This page will hopefully keep you up-to-date with all the news from Team Borderstorm.  If you have a Borderstorm Baby, please keep me up to date with your achievements.  I know most of you do anyway, but some of you are a bit "lapse" !! We are spread all over the UK,  we often don't know how each other is doing. For those of you who have booked the next lot of Borderstorm Babies, welcome to our mad mad world.

UPDATE  Dogs named in White - Team Borderstorm DogsTB

                Dogs named in Pink - Friends of Team Borderstorm FOTB

22nd January Our puppies are 7 weeks today and will soon be going to their new homes.  We will miss them so much, Fortunately I am keeping little "Shine", I can't wait for the adventures we will have together x
21st January 2014 New photo of gorgeous Trek (at Stud) on the Stud Page
5th January 2013 Happy New Year  :) Our puppies have been keeping us increasing busy and all are doing really well.  Lots of updates here x

Check out the puppies in the photo below from the 12th December - just look at them now aged 4.5 weeks - little darlings.

12th December 2013 New updates on the puppy page for Shocks babies
6th December 2013 We have 4 beautiful puppies from Shock and Bo, all girls.  Catch up with their progress on the 2013 pups page.  All these pups are booked, so no enquiries about this litter thank you.  However, for pups sired by Bo, please see our Puppies Page, as there will be more babies soon.


This is our web-cam, if you need a puppy fix

24th November 2013 Less then 2 weeks until our much longed for litter will be born - very excited here and everything is ready. 

Bo has been mated again, this time to Tayla, Sue Mallabars pretty tri-colour BC bitch (Indistrom Tayla Made), who is a Borderstorm Grandpup.  Details on the puppies page if you are interested in this mating.

20th November 2013 Lots of updates in Shocks blog, check out how she has been spending her pregnancy.  Shocks Blog
31st October 2013 Pleased to report that Shock is expecting puppies, the scan confirmed at least 6 babies, due around the 4th/5th December.  Obviously I am grinning from ear to ear.  Read about Shocks thoughts in her blog.
10th October 2013 Bo has now gone back home to Newcastle, and life has returned to normal.  We are playing the waiting game until the scan date when hopefully we'll see lots of little embryos.  It has been 5 years since our last litter and I'm so excited I can hardly wait.  I have set up a litter page for this mating, along with Shocks Pregnancy Diary.  The link for that is here or you can get to it via the Puppies page.
    Waiting, Waiting, Waiting .......
7th October 2013 Shock and Bo had what I think will be their last mating yesterday. This morning Shock advised Bo quite forcefully that she was no longer interested in his charms, and he could "go away".  Bo dutifully obliged and has now diverted his attentions onto Goska Pug who is now also in season.  I think Bo will be going home ASAP  lol! 

Over this weekend I have been competing at South Durham and Wilton, although because of the Shock x Bo situation I only did half a day at each.  I was only competing with Ski, but he managed 2 x 2nd places, including the Crufts Team where our Team (Scunthorpe Bratz) came very close with 4 lovely quick clears, only to be pipped by less then a second by East Lothian.  So close yet so far!  Never mind.  Our team was made up up 3 x Borderstorms and a Borderstorm Grandpup  :)  Ski, Flyte, Kobe and Bilbo x.

    Shock has her ears back - suddenly Bo isn't the love of her life anymore!
3rd October 2013 We have had 2 further matings from Shock and Bo, once under my supervision, and once when the cheeky monkeys escaped up the garden together whilst I was chopping peppers.    
2nd October 2013 Pleased to report Shock and Bo mated yesterday morning and again this morning.  They must be early birds, as both times it was not quite daylight, and I was still in my PJs!   Hopefully they will repeat this a few more times over the next few days, and then we just have to wait and see.........

This feels so very exciting for us. It is 5 years since we have had a litter at Team Borderstorm.  Shock has proved such an amazing girl (thankyou Dane and Pam!!!), that everything seems right.

Last weekend Shock and I were due to compete in the Camddwr Cup Finals at Malvern, but obviously couldn't due to her season, however, I did carry out a judging appointment at Dog Vegas at Southwell - what a lovely venue - although I had the best ring - it was like a bowling green.  I love judging dogs I have bred, although I know it makes their handlers nervous :)  I judged Spud, Kobe and Brigg, all worked beautifully.  Spud just had a little cheeky wander over the wrong fence, but Brigg and Kobe were both clear, and I was amazed to find out afterwards when I looked at the score sheets that Kobe had won my Grade 7 and Brigg had won my Grade 5.  Very proud is an understatement!  However, I'll forgive Georgie for making my Spuddy go wrong, as she handled her young dog Panic beautifully to get 2nd in Grade 6.

    Bo and Shock - chilling after their first mating
26th Sept 2013 A few updates!

Goska pug is now 7 months old and very much a part of the household, she is so amusing, she is always doing something to make us laugh.  She has wormed her way in with most of the collies, but as yet Flirt remains unconvinced.

