Pups 2003


Following a successful litter the previous year, in December 2003 Dare again had another lovely litter with "Joe Boy" an ISDS registered Border Collie belonging to Alan and Jackie Gardner.  



bulletJoe Boy (Joe)
bulletTri Colour 
bulletEyes Unaffected, Hips 4:4
bulletWorking Advanced Agility
bulletMany ISDS Champs in his pedigree
bulletAltricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm (Dare)
bulletBlue Merle
bulletEyes Unaffected, Hips 5:5
bulletWorking Advanced Agility
bulletMany Show Champs in her pedigree

You can see the pedigrees of both these dogs on the Border Collie Data Base.  For more information on Joe, you can visit the Gardner's website.

2003 Litter

Dare and Joes second litter were  born on the 18th December 2003.  They all have great agility homes -  follow the individual links  to the left to visit the pups on their own pages.

Left to Right - Ski, Jack, Daisy, Flyte and Star With their proud mum Dare

The Pups, 4 dogs and 1 bitch, were Merle and Black and White.   Pups all eye tested clear at 6 weeks and were KC registered with the affix "Borderstorm". They  have their own pages to visit.


  Click on the pictures to see updates on the pups on their own pages



Borderstorm No Regrets

Star will be going north to Barnard Castle, and the home of Louise Walker


Borderstorm Who Dares Wins

Ski will be staying with us, my new pup to train in the Borderstorm house


Borderstorm Blackjack

 Jack will be going to live with Ian Mallabar up north, wife Sue has "Indi" from Dare and Joes last litter


Borderstorm Crazy Daisy

Daisy will be staying with us for the time being, with a view to going to our parents at 12 weeks


Borderstorm Take Flyte

Flyte will be going to live locally with Marilyn Murphy, a Scunthorpe club member


bullet The pups a couple of days after they were born with their proud mum. 


bulletHappy birthday puppies
bulletI can roll my tongue!
bulletI'm a bit wobbly still
bulletStarting to find our feet
bullet"I'm stronger", "no I'm stronger!"
bulletWho me?
bulletShape of things to come?
bulletI love my sister!
bulletGorgeous Brothers






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