DNA Clear)
bulletPRA Unaffected (tested annually)
bulletHips 5:6
bullet2 x CC's and 4 RCC's for Breed
bulletCompetes in Agility in his spare time
bulletAltricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm (Dare)
bulletKC Breed Registered
bulletBlue Merle
bulletBAER Hearing Tested Normal
bulletEyes Unaffected (CEA DNA Carrier)
bulletPRA Unaffected (tested annually)
bulletHips 5:5
bulletWorking Advanced Grade 7 Agility
bulletMany Show Champs in her pedigree

Finding a suitable boy for Dare this time has been a nightmare, but also a fun search covering the whole of the country.  Dare is of course my special princess, so my search had to be thorough.  We have looked at 4 or 5 lovely dogs, and I am sure that any one of them would have been absolutely fine.  But in the end, how could we resist Essex Boy Wizard.  A stunning boy, from show and working lines.  Wizard is first and foremostly a fun loving, kind and handsome Border Collie, but oh, he just happens to have been the top winning red and white male to date in the UK, with his first reserve cc at 8.5 months old,  and he enjoys Agility, and he enjoys Heel work to music, and he has a brain too.  He's not all looks and no personality, like some show dogs - he has attitude!  I first noticed Wizard at Christmas 2005, when I came across a gorgeous litter that he had sired, and I always thought he would be a lovely dog to use on one of my girls.


Wizard's latest litters

I think the combination of Wizard and Dares lines should produce keen and spirited, athletic working dogs, but with the potential to do well in the show ring too, as they should be nicely proportioned and not too willowy. Dare will of course ensure that she passes on her "nutty" genes too. Julia, Wizards owner, is also excited to see how Wizards pups will do in experienced and focused agility homes when combined with Dares proven ability.

Wizard showing off Wizard

Lots of people have commented how much they enjoyed Dares Diary, when she was expecting her last litter in 2006, so she has agreed to keep another diary to keep everyone up to date.

Dares Pregnancy Diary - sponsored by www.petnat.com

12th February 2007 - Hi, its Lisa here, Dares mum.  Dare is obviously very busy with her new family and has asked me to update her diary today, to let you know her news.  Dare is the proud mum of 5 babies, 4 boys and a girl.  Our son is a Simpson's fan, and so we now have Homer, Bart, Marge, Krusty and Itchy!  Sadly, we had another little boy who didn't make it despite all our best efforts.  We think Dare was simply exhausted after a 7.5 hour labour.  But the 5 babies are all fat, happy and doing very well.  But with all those boys, that makes the pick list interesting!!! I'm sure Dare will be back soon, when she's caught up on her sleep.  Thanks to all of you who stayed with us on the webcam.  Speak Soon, Love Lisa

  Photo by Leo :-)

My temperature update chart - a sudden drop in temperature indicates whelping within 12 - 24 hours.  My temperature is taken 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Mum helps me do this chart every day, mainly 'cos I can't reach my own bottom to take my temperature, but also because my spreadsheet and charting skills aren't that good.  Love Dare
10th February 2007 - Day 65 - Morning - No babies during the night.  Often dogs prefer to give birth during the night, as it's quieter and calmer, but actually I've always had my babies during the day.  My temperature is normal this morning, so nothings going to be happening until at least this evening.  A little fact for you, even though a dog's pregnancy is thought to be 63 days, we really need to think from 57 to as much as 70 days for some breeds.  I have always had my pups on day 63 or 64 previously, but as I visited Wizard 3 times, perhaps it was my 2nd or 3rd visit that resulted in the pregnancy, so in fact I may not be late after all.  Counting always starts from the day of the first mating.  I've had sardines for my breakfast and my Raspberry Leaf again, and once I've finished my update, I'll be settling down for a snooze.  Mum says she's not taking me walking today in the woods, she's going to let me rest a bit more.