Shock has come into season and the much longed for Shock x Bo mating is due at any time, Bo is staying with us so the two love birds can do as they please :)  We now have a wait list for these babies, but with most wanting merle girls, I have had to have a word with Shock about doing as she's asked for once!!  Get in touch if you are interested in a pup from this litter, but not if you want a merle girl  :)))

We have had a busy agility season with Shock up to Grade 5.  Other Borderstorms progressing up the grades have been Kobe (to Grade 7), Jem (to Grade 6), Brigg (to Grade 5).  Shock had reached the Camddwr cup finals, but this clashed with her season so she was unable to attend, and she also made the skinners pairs finals with partner Panic where they came a creditable 7th with 5 faults in the final. Flirt dropped down to any-size for the last show of the season for me at Agilitynuts.  Even though she is capable of jumping full height, she cannot cope with the complexity of Grade 7 anymore (mentally) and so she loves the spreadout anysize courses.  It was an emotional moment when we competed again and she went clear, as our battles in the ring at Grade 7 were never a pleasure, so much so that I had stopped competing with her.  Well she won 3 out of her 4 any-size classes, but more importantly, she was soooo pleased with herself!  Clever Squirtle x

Borderstorm grandpups Puzzle and Jingo (Bo babies) went to the World Agility Open in Spain, where both Roger and Karen came home with medals, and again both went to the European Opens in Belgium.  Jingo has also qualified for Olympia this year, Puzzle is taking some time out to hopefully have a litter of her own.


    Get Back you collies - this is MY toy!
24th March 2013 We'd like to introduce Goska, Leo's new pug puppy who will join the mad house in 2 weeks time.  She's adorable and we are very grateful to Jo and John for entrusting us with one of their babies.  We're hoping that the Kennel Club will accept her name as Poochyena Dare 2 B Different at Borderstorm.
    Cute Cute Cute
13th March 2013 Lots of news to update you on.

Firstly, Shock travelled to Huddersfield to have her PRA Eye test, which was clear, and her Gonioscopy, again, this was fine.  We have taken the decision to mate her to Bo (Borderstorm Bonanza) in the summer. There are more details about this on our puppy page.  We shared the journey to Huddersfield with Marilyn and Trek - a Borderstorm "Grand-pup" - his PRA was also clear.  Marilyn is keen for a pup from Trek, so he may available at stud to fully health tested ladies!  Contact me if you are interested and I will pass your details to Marilyn.

The only show we have competed in since October was a UKA show at Bishop Burton.  Ski is still in Novice at UKA as we last competed at one of their shows back in 2005.  He won his agility, and came 2nd in the steeplechase.  Shock was in season so did not complete, and I handed Flirt over to my friend Jackie to run.  I'm not sure who ran who, but they had fun :)

At Crufts, 2 Borderstorm Babies, Zak and Fetzer, took part in the team competition and finished a respectable 4th in the final, after qualifying through the semi final earlier in the day.  Other relations there were Puzzle and Jingo, who are Borderstorm Grand-pups out of Bo, and also Trek in the team.  I met Bikini, who is Flirts grand-daughter, and Dares Great Granddaughter - and had a lovely cuddle.

Our Tug-tastic Stall was a hit at Crufts and we were busy for most of the 4 days.  It was incredibly hard work though, and my feet still have not recovered!

Tug-tastic at Crufts

8th Oct 2012 It seems such a long time since our last show (June in fact) and this weekend we went to South Durham.  I had no expectation as the dogs have lacked training and competition, but Ski managed 2 x 2nds, and little Shock had 2 x 8th places.  Best start doing some work again!

Bo has gone to stay with his old girlfriend Karli, and hopefully they are making baby Bo's right now!.. Bo doesn't hang about, he knows his job ;o).  Pups due hopefully early December.

Karli and Bo,- awwww bless

30th September 2012 Wow, such a lot to update you on.  And I get the prize for the worlds worst up-dater!  Jinx has finally found a great home with our good friends Karen and Chris.  They fortunately have the space and experience to allow Jinx to be her strange little self  :o)  Sola and Oz's mating didn't work out, but Sola has just whelped a lovely litter to Kyte.  Details on our puppy page.

Its been a quiet agility year, for my dogs anyway - the weather and my health meant that I competed through from April to June, but have done nothing since.  Shock competed at her first show and gained a 2nd place, closely followed by a 1st in Grade 3 jumping a few weeks later.  We haven't done any agility in the ring yet - her contacts are not quite what I would like, so for now we continue to work on them in training, and will just do jumping until we are both 100%.  Ski has only done 3 champ classes this year, making the final of 2 out of the 3. 

Updates on other Borderstorms - Spud, Baby Dare and Sola all reached Grade 7, Zak and Kobe had more Grade 6 wins, Speckles won a Grade 2 jumping, Gem won a Grade 5 and went into grade 6, Brigg achieved a Grade 4 win,.  Johann and Stig have been winning all sorts in Belgium, but I have to admit I'm not sure how it all translates.

Scunthorpe agility team qualified for Crufts in March 2013, with Fetzer and Zak in the Team, and little Shock as reserve (ooops better sort out the contacts by then!) Also on the team are Borderstorm Grandpup Trek, and 4th dog is Crumble.

