Pups 2006

Baby Dare



bulletDylon E Do Well (Dylon)
bulletKC Breed Registered
bulletBlack and White 
bulletEyes Unaffected (CEA DNA clear)
bulletPRA Unaffected (tested annually)
bulletHips 5:7
bulletWorking Advanced Agility
bulletFrom well known working and ISDS lines
bulletAltricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm (Dare)
bulletKC Breed Registered
bulletBlue Merle
bulletEyes Unaffected (CEA DNA Carrier)
bulletPRA Unaffected (tested annually)
bulletHips 5:5
bulletWorking Advanced Agility
bulletMany Show Champs in her pedigree

In early November 2005 Dare was mated to Dylon (Dylon E Do Well) belonging to Sammie Stevens, which we hope has been successful.  Pups should be due in early January 2006 and we are expecting merles, black and whites, and possibly reds  & red merles.  Pups would be clinically CEA unaffected, but to ensure they are not carriers, pedigrees were be endorsed for breeding until the appropriate health checks have been carried out.  To see pups from the previous 2 litters please click in the year. Pups 2002  or  Pups 2003

On the 6th January 2006, Dare had 7 beautiful pups between 4.25pm and 10pm.  4 girls and 3 boys.  Mother and pups all gorgeous and doing well.  We're obviously very, very proud of our special girl.  Names courtesy of 6 year old Leo!  Dad Dylon was said to be very very proud.

Left to Right:

Harry, Flirt, Bo, Bex, Dare, Pixie and Gunna


This picture (and the one above) was taken by local photographer Eddie Nolan at the Kings Gallery in Scunthorpe.

Left to Right on this picture are:

Dare, Gunna, Flirt, Harry, Bex,  Pixie and Bo


Dare and the pups


The 7 pups were all KC Registered, and could not be CEA affected by parentage.  They all now have their own pages to visit.

  Harry Bo Flirt Bex Dare Gunna Pixie
  Borderstorm Heeza Kracker Borderstorm Bo-Nanza Borderstorm Dare To Flirt Borderstorm Dare To Be At Jolysses Borderstorm Baby Dare Borderstorm Gunna Be Magic Borderstorm Blueprint
  Jackie Tarn Sue Mallabar Me (hooray) Rod Norton Louise Raine Alison Caton-Walls Sue White
Click on the pups to visit their own pages


Dare and her daughter Flirt.  One of my favourite shots.
Two handsome brothers, Gunna and Harry Is it too early to learn to tie my laces?
I love you mummy Up to know good!
Please can we come in now - its cold out here! So this is how you heard a sheep?
Mine, all mine! Stuff the toys, this kitchen roll is much more fun

So why Dylon this time? Finding a good stud dog had been difficult this time. I wanted a non white factored dog to try and get a more classically marked litter.  I wanted a boy with lots of drive, and a great temperament.  I looked at more stud dogs then I care to remember, sitting by the ring at agility shows, travelling to breed shows and just watching dogs work. Some didn't have the right eye test results, some breed dogs were just too laid back without that "spark", and others just didn't "feel" right.  I needed a perfect man for my princess.  At last a friend suggested Dylon (thanks Jayne!) and the match was made :-)  I hadn't appreciated Dylon was an entire dog.  Dylon has awesome speed, a quick brain, but a heart of gold.  He has a light build and is very eager to please.  Dare fell for him immediately and tried desperately to get him to like her.  Eventually her merlie charms won him over.

This chart indicates Dare's temperature.  When there is a significant temperature drop (usually to about 98 degrees F or thereabouts), it indicates that whelping will take place within about 12 - 24 hours.  Up until day 57 the temperature is only taken once per day, but from day 57 onwards, the temperature is taken 3 times each day.


Dares Pregnancy Diary


Day 14 - I don't look any different, and as yet mum can't tell whether I'm pregnant or not, but I hope I am 'cos that Dylon was just gorgeous!  I call my fertilized ovum Dareberts (Dare after me and bert after Dylbert - thats Dylon's special name xxx) and they are still floating free in my uterus and uterine tube.  They are very well protected and safe from infection right now.  In a few days time they will begin to implant in my uterine horns, spacing themselves out.

Mum has been feeding me on BARF now since before my season.  She says that its supposed to promote fertility and aid whelping whatever that means.  I love chicken wings, and turkey necks are just yummy - shame I don't get to chomp on the rest of the turkey though.  I feel great and have healthy appetite as usual, but its too early yet to start increasing my meals.  Shame!