Evening - I've had a very restless afternoon - I can't seem to get comfy at all - I keep flashing my eyes and putting my ears back, I suppose its my response to the discomfort. I've had a good chew at my pink flamingo - makes me feel better.  Auntie Jackie popped round to see me, and she said I was the size of a cow!  Cheeky madam!   I really didn't want my tea, it was turkey necks - my favourite, but I just didn't feel like it.  I did manage to each just one though when Cruise decided he would have them instead.  I heard mum on the phone, saying she was sure it would be tonight when the Dizards are born.  She and dad were supposed to be going to a party, so dad has had to go on his own.   I'll see you all in the morning Love Dare

9th February 2007 - Day 64 - Morning - Now I'm officially late.  Mum says when she was late she was "induced" whatever that means!  I had quite a comfortable night, but no puppies.  I promise there are some though, I can feel them wriggling!  Watch this space.......

Lunchtime - well, we're still here. Mum took me out for a little walk this morning to stretch my legs, it was lovely and frosty.  I'm bored now.  Mum put animal planet on the TV for me, but all that was on was "The Dog Listener"!  Fat lot she knows LOL.  Mums phone has been going non stop all morning with people asking after me.  Now we're having a lovely cuddle.

Evening - well what an interesting day I've had.  My temperature dropped for a short time earlier, and that got mum all excited, and she texted a few people, but then it promptly went back up again and she said a word beginning with B!  We went for another short walk this evening (or waddle really).  The others did their manic run as usual, but Cruise and I (Cruise has a bad leg) walked steadily on our leads.

But bizarrely, I checked out my webcam and 1500 of you have been watching me, watching me doing absolutely nothing.  Whats wrong with you all , and even more bizarrely, a lady from the newspaper rang to ask mum about the webcam AND a photographer came round to take my picture.  And that's before I've had the babies.  And, wait for it.....I have a sponsor!  Dare's Diary is now sponsored by www.petnat.com (its Auntie Karen really but her magic cream is great), I've used it a couple of times when I've had a cut or scratch and it does the trick perfectly.

Well, I hope to have some babies to show you tomorrow, stick with me folks,  Love Dare

8th February 2007 - Day 63 - Morning - We're just watching TV and the whole country has snow - except us!!!  Having a snooze at the moment, speak later,

Lunchtime - no change in temperature.  Mum has said she doesn't think the Dizards will come today.  I've just scoffed a huge lunch, and now mum and I are having a cuddle and watching TV. It is snowing outside now,

Evening - nope, no pups yet. Thanks Auntie Amy for popping round to look after me while mum had to go out for a bit. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some better news. Love Dare

7th February 2007 - Day 62 - WAITING IS SOOOOOO BORING! 

You can watch me if you like on http://borderstorm.camstreams.com/ If you can't connect, it means the cam is off-line, maybe mum is using the webcam for another package.  If you can connect, but you can't see me, I'm not there LOL.  Apparently I have to type this...."Streaming webcam supplied by camstreams.com".

I scratched up most of my  bedding last night.  Its a pain reaction (so the book says).  I just wanted to see mum straighten it all up again, hehehe, Love Dare


6th February 2007 - Day 61 - I thought you might be interested in the scene in my mums bedroom.  It used to be really tidy, the only things lying around were dads socks and mums trainers. Now.....well now its my boudoir!!! There is my whelping box - at the moment it has lovely fluffy lilac vet bed in and a pink flamingo, but next to it is a pile of old clean vet bed - having puppies is too messy for lilac vet bed.  I have a pile of newspaper, some plastic sheeting, some new towels (for rubbing puppies with).  There's also a plastic storage box, lined with vet bed and fleece for putting the pups in if mum needs them out of the way for any reason.  On the window ledge there a whole chemist shop!!! Milton sterilising fluid, antibacterial hand wash, latex gloves, weighing scales, dopram V (for emergencies!) scissors, suction pipettes, Detol wipes and fluid, pens, paper, phone numbers, record charts, text books and kitchen roll.  Wow.  Oh, and not forgetting the webcam!  How much stuff can a girl need!  I wonder how dogs give birth in the wild without all this stuff?  Love Dare
5th February 2007 - Day 60 - Been to the vets today to get weighed - not something I would normally do, but we were just passing, and mum has this theory that she can guess the number of pups I am expecting.  The weight suggests I am having 8.21 pups!!!  Hehehe - 8.21 pups, now that would be unusual! Mum is guessing 5 or 6 now.  This is based on the fact that I have put on 3.5kg, and that the pups are usually about 11/12oz and the placenta weighs about 2/3 oz.  Why doesn't she just wait a few more days - then she'll know for definite!  And of course, the pups will grow quickly in these last few days. I'm now on 4 meals a day - 4 smaller meals true, but 4 is good as I don't feel hungry at all.  Speak soon :-)  Love Dare