Congratulations have to go to Karen and Puzzle, qualifying for Olumpia 2012, Crufts 2013, taking a reserve ticket and gaining 3rd in the World Agility Games class, meaning she travels to Spain in 2013 to defend her podium place.  We are so proud that little Puzzle comes from our lines, along with her litter brothers Jingo and Bilbo.  Hopefully we will be having more pups sired by their father Bo in 2013.

We updated and relaunched the Tug-tastic Website, and the launch went really well, coupled with our new facebook page.  We've really focused in on our handmade stuff, and a few special training products.  Why not check it out

Sadly, not all things have turned out to be happy, we lost both Hopscotch and Shady, our Borderstorm Bunnies during the year.  And Pixie, one of our 2006 pups from Dare and Dylan has had to be rehomed by her owner Sue due to her own circumstances, however, her new home is just fab, and Pixie is very happy.  A very stressful time though for all of us.

31st January 2012 Jinx's visit to the behaviourist wasn't as positive as we had hoped.  Lots to think about.  
26th January 2011 Jinx has been referred to  specialist in animal behaviour, to try and determine whether her obsessive behaviours can be corrected, or at least minimised, to make it easier to find her that special home.  Until this time, Jinx is no longer available for re-homing.

Other news - Sola has been mated to Oz, and I am eagerly awaiting the results of her scan.  Pia has promised to let me know as soon as she knows  :o)   And no news yet on Bo's latest mating to Georgie - we are very much hoping for more Bo-bies soon.  Patter of tiny paws soon hopefully.  Please note, these are not our pups.

Patter of Tiny Puppy Paws soon?

20th January 2012 We are still searching for the right home for Jinx, (see below).  Jinx has settled here, and her "mad collie ways" have changed a little, but she still chases her tail and feet again.  Jinx' new home will need to appreciate that there may be regular mad collie moments until she has settled and feels secure and confident in her new home.  This could take a few months. 

This weekend Jinx is staying with Bob and Pauline Sharpe - Pauline knows a bit about dog behaviour, and she is going to observe Jinx to give me any advice as to whether we can stop her funny little ways. 

12th January 2012 Shock's hip score has been returned at 4 - 6 which is well within the acceptable range for a Border Collie.  Thats great news for me as I can now start to up the intensity of her training, and possibly in the future consider another Borderstorm Litter.  But for now Shock is very much a career girl, and thinking about her agility!  
2nd January 2012 Gunner left today for his new home.  He is going on a round-about trip to get there, he is staying with David Munnings for a week or so, David knows him well, and then he will be going to live with Dianne in Kent on her 12 acres, with her other dogs, and will enjoy an active life.  Photos to follow when he gets settled in.  I have to sing the praises of Val at Valgrays Border Collie Rescue, and my good friend Pauline Sharpe (and long suffering husband Bob), who do so much to help rehome our beloved breed, and were involved in finding Gunner his new abode.  Photo of him to the right shows his favourite occupation - collecting balls!
30th December 2011 Well it will certainly be a happy new year for Gunner - hopefully he will be leaving here on Tuesday to go to his new home. Watch this space :o)  And congratulations to Shocks parents Layce and Keyne (oh, and Pam and Dane too)- another litter of little Shockies - 7 in total. x  
27th December 2011 More pictures of Gunner and Jinx.  Do you know of a special home for them?  This is Gunner's puppy page, and here is Jinx's

Gunner says "Look how clever I am!   I can sit up and beg!"


Happy Christmas from Gunner .......

...... and from Jinx too.

26th December 2011 Sadly, two of the dogs we bred have been returned to us - their owner is unable to care for them any longer due to her own personal circumstances.  At Team Borderstorm we have a lifelong commitment to all our pups, and when the owner told me she was no longer able to give them the time they needed, they came home to me.  They are now staying here until new homes can be found.

Jinx is a 9 year old blue merle bitch, who achieved grade 7 agility in her younger days.  She likes cuddles, toys and chasing balls.  She is well trained, has a good retrieve, and settles well with dogs and humans.  She has a few quirky habits, but generally just needs an active home where she will get plenty of walks and fuss.  She is healthy, vaccinated and chipped.   Jinx is out of our 2002 litter Dare x Joe (Alan Gardner).

Gunner is nearly 6, a handsome castrated boy, he is good on lead and off, he has a great retrieve and a number of tricks up his sleeve.  He has won a Grade 3 agility, he is fully trained and would like an active home, possibly, but not necessarily doing his agility.  He is good with people and other dogs.  His obsession in life is a tennis or cage ball!  He is healthy, vaccinated and chipped.  Gunner is out of our 2006 litter Dare x Dylon (Sammie Stevens).

Neither are cat tested, but both sleep well in crates overnight.  Their previous owner put a lot of time and effort into their basic training, and so they come with no hang-ups.  If you know of anyone who may be able to provide a loving forever home for either Jinx or Gunner, please contact me.  If I don't know you, please don't be offended if I ask for references.  Gunner and Jinx deserve to find a stable and lifetime home 2nd time around.