I have stopped doing agility now, mum says to protect the Dareberts,  but I still get my runs in the woods every day with the others. I'll miss Newton Heath show this weekend, I just get to watch so I'll be a bit grumpy, but I'm making sure that the Dareberts are cooking nicely.  Bye for now,   Love Dare

Oooooooo, this frost is cold!  I hope the Dareberts are nice and warm.


Day 17 - Saw Dylon again yesterday at Newton Heath show. He's still lovely, but when he got a bit too friendly with me I smiled at him!  Mum got some puppy toys at Newton Heath for the Dareberts to play with.  If I'm not pregnant I hope she gives them to me, 'cos they looked fun.  I saw lots of my babies from the last 2 litters at the show and they all looked great, and I had a cuddle from a couple of the possible new Darebert mummies too - how exciting.

The Dareberts should now be implanting in my uterus wall, and during the next  week the important organs will be developing.  My nipples should be getting pinker and enlarging in the next few days, but I can't see under there to check.  I'll have to ask mum.  That's all for today folks,  Love Dare


Day 20 (a third of the way through) - Mum has moved my bed upstairs to hers and dad's room, as mum says this is where the Dareberts will be born, so she wants me to get used to it.  She took this photo of me when I had sneaked onto the bed. I'm not allowed on there really, but mum said just this once as I looked really snug.

Today I had some "Raspberry Leaf" with my food.  Mum says I'll get it every day now as its supposed to make giving birth easier.  I had it last time, and I had no problems, so its probably a good thing.

Mum booked me in for my scan today, its for next Friday.  I don't like them really, they switch off all the lights and its a bit spooky, but mum will be there and Auntie Jackie came last time too, to have a look.  I wanted a photo, just like when mum had a scan of Leo, but Nicki the vet said their scanner didn't take pictures. Humph - can't be a very good scanner.  I'll get mum to take her camera this time!  Love Dare

Hopefully if I lie very, very still, she won't notice I've jumped on the bed!

Day 21 - Wow, can you believe it, mum showed me this picture of what the Dareberts look like right now!  They are half an inch across, and their central nervous systems are formed.  Next its the brain and the spinal cord.  The brain won't be a problem, all my babies have great brains LOL!!!  All the organs, the limbs, face and eyes are now starting to form.  Gosh its so exciting, I can't wait.

Mum says I might get a bit of morning sickness at this time - yuk -  apparently I did last time, but I can't remember. I'm sure I'll be fine, it won't stop my walks that's for sure!   Love Dare

Baby Dareberts. Cute aren't they, or maybe not!

Day 23 - Brrrrrrrrrr, its a bit cold outside today so I've been keeping the Dareberts warm by the fire.  Its not snowed, but the wind was icy on my walk, and mum had a funny hat on.  Mum says I've been a bit quiet today, a bit clingy.  Not sure what that means.  Mum also went to the butchers today and ordered me 20kg of chicken wings - that should keep me going for a while, hope I'm not expected to share them?  We had a visitor today, the man to repair Sky TV.  I practised my herding skills on him, he kept ignoring me so I kept circling his heels.  I herded him neatly into a corner LOL and kept him there until mum came, then I gave him a lovely lick.  He thought it was really funny, said I was weird!  Some people just don't understand collies.  Love Dare

Day 28 - Gosh, where does the time go, I've been really busy, and also a bit poorly!  Mum had some lovely black boots, and Ski, my son, couldn't help but chew them up!  I had to help of course, but the leather  didn't agree with me, and it gave me a poorly tummy!  Mum didn't know I'd helped Ski to chew the boots until I sicked up the black leather - that gave the game away.  But I'm feeling fit as a fiddle now, and looking forward to my scan tomorrow.

The Dareberts are about 1 inch across now, and fully formed miniature dogs, about the size of a walnut.  The eyelids close at this point and don't reopen again until about 10 days - 2 weeks.  Its also about now that their male and female "bits" start to show.  That's the exciting bit.  I told Dylan I wanted 8 girls and 2 boys, mostly merle.  Wonder if he listened?  Mum wants a merle girl just like me.  She wanted a merle girl last time, but had to have Ski instead as there wasn't one.  I think that's why she puts him in sparkly collars, she thinks he's a girl really. 