3rd February 2007 - Day 58 - Mum looks relieved today.  Yesterday she said she thought there were maybe only a few pups as I wasn't that big, but today I've grown. Mum says she didn't want to have to disappoint any of the nice people who want Dizards.  Dad's painting the bedroom ceiling today.  Mum reminded him that he promised to do it when I had my litter last year, and its still not done!!! So now I'll have a nice ceiling to look at  :-)  My Auntie Marie has been much amused by my diary.  She thinks I should expand my talents, and have a Q & A page for other dogs going through whelping for the first time.  She says we should call it "Dear Dare..."   Hmmmm, watch this space... Love Dare
2nd February 2007 - Day 57 - Hooray - pups are viable from today, according to the literature!  That means if I were to give birth early for any reason, the Dizards are well enough developed to survive on their own. I wonder how many their are??? Isn't it exciting. I know of one Dizard owner who desperately wants a merlie girlie, and another who equally desperately wants a merlie chap. And another who would like a really, really dark girl.  Please let everyone be happy ,  Love Dare
1st February 2007 - Day 56 - What a lovely warm day, we had a long long waddle in the park this morning in the sunshine whilst the others did their usual "wall of death" run. Mum did Sardines for my breakfast today, cottage cheese for lunch and turkey necks for my supper. What more could a girl ask for in life!  Oh yes, and I have milk ready for the Dizards to drink :-)  Love Dare
31st January 2007 - Day 55 - Sorry, didn't get chance to update yesterday as mum had a mad mad day and we were rushing everywhere.  I've been training today, only to watch though.  Flirt has a weekly 2 hour private lesson, so I go along to give my encouragement.  She's been doing contacts today, and jumping.  Don't tell her I said this, but her contacts are better then mine already (but that doesn't take much LOL). My shape has really changed today. I've gone much thinner when you look at me from on top, but my tummy now is much lower.  Thats because my tubes fold over to accommodate the puppies.  Mum and I were having a cuddle last night, and she said she could feel them moving!  Well I can feel them moving, and most uncomfortable it is I can tell you.  How many days left?  Love Dare
29th January 2007 - Day 53 - Have I mentioned, one of my babies is going all the way up to Scotland!  How exciting is that. We do about 3 Scottish shows each year - mum is judging at 2 Scottish shows this year, so I'll still get to see my baby.  The rest will be a bit closer to home. The furthest south one of my babies has ever gone is to Middlesex, and the furthest north is Tyne and Wear, so this time they are spreading further a field.  Love Dare
28th January 2007 - Day 52 - I spent most of today at our Dog Club - mum had organised a training day with Jo Rhodes, so I went too.  I got lots of fuss and cuddles, but a few people said I looked a bit fat!  FAT!!!! I am expecting Dizards, I an NOT FAT!!!!! I'm in a very bad mood now!   Love Dare
27th January 2007 - Day 51 - Went swimming today :-)  We were out on our walk, and I found a lovely big pond, and just had to go for a quick swim.  Mum was getting really mad, and kept telling me to get out!  But I was having a lovely time.  I thought mum was going to come in and get me out at one point - that would have been funny!  Mum says we're not walking that way tomorrow, spoil sport!  Love Dare
26th January 2007 - Day 50 - No mice this morning.  Maybe that's it for now.  Mum took my temperature this morning.  When a girl like me has pups, 12 - 24 hours before whelping, my temperature will drop, so mum can tell when they are due to arrive. Mum took my temperature, not because she thinks I'm ready to give birth, but because it is important to find out what is normal for me.  Its not too bad really - you get used to it! Love Dare
25th January 2007 - Day 49 - Sardines get the thumbs up from me!!!  Yummy.  And....dad caught another mouse, so he was more cheerful then normal this morning. I heard today that another of Wizards girlfriends (grrrrr - thought I was the only one) is expecting 8 puppies!  Wow, 8. I wish my vet had been able to give us an idea of the numbers.  I bet she's going to be very large!  But then, I'm not so small myself right now. I'll get mum to take a picture of my tummy tomorrow. Thats a picture of me taking a little break in my sparkly pink box :-) Love Dare
24th January 2007 - Day 48 - Wow, its been snowing, just like Christmas.  Bit cold on the tummy though where the vet shaved me for my scan :-(  I've just had my breakfast, no turkey necks this morning - just a plain old raw chicken wing with some pureed veg.  Its OK, but I'd prefer it without the veg!  Mum said I'm having some sardines for my tea - not sure what they are, will have to let you know tomorrow.  Dad was very happy this morning as he'd caught 2 mice in the dog food shed outside.  I'm glad, can't have those mice stealing our food.  Apparently he'd tried all sorts, but last night he used some smelly Brie, and that obviously did the trick.  Mum said she wasn't allowed Brie when she was pregnant, so I can't have any either. Not fair.  Funny, all I seem to think about these days is food LOL    Love Dare
23rd January 2007 - Day 47 - Things are getting closer now, I seem to have "got fat" over night (maybe due to the number of turkey necks I scoffed hehehe).  Just over 2 weeks to go. I guess mum will start taking my temperature soon with that woofin rectal thermometer - oh joy!