Gunner with his mum Dare


Gunner with Shock

Gunner and Jinx




December 2011 Well, again I have been rubbish at updating.  I missed a number of shows toward the end of the season due to my own health.  Sorry I haven't kept every one updated, but feeling loads better now on some new medication.  Ski came 4th in his final champ of the season, which was great, and then had 2 x 2nds at Wilton with Flirty managing a 1st!

Bo and Islas pups went to their new homes, and Bo has now been mated to Eric Newtons "Georgie" - Another Perfect Paws.

Shocks training has been coming on well, but we haven't really started any serious stuff yet.  I plan to do weaves over the Christmas break.

Well done to Louise and Star for making Olypmia, to Puzzle (a Bo Baby) for making the WAO team, to Marilyn and Flyte for qualifying for Crufts, and to Ian and Baby Dare for another grade 6 win.  Sola didn't fall pregnant after her mating to Oz, but Pia plans to try again.

We had a lovely break in Wales, batteries recharged?  Not at all  LOL.

Bo and Islas Pups

Enjoying Wales

27th July 2011 At Weardale, I managed a 5th in 6 - 7 Jumping with Ski, I was really pleased with this round.   Well done to Becky and Kiah who won the medium championship!

And there's a new photo of Bo and Islas pups (one still available possibly) and a new photo of 2 pups from the Bo x Karli litter.

Bo x Isla pups

Bo x Karli pups

  Thankyou to all of you who keep E-Mailing me and telling me I'm rubbish at keeping my website updated!  I know I am.  Dogs, Work, Family, Work, and more work have meant that this year, updates have been few and far between.  Anyway, here's a brief snapshot - I'm only listing highlights, sorry if I miss anyone.

Bo and Karli's pups are now all in their new homes - what a "magnificent 7" they were.  Bo and Isla became the proud parents of 3 babies - Isla had a difficult birth but all are thriving well now.  I'm delighted that one pup is going to be homed with my friend from our training group, Becky, at Field of Dreams - Becky already has a Grade 7 Medium, and so is up for the challenge of a Bo baby.  I understand that one pup may still be available to the right agility home - probably a girl?  E-mail me for info and I'll pass your details to Toni who owns Isla.

There have been Grade Changes/Wins for the following:

Sola to Grade 6

Jem to Grade 4

Baby Dare x 2 Grade 6 wins

Flirt her first Grade 7 win

Brigg - Grade 3 jumping win

In champ classes, I have had a fairly poor showing - Ski and I made the champ final at Nottingham, but I haven't been generally well, and at Hinckley even handed over my precious Ski to Nicky to run.  We have managed to accrue more Crufts points so I'm waiting to see if I have enough. I qualified both Ski and Flirt for the Highland Stakes, but was only notified of the date very late in the day so was unable to attend.  Bo babies Puzzle and Jingo have been clocking up the wins in Grade 7, and Indi babies Trek, Tayla and Jaydee have had a good first few shows since Newton Heath, with Tayla even managing a win!

Shock's training is now starting to come together - her jumping is confident and neat, and she has good speed and drive.  She has a lovely wait, and we are starting to move on from grids to sequencing.  I have decided on my method of contract training - a whole new ball game for Bob and myself!

Leo is in his last week of his first year at Caistor - he won the prize for the best year 11 at sports day, based on points, but also won the medal for the students choice also, so we were very proud of him. He broke 2 school records in the process.   

One of Bo and Isla's beautiful babies

Isla and a pup

Miss Shocky Bo-locky!

6th May 2011 A few updates, firstly at Woodside, Ski won the 6 - 7 Agility and Flirt, bless her, actually made the Championship Final finishing a creditable 5th.  Her run is shown on this link.......  it may not be the best round in the world, but last year, when she qualified for Champ, I vowed never to run her for fear of deep humiliation, so to go clear was a big relief!  She's my "special needs" baby  :o)))

Also well done to Puzzle and Flyte who also won classes at Woodside. Shock met her sisters Miley (again) and Kiss, and her brothers Storm and Charlie and they had a good play together.   We also saw Baby Dare, and met her new owner Ian, I heard her name mentioned at presentations so they must be getting on famously!

Karli and Bo produced 7 puppies, details on the puppies page.

The weekend before was Dog Vegas at Winterton, and Ski managed a 3rd and a 1st, with Flirt getting a 2nd and a 3rd.  I also judged, making a few handlers unhappy at having to get their legs to run very fast!  A word of advice - run faster, lose some weight, or train your dog to understand verbal cues from a distance!.  On the most part though the day was fun, and well done to all my winners especially Georgie and Spud who won the Grade 6 Jumping.  There were wins for Flyte too.  It was great to see Jem again, who has had an injury, but is well on the way to recovery,


Flirt at Woodside in the Champ - thanks Iain for the photo!

Shock and Storm - 2 peas in a pod!