Have to go, lots to do, mums making tuggies for the show this weekend, and I like to run off with them and keep them all for myself.  Bye for now,  Love Dare

The Dareberts are fully formed miniature dogs now


Day 29 - HOORAY - I'm so excited as I'm definitely expecting Dareberts.  The vet Nicki scanned my tummy and there were lots of Dareberts in there.  She couldn't tell how many exactly, as they go quite a long way up so couldn't reach them all, but she counted at least 4.  (Last time she counted 3, and I had 6 so I don't think she's very good at counting!).  You still can't tell any difference if you look at me though, I'm obviously keeping my figure in trim.

Today was a very sad day for me though.  Nicki has been my vet for 3 years now, and she's leaving to go to Australia.  I'll miss her a lot.  I hope the new vet understands me like she does.  She'll be gone before the Dareberts are born, so she won't get to see them.

Well, lots of planning to do!  Mum will get the whelping box out soon and give it a good scrub, dad is going to set up a web-cam so all the new Darebert mummies and daddies can keep an eye on the Dareberts.   Mum will start breaking down my meals now, so I get fed more regularly, (but not any more! that can't be right!) Yum, chick wings twice a day now. 

And me?  I'm just going to take it easy and continue to cook the Dareberts till they're big.  I'm at Wyre agility show tomorrow, not competing, but I can watch the others, maybe see Dylan again and tell him the good news, and meet some of the new Darebert mummies again.  Life is such fun, Love Dare

Me and Nicki the vet just before my scan.

Can you tell what it is yet? The black blob is a Darebert, aaahhhh bless!

Day 31 (about half way through) - Dylan wasn't at the show yesterday.  His mum said it was too far, so I didn't get to tell him our good news.  It was quite a good day, mum didn't get any prizes but I got lots of fuss from some of the Darebert mummies, especially Sue who gave me loads of cuddles.  She wants a merle boy, so I'll try my very best.  She says she's going to call the Darebert "Pickles".  I don't understand, why doesn't she call it Darebert????   Humans are such a strange species.  I got cottage cheese added to my food today.  Mum says I'll get that every other day from now on.  Yum!  And do you know what....the Dareberts are developing toes, whisker buds and claws about now.  Amazing isn't it.  Love Dare
Day 34 - Oh no, oh no, oh no, we got a package in the mail today - it was ...... lots and lots of WORMER!  I'd forgotten about this - I have to have it every day from day 40 onwards.  I hate it.  Mum used to try and disguise it in my food but I always found it, so now she just "shoots" it down my throat with a plastic gun thing.  This is the very worst part about being pregnant.  I usually manage to spit some back at her though hehehe.  There was also something called "DopramV" in the package.  Not sure what thats for, mum says she's sure we won't need it, but its for "just in case".   I  had a sneaky look at the instructions on the package while mum wasn't looking.  Apparently if any of the Dareberts aren't breathing properly, mum will put a spot under their tongue to stimulate them.  Phew - nice to know we're well prepared.

Mum says I'm looking a bit rounder now, and losing my tuck-up.  Apparently the Dareberts are getting skin pigment now and are about 3 cms long.  It won't be long now.  I'm so excited.    Love Dare

Day 36 - I saw one of the new Darebert daddies today - Rod, he goes to our club.  He has Belgian Shepherds at home.  Wonder why he wants a Darebert?  I heard him saying to mum that he wants something with attitude!  Ha, he may regret saying that.

I'm taking things a bit easier now, although when mum took the others training I just did a few contacts and a jump or two.  They were at the new height - easy peasy I reckon.  I did my favourite job, herding all the other dogs and making sure they are in nice neat rows.  One dog at club, Josh, fancies me like mad.  He's quite sweet really, don't tell Dylon I said that!   Love Dare


Taking a quick kip on the sofa.  I think I match this fur throw really well!  Mum says that if I'm naughty I might get made into a throw!

Day 39 - Mum put the Christmas tree up today.  I helped a bit, but I mostly just snoozed and watched.   Mum's put some birds on the tree this year - she says they're not real, they're just made of feathers,  but I'm keeping my eye on them just in case.   They may need to be neatly herded at some point.

Tomorrow is the day I have been dreading - the start of worming.  But I have a cunning plan.  Watch this space to see if I can avoid the nasty white stuff!

I have the largest nipples in the world - its official!  They've grown really quickly.  And mums got a new toy - its called a "rektal fermometer", not sure what she's going to do with it?  Answers on a postcard please......    Love Dare

I love Christmas.  Any prezzies for me under this tree?