My pairs partner Rio went to visit a nice boy (not quite as nice as Wizard of course, but still quite cute for a Black and White Collie) - Tigger was his name, or Harrjak Tigger to be precise.  Rio's mum is hoping Rio will be having pups in 9 weeks time.  She'll need to read my diary, so she knows what to expect. I wonder if Rio's mum lets her on the computer?  Rio's mum says Rio wasn't very impressed with Tigger, I think she would be if she knew about all the extra food and cuddles, especially the turkey necks.......Love Dare

22nd January 2007 - Day 46 - I'm starting to get hot now, and pant a lot. These baby Dizards are making me uncomfortable.  On the plus side though, mum got me some turkey necks today - they are my absolute favourite!  The others will be soooo jealous when they see them.  My whelping box is up, and mum put my bed inside it, "to get used to it", she said.  I don't need to get used to it - I know exactly what its for - its for jumping in and out of in the night, and waking up mum and dad LOL.    Love Dare
21st January 2007 - Day 45 - We went to Ribble Agility show yesterday, of course I was just watching and spent my day being cuddled.  Mum and the boys got a few lower placings, but nothing to get excited about.  I'll show them how to do it properly  when I'm back working again!  One of the ladies who was going to have a baby Dizard can no longer have one.  Thats a real shame as I liked her a lot.  Never mind though, mum says we most likely have homes for all of them. Love Dare
19th January 2007 - Day 43 - I now get 2 meals a day, one including my wormer (mum thinks I don't realise but I do) and the other raw (BARF).  Look at that photo!  Its my daughter Flirt, looking on longingly when I'm having my extra meal. I'm keeping my eye on her, as she would scoff my food if I took my nose out of the bowl for one second. Pushy little madam - she needs to learn some respect for her mother.  However, having said that, I was watching her training the other day and she's doing really well, I'm very proud of her.  She's still only just a year, but she looks like she's very motivated.  She needs to be measured, but I'm sure she'll be a "large" dog as she's a few cm taller then me. She's gone for her hips to be scored today, so I'm missing her pestering me.  Not sure what she'll think of the Dizards!  Love Dare
18th January 2007 - Day 42 - Mum said she had complaints!  From people reading my diary, saying I'm not updating it regularly enough!!!  So from now on I'll try and give you a little bit every day.  Not sure what to write today, its really windy here, so we're not allowed out in the garden, as next door is building an extension and there is debris flying everywhere.

Mum says the whelping box is going up on Sunday, so I can get used to it before the puppies come. Mum has new vetbed waiting and dad has been tasked with building a brand new puppy pen this year.  I hope Wizard is as excited as me!  He is at a Championship show tomorrow, he only needs one more win to be a Show Champion so I'll keep my paws crossed for him.  Can you all do the same please?  Love Dare

17th January 2007 - Day 41 - Went out walking this morning, and for the first time, mum kept me on a lead for a while.  I got to run free later, but mum said she was keeping me on the lead whilst the others did their first manic chase around.  When we first get out the van, we all like to do a really long outrun, right into the distance, and we all race and barge each other about.  Mum says I have to think of the Dizards now, and so she doesn't want me to do the outrun anymore. Good job mum got one of those Tuff-stuff Bungee leads, as I nearly pulled her shoulder out of joint :-)  I suppose she's right though, I really do need to steady up a bit.