17th April 2011 Isla and Bo have had 2 more matings, so hopefully puppies in 9 weeks.  Toni wants to keep one, possibly two puppies, but she has not publisised the mating, so there will be pups available. If you are interested, e-mail me, and I will pass your details on to Toni.  Bo is the father of the successful Petnat litter - with Puzzle winning the European Open Qualifier today at Lincoln, and Jingo winning both Grade 7 Jumping today and Grade 7 Agility yesterday - both at only just 3 years.  All his pups have great drive and enthusiasm, but with kind temperaments.

At Lincoln, Ski got a 2nd and a 6th, but we couldn't manage success in the EO, getting E'd at the last fence after a "on the edge" clear.  Very pleased with my boy though.  He's becoming very consistent and (touch wood) this season feels right..  Well done to Borderstorm Grandpups Puzzle and Jingo for their great weekend.

Shock met her litter sister Miley (Dane Redford) and they had a great playing together. Hopefully she will meet more of the litter in two weeks time at Biggar.  Still think I got the best one :o)))

Top - Bo and Isla

Below - Shock and Miley

15th April 2011 Isla and Bo had a successful mating today, with a 15 minute tie - they were very affectionate towards each other, and Toni (Isla's owner) left very excited!  Both Bo and Isla are fully health tested.  Puppies should be on the smaller side of large, classically marked black and whites with the occasional speckle from Isla!  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please e-mail me and I will pass your details on.  If we didn't have Shock, this would be the litter for me - check out Isla's pedigree on Anadune!  What a famous father she has!

Well done to Shocks dad Key (Astra Keyne) for winning the Scottish dog of the year competition - photo courtesy of Sam Houston.

Astra Keyne - Shocks handsome dad

12th April 2011 A few bit s of news to update you.  Firstly, Karli has been scanned and confirmed pregnant, pups are due at the beginning of May.  The scan showed at least 6 pups so thats good news for Helen, and also for Sue and I who are interested to see whether Bo carries Tri!

Bo is also due to mate with Isla within the next week - details on the puppies page.

Great news from Belgium.... Stig, from the Flirt x Del litter has qualified for the 2011 European Open Agility Championships representing Belgium.  Thats such great news for a young dog, and we are really proud of Johann and Petra for this achievement with our boy.

Our season has started reasonably well, Ski took a 3rd in the Grade 7's and Midland Border Collie Club, and 5th in the Crufts Qualifier at Scunthorpe gaining those all important Crufts points.

We went on a training day with Ant Clarke, which I found helpful, and has focused me on some areas where I can gain a few more fractions of seconds with Ski.  I also did a bit with Shock at a puppy session - we worked on games and focus.  I have just started to do little bits with her at training, and she is very eager to please, but has a very strong sheepdog eye which is proving challenging.

Leo has had a cracking start to his athletics season, with P.B's week after week.  He slipped in at #1 UK ranking for the 75m hurdles for his age group early in the season, but has since been overtaken, but he is getting quicker each time out. 

28th Feb 2011 Good news - Bo and Karli fell very much in love and nature took its course.  Hopefully the patter of tiny paws in 63 days time!  
17th Feb 2011 Bo is due to be mated in the next few weeks to Karli, a lovely tri-colour WSD belonging to Helen in Scotland, a friend of Sue's.  Health tested clear, and working Grade 7, this should be be a lovely high drive litter.   Bo also has another mating lined up for later this year.  For me, the Bo x Karli mating will be of particular interest as it should indicate whether Bo carries the tri-colour gene!

Bo and Karli

14th Feb 2011 A traumatic few weeks - Shock swallowed a squeaker from a squeaky toy, which totally blocked her intestine and she needed an op. to clear it out.  She had been ill for 6 days, throwing up, and being generally off colour, before the vet decided it was time to operate.  The only problem now is keeping her still long enough for the stitches to heal!
4th Feb 2011 3 of Megs 5 clears for the World Try outs:

Looking at these rounds, I feel disappointed all over again not to have been included.  Oh well.  Thankyou Meggie for being such a super little dog for me!

On the right are recent pictures of my skinny little Shock, and her more athletically built brother Charlie who is soooo gorgeous.  Charlie lives with Morag and Alec Birse in Scotland.  Shock is going through that gangly phase where her legs are too long and her ears are way out of control!

Oh, and the rabbits?  Banished to the garage!


Shock (above) and her brother Charlie

24th Jan 2011 Back to Hockey after the long break due to the snow, but we've lost 2 games in 2 weeks by shocking scorelines!!!  I daren't even post how many we lost by!  It was still nice to have a good run around outside though.

At Ribble show I was rubbish and didn't manage a single clear.  Least said the better LOL

Bizarrely the rabbits are now living in my dining room!.  Hopscotch the Angora soaks up water in her coat like a huge fat rabbit shaped sponge - its so miserable and wet outside at the moment that she just wouldn't dry out, and was getting matted and sore, so we've had to clip her and bring her indoors.  Obviously her friend Shady had to come in too.  Not sure how I get talked into these things.  They smell very rabbity, and I can't wait to get them back outside and out of the puppy pen.