Day 40 - I'm a bit confused today.  Its day 40, and in big letters on the calendar it says "WORM DARE".  I've seen no sign of the wormer.  I have my plan ready to spit it out, but I can't think why mum hasn't tried to force it down my throat with that plastic gun thing.  I had a lovely milky drink this morning - cottage cheese mixed with milk and some of Leo's leftover breakfast cereal - delicious!  .........Oh no, you don't think.........I bet mum hid the wormer in the milky drink.  That's not fair, very underhand I must say.  Hmmmm, will have to watch out for those tricks tomorrow.   Love Dare


Day 42 - Well, no complaints about the wormer.  I get a lovely cottage cheese milky mix each morning, and I suppose mum hides the wormer in there, but its so yummy I don't care.  The others were wormed yesterday , but they just got tablets, no milky mix so I must be a really special girl.

Not much else to say really.  I've started slowing down a bit on my walks - I still like to have a good chase around to start with, let off some steam, but then I like to trot next to mum while the others charge around.  We used to run and run and sometimes would knock each other over, so I'm protecting the Dareberts by taking it easy.

The Dareberts are about 4.5 cm long now, so it must be getting a bit crowded in there, but I like to think I'm keeping my lovely trim figure.  Less then 3 weeks to go now and I'm so excited.  Love Dare

Guess how many Dareberts in my tummy!

Day 44 - Hmmm, I now know what a "rektal fermometer" is and I must say, I wasn't impressed!  Haven't got much time to write today, I need to go and see my son from the first litter - Zak - he's at Olympia tomorrow, so I need to give him some words of wisdom.  I'm really proud of him for being the first of my babies to get to both Crufts and Olympia (but I'm equally proud of all my babies, they are all so different, but all very special).  Zak's mum, Jackie, has worked really hard with him, and he is a credit to her, and me of course.  I shall tell him "Eyes on the Prize".  He's really fast and clever, faster than me, but not as clever LOL.  I'll let you know how he gets on, Love Dare


Day 47 - Had a long lay in this morning, in my whelping box which is now in mums room.  I'm a bit more tired now, on my walk this morning I took it a bit steadier then usual.  I'm still keeping my figure when you look down on me, but underneath I'm the size of a heffer, its probably as my uterine horns are folding over to accommodate the pups in my tum.  The Dareberts are now about 9cm long, and their bones are calcifying right now.  Mum says we might be able to see the Dareberts moving when I'm lying still - I can certainly feel them!

My boy Zak did well at Olympia.  He and his mum Jackie just got 5 faults in the morning qualifier.  Mum said that Jackie crossed behind him on the dog walk and he got confused and came off.  That's just experience.  And in the afternoon he was faulted on his weaves, but the video play back shows he got them. I should think so too, my babies have the fastest weaves ever.  But never mind, some you win some you lose.  That's life.  He still got to Olympia which is more then I did this year!  Mum says that next year will be my year, she qualifies one of us for the semi's every year, but never quite gets to the finals.  Watch this space!  By the way, mum says she saw one of the Darebert new mummies at Olympia, the one who is calling her Darebert "Pickles". She's very excited apparently.  I also got a Christmas card from one of my babies, "Star Boy", and mum got some "Star" things - hair bobbles etc, and a keyring which said "if the tiara fits ....".  Not sure what that means but mum said it was very apt!  Love Dare


Day 49 - Mum decided to re-cover the whelping box today.  It has been home to 3 litters previously and so the wipe clean fablon was looking a bit scratched in places.  Its now very girly - pink and silver.  I feel like a princess.   I'll get mum to take my photo in it later.

Mum also said she had a dream I only had 3 pups, and only one of them was merle!  Well, I can tell you that I now have an undercarriage like a Boeing 747, and no way are there only 3 pups in there!  My usual sprightly gait is now more of a waddle, and I feel very unladylike!   I think these next 10 days are going to literally pass very slowly!  On the positive side, its 3 meals a day now, smaller meals though, but still...3 meals yum! Love Dare

Day 52 - Christmas Day 

Merry Christmas to Everyone, 2 paws and 4 paws from me and all of us at Team Borderstorm.  Thats me, Dare, the leader of course, Fizz (she's a witch and I don't much like her), Cruise my pal, we have lots of fun together and I boss him around, Ski my son, he's a handsome chap but wild as the wind, Sash, the old girl.  She can't see or hear very well and is a bit wobbly, but she still said to wish you all a merry Christmas, all the Dareberts, and of course mum, dad and Leo too.