Mum got her running orders for the weekend today, there was a card with my name on it, but she said I couldn't take part, but I might be able to go along for the day.  My pairs partner Rio is in season now, and she is going to visit a handsome chap called Tigger in the next few days.  Will let you know if anything happens.  Looks like we won't be doing pairs for a while  Love Dare

16th January 2007 - DAY 40!!!! - What is the significance of Day 40???  Well its the day worming starts.  Last year mum hid it in a milky cottage cheese mix for me, but this time, she was in a hurry, and shot it down my throat with a syringe.  I was not impressed at all, and told her so!  When she came to give me the 2nd dose I kept my jaws firmly shut.  Unfortunately when she wafted that bit of ham in front of my nose, my mouth just had to open and "wham-bam", another dose of wormer.  The ham was good though. 

I seem to bit putting on a bit of weight, and my coat has gone very very soft.  The Dizards are about 4.5cm long now.  Wonder how many there are ???  Love Dare

6th January 2007 - Yippee, went to the vets today to get a scan and I am definately expecting little Dizards.  It wasn't Sam, my normal vet, it was Monsie, and she shaved my tummy (hmmmmpppphhh - the indignity of it all!).  Auntie Amy and Auntie Jackie came too, and Auntie Amy was soooo excited because she is having a baby Dizard.  We couldn't tell how many were in there, but the main thing is that there was some.  Wizard had sent me a text wishing me luck at my scan, so I got mum to text him and let him know.  Hope he was as excited as me. Mum then E-Mailed some of the people who are also on my Dizard list and they all seemed pleased. Mum said she can make plans now - she said she was going to order special wormer - oh great!  Love Dare
5th January 2007 - I was supposed to be having my scan today, but the vets have postponed it to tomorrow.  That is sooooooo frustrating - I'm so excited and so is Wizard.  Well, he hasn't exactly told me that himself, as I haven't seen him for a few weeks, but Mum said so! Roll on tomorrow. The Dizards are about 1 inch across now, and fully formed miniature dogs, about the size of a walnut.  The eyelids close at this point and don't reopen again until about 10 days - 2 weeks.  Its also about now that their male and female "bits" start to show.  :-) Love Dare
2nd January 2007 - Well its been a crazy few weeks - we all celebrated Christmas in style and I got some great toys and treats.  We went training quite a bit - mum was mainly working my daughter Flirt as she's almost a year, and I got to watch.  Mum wouldn't let me do anything - she said I had to take it easy, but I managed to do a few tunnels when they were setting up and packing away.  I've been taking my Raspberry Leaf Tablets again - mum said it was to ensure I gave birth easily - just like last year. The babies are half an inch across, and their central nervous systems are formed.  Next its the brain and the spinal cord.  The brain won't be a problem, all my babies have great brains LOL!!!  All the organs, the limbs, face and eyes are now starting to form. I'm going for my scan on Friday - that will be exciting.  My new vet is Sam - hope she's good at counting!  Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous new year.  Mum says we'll be happy and healthy, but never prosperous with 6 dogs in the house!  Talking of which, I heard mum and dad talking - they are going to look at a new house this week, with lots of land - now that is EXCITING! Love Dare
December 19th 2006 - Mum and Dad have gone on holiday - Skiing - and they didn't take me or the others!  How dare she leave me, in my delicate state! Grandad Dave moved in to look after us, which means lots of extra treats.  He knows he's not supposed to, but we always get a few extras!  Of course, I never take advantage ;-)  Love Dare
December 11th 2006 - I saw Wiz again today, I don't understand it, thats the 3rd time in 5 days. Must admit though he looked more attractive then ever and I couldn't help throwing myself at him!  Mum says I must be pregnant now, hope so.  I have to admit, Wiz was just as attractive as Dylon, now I was in the right mood! My scan is booked for the 5th January.  Its going to be a very long Christmas thats for sure! Love Dare
December 9th 2006 - I went on a long journey again today. I thought we were going to Rugby Agility Show, but guess what? We went to Wizards house again.  It was great to see him, he remembered me, and was making little squeaking noises!  He was just as handsome as before, although I did play a little hard to get, and took a trophy - a good clump of his fur!  Anyway, mum says that will hopefully ensure we have baby Dizards.  How exciting!  Love Dare
