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We are not a kennels, our dogs live as part of our family, in our home not outside, sharing our lives and taking up most of our time (and money!). We have occasionally had puppies over the years, but these were usually pre-booked and homed to individuals whom we knew and trusted within the Agility Community.   We are planning a further litter from Shock and Bo, in the autumn of 2015.  See further down the page for litters which involve Borderstorm Dogs not owned by us.

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Dare and Joe 2002 litter



Dare and Joe 2003 litter


Dare and Dylon 2006 litter   Dare and Wizard 2007 litter  


Flirt and Del 2008 Litter



Shock and Bo 2013 Litter




Future litters at Team Borderstorm

We are planning babies! .....We plan to repeat the Shock x Bo mating in autumn 2015. Details about the previous litter are posted on the "News" Page or click the Pups 2013 tab at the top left of this page. Pups from the previous mating are light, and incredibly athletic. Same again please Shockie :)




bulletBorderstorm Bo-nanza (Bo)
bulletHips 3:6
bulletGenetically clear for CL, CEA, TNS
bulletUp to date PRA and Gonioscopy

Bo is a gentle and good natured boy, but highly driven and eager to please. He has phenomenal speed, but good conformation.  His pups so far have all inherited these qualities.  Bo has a large scopey jump and everlasting energy!


bulletRedanmuir Shock Tactics at Borderstorm (Shock)
bulletTri Coloured Merle
bulletHips 4:6
bulletGenetically clear for CL, CEA, TNS
bulletUp to date PRA and Gonioscopy

Shock is a lovely easy going and cuddly girl, until she sees the agility equipment when her natural drive kicks in and she becomes a little bit nuts !  She has a super temperament and a sharp brain. She is incredibly light on her feet.

Heres what the mating could look like according to the Anadune Database.......


Hereditary Diseases

Inbreeding Help


2%   (looking back 11 generations)

CEA affected Help



CL affected Help



TNS affected Help



Double merle Help



Hip score Help


See pedigree

Possible Coats

Black & White Help



Blue Merle Help



Red / Chocolate Merle Help



Red / Chocolate & White Help






Rough (long) coat Help



  Click on the pedigree left to see the pedigree of a puppy from this litter.


And a little further in the future.......

We are starting to keep our eyes open for a special suitor for Shine, our youngest girl.  We have looked at a very nice red youngster who may well fit the bill.  Early days though, and Shine has yet to have some of her health tests, so watch this space.

Other Litters by Borderstorm Dogs

Bo and Trek are available at Stud - check out the link from the home page or click here


Bo has a number of further "husband duties" to perform this year with some new and former wives.  Please contact Sue for more details.

Below are some of the litters which friends have had using Borderstorm dogs

Bo and Isla's 2014 litter

Bred by Toni Smith


Bo and Tayla's 2014 Litter

3 cheeky monkeys

Bred by Sue Mallabar


Bo and Karli's 2012 Litter

7 beautiful babies

Bred by Helen Verrechia


Sola and Kytes 2012 litter

7 gorgeous pups - and all those merlies!

Bred by Pia Glover

Bo and Islas 2011 Litter

3 perfect little black and white babies arrived in June 2011.  How cute are they!

The boy, Vibe, went to Becky Patrick, and Toni kept BOTH girls - madness :)

Bred by Toni Smith

Bo and Karli's 2011 Litter

7 beautiful babies bred by Helen, who owned Karli.  Hopefully I'll meet them on the Scottish Agility Circuit!

Indi and Del's 2009 Litter

Indi belongs to my good friend Sue Mallabar


3 beautiful puppies owned by Alan Gardner, Marilyn Murphy, and Sue kept one herself - all previous Borderstorm puppy owners too!  We like to keep it in the family.

Bo and Spy's 2008 Litter

Bo belongs to my good friend Sue Mallabar

See Bo on our Stud Page

5 lovely black and white pups

Bo and Rio's 2008 Litter

Rio belongs to my agility pairs partner and good friend Karen Marriott

See Bo on our Stud Page

10 little bundles of B/W and merle


Indi and Dylon's 2007 Litter


7 beautiful puppies


Indi and Dylon's 2006 Litter


6 beautiful black and white/tri colour puppies

Star and Meg's 2006 Litter

6 beautiful puppies black and white/tri colour pups



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