 Well its Christmas Day, and this is a picture of me on my walk this morning getting into the Christmas Spirit (but not as much as Dad last night, he had plenty of Christmas spirits!)  Santa Paws came to our house last night. I got lots of treats, toys, and even toys for the Dareberts too.  Leo got a Scaletrix, and chasing the cars is great fun, but they didn't seem impressed and kept telling me to go away.  Mum got a snow dome thing with a picture of me inside it from Auntie Jackie and lots of doggy bits and pieces.  I love this time of year.   Mum was singing "have yourself a merlie little Christmas", too much brandy in the Christmas Pud I think!

I have to stay on my lead now for walks, or else I chase around too much.  I'm getting a bit uncomfortable now, but thats to be expected I suppose.  Mum's been trimming the hair around my nipples to make it easier for the Dareberts to suckle.  I can feel the Dareberts wriggling inside, but mum says she can feel them too when she strokes me.  Mum was looking on Borderbility and said that a litter had been born and one of the pups was "Lilac".  LILAC, I ask you, what kind of colour is that for any self-respecting Border Collie.  We're supposed to be hardy, outdoor types - not bloomin' LILAC.  Then mum said there was a slim chance that a Darebert could be Lilac.  Its quite a nice colour really!  Love Dare


Merry Christmas Everyone, Love from Dare.

Day 54 - Holiday Tuesday - The time is drawing near, and I feel like a whale.  I tried to jump on the bed earlier, and I make strange grunting sounds.  I can't help it, they just happen.  I also seem to trump a lot more! 

Mum has the web cam set up, or at least I think she does, she was swearing a lot this afternoon! 

My temperature is steady at 99.8 degrees, and mum has a chart that she puts numbers on each day.  Its a bit exciting to think that this time next week the babies could have arrived!   I'm ready now! Can't wait...Love Dare

Me in my silver and pink whelping box

Day 57 - Mum has been fiddling with the web cam all morning and still can't get it going.  She's now changed providers!  I saw Dylons mum this morning on something called Microsoft Messenger, via a video link - amazing.  Dylons mum will be able to see the Dareberts from her desk at work.

I now have to have my temperature taken 3 times a day, boo! Not much fun.  Also, the Dareberts are "viable" according to mum, whatever that means.   The weighing scales are in position by my box, and there's a huge pile of newspaper and white vetbed which won't stay white for long.

Its very snowy here, shame I'm not allowed to go charging through the snow like I normally can.  Mum took my photo, and we went walking with some friends and my son Zak too.  The times getting nearer.....Love Dare

Me and the gang in the snow - that's me on the lead with mum!


Day 60 - Sorry I haven't updated my diary for a few days, but mum has been making me rest in my whelping box.  She says I have to calm down a bit and take it easy.  My tummy is sooooo tight that it sounds like a drum. Every time the Dareberts kick my tummy ripples.  But no imminent signs yet!  I wish they'd hurry up and be born.  My temperature hasn't dropped yet.  Can you believe it, Dylon's mum suggested I should go into the Freezer to get my temperature down!  Not funny.  I'm in a very delicate state!

On new years eve I went with mum and dad to a party at Karen's house and had a good time, apart from Chris' singing, and Josh's barking.  He needed to be herded!  Mum took me so she could keep an eye on me, and in case there were fireworks at home.  Better go, I'm supposed to be resting. Love Dare


Day 62 - Bad day, I just can't seem to find a comfy position to lie in, so I'm just mooching around and panting all the time.  Had a girlie day with mum today.  We slobbed on the bed upstairs and watched loads of episodes of Ally McBeal.  I wish these Dareberts would hurry, my temperature is still normal, but surely they must arrive soon.  Must go, typing isn't comfy right now with the Dareberts wriggling in my tum.  Speak soon....Love Dare


Day 63 (am) - at last - my temperature has gone down.  Mum says the Dareberts should be here today, or at the latest tonight.  Watch this space......Love Dare

Day 63 (pm) - no change, I like to keep everyone waiting!  I've been scrunching my bedding, to keep mum interested, but thats about it!

Day 63 (midnight)  - I can't get comfy, and my temperature has gone really low.  They are definately on the way, but not fast enough.  Auntie Jackie is a lightweight and gone home, but Auntie Amy looks like she'll make the distance! 

Stay with me folks.....Love Dare

Trying to get Comfy!




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