December 7th 2006 - Well, would you believe it?  We set off today in the van with Auntie Amy, my daughters Haze and Flirt, and my son Ski, and I thought we were going for a walk to the woods, but 4 hours later where were we?  In ESSEX! And guess what, the house belonged to that nice red dog Wizard that I met in the park a few weeks ago!  What a nice surprise.  Well, I said hello to him, but I think he had more on his mind then polite conversation.  So I lifted my tail so he could greet me in true doggy style, and WHAM, that was it.  Mum says I might be having more babies now, and we are going to see Wizard again on Saturday.  I'll try and impress him with my polite conversation next time!  Mum says we can't call the babies Dareberts this time, we'll have to call them Dizards.  Can't wait for Saturday....    Love Dare
December 5th 2006 - I had to go to the vets today, they took my blood and put it in a tiny tube.  Mum said it was for 2 reasons, firstly, an ovulation test, whatever that is, to see if I'm ready to mate. Depends who it is, thats what I say!!! I should get the results tomorrow - ooooh thats exciting.  The other test was for an antibody test.  I get a funny cyst when I have vaccinations, so our vet sends my blood to the lab, to get it checked to see if I still have antibodies, and don't need vaccinations.  I like Sam the vet, she likes Collies, and always makes a big fuss of me.  It was a busy day for the vets with our gang, cos my daughter Flirt went later, when she managed to get a tiny hole in the front of her eye, probably from running through the undergrowth looking for rabbits. Sam gave her 2 different creams and a local anaesthetic to sort it, but she's gonna be fine.  Thats a relief, I don't like it when my babies are poorly.  Love Dare
November 28th 2006 - We had friends with us on our walk today.  Mums friend came and brought her dog Rio, who is my pairs partner.  Rio should have been in season by now, so Rio's mum thought that walking her with me and my gang might help speed things along.  Rio even got to take my smelly vetbed home!  I missed the show at the weekend, and mum just said I wasn't going at the weekend either - not fair, I might have to have a sulk about that.  Still, when mum goes off to the show in the early morning, I'll howl the place down to wake dad up.  That's my favourite trick - wonder why he never seems to find it funny?  Love Dare
November 23rd 2006 - At last, I've come into season.  Maybe mum will stop moaning now.  Cruise was sniffing my bum so I showed him my beautiful teeth.  Mums put me onto some new food - called HT42d which is especially for girlies like me when they come in season.  Makes a change from the normal stuff anyway.  I was supposed to be having Chicken Wings tonight, but Flirt stole them!  All of them!  Hope she has a poorly tummy tomorrow, the little thief - stealing my favourite food!  Love Dare
November 22nd 2006 - I went to visit a dog called  Wizard the other day, and he was lovely!  He was flirting with me and squeaking!  He might make a suitable husband, I'm not sure yet, Dylon was always my special boy, but I decided to take a mouthful of Wizard's fur to test him out, and he didn't complain - in fact, it seemed to turn him on!  I might like to visit him again! Mum says he might be "the one!" what ever that means. Love Dare

November 2006 - I've still not come into season and Mum keeps looking at me and shaking her head. She wipes me with a tissue a couple of times a day - what can she be looking for?  Mum has told me that on Sunday, she is going to look at two nice boys for me.  She wouldn't tell me their names!  Hope she takes me along with her, I want to meet them too - need to check them out. Anyway, one good thing about coming into season late is that I'll be able to compete on Saturday - Yey, I thought I would have to stay at home. Love Dare



October 2006 - I'm due in season any time now, mum keeps checking under my tail, but I like to keep her guessing.   I'm not keen on being in season really, it means I can't do agility so much, and have to miss out on shows.  But mum says we're going to visit a nice boy again, so thats exciting.  I'll keep in touch,  Bye for now,   Love Dare

Me, on top of Conniston Old Man.  I like this photo - mum got my good side :-)




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