Talking of puppies, there's some nice litters about at the moment.  Even though I love my Shocky to bits, I do miss having the puppies - it certainly beats having rabbits in the house!!!.  But for those people who have sent vague e-mails enquiring about whether we will have puppies from Shock in the future, she's only 4 months old for heaven sake!!!

At the WAO tri-outs Ski and I were not consistent at all, so not surprisingly we didn't make the team.  Meg and I however, were very consistent and had 5 clears out of the 6 runs.  We also got one E, as did all the qualifiers, (in fact most got more than 1 x E) so we were disappointed not to be included in the Team.  However I know politics plays a very strong hand in our sport, and relationships too - I think even with 6 out of 6 clears we probably would not have been successful.  

Well done though to Karen and Puzzle (a Bo baby) for being included in the development squad for future years! A pair to watch out for in the future for sure.

3rd January 2011

Happy New Year from all of us at Team Borderstorm.  I've been a bit lapse with news, mainly cos of work, the puppy and basically trying to convert the "building site" into something suitable for Christmas!  Anyway, whats been happening .... ?

First and fore mostly congratulations to Pia and Sola (Borderstorm Midnight Blue) for winning the Kennel Club Novice Olympia Stakes.  Both Sola and Georgie with Spud had great first runs, Sola qualifying for the finals, and Spud for the pairs competition in the afternoon as he had a fault on his round.  Amazingly Sola went on to win!!!  We are so proud of both Pia and Georgie. You can see both of Pia and Sola's runs here .....  (morning qualifier)  (winning run in the final)

The World Championships qualifiers at the beginning of December were cancelled as half the country were snowed in, and there are rescheduled for the first week in January.  This was actually great timing for me as Ski and Cruise had a disagreement at home, and both ended up being stitched up at the vets.  I would have been very lucky to have had Ski up to full fitness, by the beginning of December but he is absolutely fine now.  Needless to say Cruise has spent most of Christmas at mums.

Well done to Pixie, (Borderstorm Blueprint) with Sue White, for getting their 4th Grade 6 win and making it to Grade 7!  Another manic merle hits the Championship Classes.

Shock has been growing quickly, and growing both naughtier and more charming by the day.  She is adorable and is the happiest and most accepting puppy I have ever owned.  She makes friends with everything and everybody, and loves to chew as all puppies, shoes, bedding, the Dyson, the door frame ....... Ski and Dare love her very much, Flirt is now tolerating her and will lay next to her.

We were very sorry to hear that Joe Boy belonging to Alan and Jackie Gardener passed away.  Joe was the father of our first 2 Borderstorm Litters including my own Ski, and was the great grandfather of our 5th litter.  He had the most amazing personality and stunning blue eyes.  I know Jackie and Alan have a number of his children and grandchildren to keep his spirit alive.

Flirt came into season again - for the 4th time this year - and so the decision was taken to have her spayed for her own health.  The cysts on her ovaries were causing too many issues and could have caused problems with her immune systems had we allowed them to continue.  Sadly, that means I'll never have my Flirt puppy, but her health matters more of course.  Still - Sola (from Flirt's only litter) has kept the flag flying for merlie Borderstorm girls!  I received the following picture from Johann following the snow in Belgium!!! Stig looks to be enjoying it greatly.

The Building Site is looking less like a building site, and more like a home.  The guest room is finished, the plasterer put the upstairs bathroom and spare room back together, and the kitchen and conservatory were finished in time for Christmas Lunch.  The utility is not finished thanks to Wickes!!  We decided to get cheap and cheerful Wickes takeaway units for the utility room, so went in before Christmas to get them, paying quite a sizable sum of money for cheap and cheerful units.  Unfortunately we could not "takeaway" the "takeaway" units as they did not have them in stock??? but they would be delivered on the 30th December, so we agreed.  Unfortunately, they were not delivered as they were still not in stock, and would instead be delivered on the 5th January.  We then had a phone call to tell us it would be some time before they were back in stock, so we have no utility!  I did query the principle of the "takeaway" kitchen. When we visit our local Chinese Takeaway in the village, I do expect to be able to take my mushroom chow-mein home with me, and not to have to wait a number of weeks for it!  

Anyway New Years and Christmas went smoothly.  New Year was spent at Karen and Chris's who cooked lovely food and provided lovely alcohol - the tequila jelly finished me off though!  I cooked Beef Wellington for Christmas in the new kitchen and it was delicious.  The anniversary of dad's death came and went, mum and I visited the churchyard to wish him a peaceful Christmas.  Dads ashes have been laid to rest in the local churchyard, next to a young boy who sadly died from leukaemia in 2010, but who was a great sportsman and football fan.  I bet they are having some great conversations about the state of the premiership!

Here's wishing you all a very happy and rosette-full new year!


Sola at Olympia above, and at the presentation below

Above - Shock in the Snow

Below - Stig and family in Belgium

Jackie enjoys New Years Eve........

......and so do I!!!

The dogs enjoy the Under Floor Heating!

John makes a comfy pillow for Shock to lay on!


15th November 2010 Well "Shock" arrived!  10 days ago.  I've been in a state of exhaustion ever since - this little girl thinks life is far too exciting to sleep at all.  Dare thinks she's amazing, Flirt thinks she's disgusting, Ski thought at first she was very scary but now she's OK, and Cruise thought she was pretty cool.  Until she stole his toy!  She's very strong willed, and very brave, but totally adorable!  I take her everywhere with me, she's even been in the office, and we are totally besotted with each other.

1st November 2010 Only 4 days until "Shock" comes home, and thankyou to Sam Housten for taking these lovely photos of her at 7 weeks, I love the one with her merlie brother and sister.  I reckon I got the best of the bunch though -maybe I'm just a bit biased! :o))))



31st October 2010 Ski takes Barf feeding to a whole new level.  R.I.P "Freeze" the Koi Carp!  Fortunately the fish was already dead and I had just removed him from the pond, but Ski obviously thought "waste not want not", and took the opportunity of an small snack mid afternoon!

The remains of "Freeze" the Koi Carp  :o(

30th October 2010 We popped down to London this week - Leo chose it as his half term treat.  We seemed to dash from one thing to the next - all Leo's choices, National Gallery, The Apple Store, Cyberdog, Camden ...........  I had promised myself another visit to Eclipse in Camden, and my friend there did a lovely job.  Bit painful now though!  Jackie and Kev came with us and Jackie had a spot of "work" done too.  I think she has a higher pain threshold then me  LOL.

Oh yes, and 6 days until "Shock" comes home :o)))))  Spent most of today puppy proofing the building site - don't want to lose her down one of the drains, or under a pile of bricks!  At least she can't do much damage.

25th October 2010 11 Days until Shock comes home.......

"Shock" at 6 weeks

Photo Sam Houston

23rd October 2010 13 days until Shock comes home........

And congratulations to Amy and Glen who have Haze and Blitz on the birth of a real baby this time - Jasmine Mia.

21st October 2010 Ok, so time to introduce our new baby, Shock, or Redanmuir Shock Tactics At Borderstorm to quote her posh name (applied for).  She is absolutely scrummy. As Flirt doesn't seem able to have another litter,  I looked for ages trying to find a litter I would be happy with. I narrowed it down to 2, but in the end I just couldn't resist the merle girls in this litter, and have finally been told I can now have this young lady, a tri blue merle, bred by Pam Duncan and Dane Redford in Dundee.  From ISDS lines, she will be joining us in 2 weeks time when she will be 8 weeks old.  I would like to thank Pam and Dane for allowing one of their precious babies to come so far south to join our mad Borderstorm World.

"Shock" at 5 weeks

Photo Sam Houston

16th October 2010 A 9-2 hockey win today  :o)  and we only had 10 players to their 11. Starting to feel a bit fitter!  
15th Oct 2010 A while since I updated, as I have been out of the country in Berlin, business rather then pleasure, but still fun.  It was our annual conference at work, and they chose Berlin this year.  Did a spot of sightseeing, and went to the weirdest restaurant in the whole world - designed by, and raising money for the blind, everything was pitch black, and I mean really black - you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face.  You had to be lead into the restaurant, and ate the entire meal in the dark.  To this day I still don't know what I ate, nor where I was sitting.  It's designed to make you use your other senses, and appreciate the world from the point of view of a blind person.  Such a strange but rewarding experience.

The hockey season has started, and my first match of the season was won 3-2, serious aches and pains the morning after!

The weekend before was our last weekend show of the season, South Durham and Wilton.  Ski got a 1st, Flirt 2 x 2nds and a 6th, and even Dare managed a 2nd in veteran.

I also went to see some lovely puppies belonging to friends of ours.  Sooooo gorgeous! 

How Cute are these two?

28th Sept 2010 Puppies Puppies Puppies!  Everywhere I look there are puppies!  I want one!!!

Oh yes, and we have handles on our kitchen units!  Amazing ......I can open my cupboards!

25th 26th Sept 2010 At the CSJ finals well done to Georgie and Spud for their 6th place :o)  At Dog Vegas, I eventually got out of bed (it's the end of the season and early mornings aren't attractive!) and got a 1st and 2nd with Dare in the Any Size classes, plus a 2nd and 6th with Meg in our last runs together before I hand her back to Bob.  Nothing for Ski although he was a very good boy, and Flirt....... Well lets just say she was back to her old self, and reminding me why I will train my next puppy properly, and not allow it to behave like a spoilt brat!  Bless her, I can't be cross with her, she is only being what I allowed her to be.  Basically she does exactly what she likes, and very quickly!  We will work hard over the winter!

Sue and I went down to Altricia kennels for a little peek, they have a few litters due over the next few months and its always nice to see doggy relatives.  We saw Dare's litter sister Wish - Altricia Wish For Gael, and lots of her nieces and relatives.  Wish is a perfect clone of Dare, except black and white if that makes sense. Ears, expression, attitude all exactly the same. Pictures right are of them both as puppies.  A nice afternoon all in all. 

Sue is having issues at the moment with handsome Bo - their youngster Tayla is in season for the first time, and Bo thinks that at 10 months old, it is an ideal time to make Bo-bies with her!  Sue obviously thinks not, but Bo is trying everything possible to get his wicked way!  Please can someone find a real girlfriend for Bo, and SOON!

Dare (above) and litter sister Wish (below)

in 2000 when I went to choose

20th Sept 2010 A couple of updates - Sola has won into Grade 5 this weekend at Trent Park, here's some video of her run.  And also Brigg got a great 3rd in Grade 3 Agility.  I also hear Sola has DNA tested clear for CEA - yippee  :o)


18th/19th Sept 2010 At Witton Castle today I was pants, but my dogs were brill!  I only managed one clear round, and that was in the team with Ski.  Every other round, I managed to do something stupid, or give my dogs the wrong command or use incorrect signals.  Hey-ho, thats how it goes. They didn't realise we'd gone wrong though, they still had a great time.

Flirt is well and back to her normal self, thanks everuone who has sent her messages, and asked after her. We have no idea yet whether the hormone therapy has actually done any good.  We won't know until she actually comes back into season again.  If its in about 6 months, then it worked, if its sooner, then it didn't  :o(

Here at home (aka the Borderstorm Building Site), we have a kitchen which I actually have been able to cook a meal in, and a dishwasher that works - I haven't had the luxury of that for about 6 months now.  One little tip - if you buy an induction hob, be aware your pans probably won't work, as they need to have magnetic bases!  More expense!  We are hoping to have the kitchen finished by the end of October, but attention at the moment is on the external down pipes, and directing them to the soakaways, now that some wet weather is forecast.  Oh joy, we have another skip and the back garden resembles World War 1 with the trenches which have been dug.  Tomorrows job........painting ceilings.  Can't wait (NOT).

Another litter of pups which interest me have been born this week, and I am trying to make arrangements to go puppy visiting soon.  Its so long since I've had to do this sort of thing, as when you breed your own babies its so easy.  I'd forgotten what its like to be on a waiting list, and desperate for news and photos.   If I ever do breed again in the future, I will remember what it feels like!

Oh yes, and I got flowers this week.  Guess who from??????

OK, so its only a chicken cooking, but we have waited ages for this

And a hob,  cooking real vegetables

Guess who!

September 7th 2010 Do you know anyone with a Border Collie Bitch looking for a boyfriend?  Check out Bo's Lonely Hearts Advert.  Click on Bo for the details!

Click on Bo's Picture above

September 6th 2010 Leo started at Caistor Grammar today - Bless!
September 4th 2010 Good News and Bad News - but lets concentrate on the Good!  Well done to Georgie and Spud at the Birmingham semis, for qualifying not only for the YKC at Crufts, but for the Olympia Novice Finals.  Also to Pia and Sola, for also qualifying for Olympia - Sola is not even 2 yet!  Very proud of you both.  Leo and Ski went to the YKC finals, unfortunately they were E'd so it will have to be next year.  In Belgium, Johan and Stig have been winning prizes like they are going out of fashion.  A lovely photo of Stig shown right.

Now for my bad news.  Flirt has cysts on her ovaries, which accounts for her strange seasons and random bleeding.  It was diagnosed by ultra-sound.  She is having some hormone therapy to try and blast the cysts, but if they do not respond, the likelihood is she will be spayed, as cysts can evidently cause problems with the immune system. There is also the chance of one ovary being removed.  We are being referred to a specialist.  Flirt is well in herself, but there will be no more Borderstorm Babies for the foreseeable future.

As I am very puppy broody anyway, I have been looking at some lovely litters, both born and planned.  My next agility pup is long overdue, and there is one litter that I am very attracted to, but its very early days.   And whilst there is still a chance with Flirt .......

Stig (above)

Spud with Georgie (below)

End August 2010

Karen and I went down to Dashin Dogs mainly for the Laser Pairs Final, but also we competed in a few other classes.  Leo got a 9th in the Veteran with Dare, and in the Laser Pairs itself, Fetz and Flirt did 2 lovely double clears, but got knocked out in the 2nd round by Ian and Janet Jackson.

Meanwhile, at Dog Vegas and Wilton, Ski won one Grade 7 Class and got 2 seconds also in Grade 7.  Flirt got an 8th in a Combined 1 – 7 Jumping so I was pleased with her, Kobe won a Grade 5 Agility taking him into Grade 6, and I saw Brigg working for the first time – what a smooth operator he is!!  He’s a big dog, but very quick and light on his feet, and he weaves like a bullet!  He got a 2nd and 3rd in Grade 3 jumping with Jane.  Maz and Flyte also had handfuls of 1st place trophies.  In the Dog Vegas final, team Borderstorm were represented by Spud and Kobe, neither of whom got clear but both did very well, well done to Bob and Blaze for their 2nd place!  Also well done to Karen and Puzzle who got the 2 wins they needed at Grade 6 to take them to Grade 7.  Puzzle and litter brother Jingo (Petnat A Touch Puzzling and Petnat By Jingo) were also both in the Vegas Final, but both were a bit too quick for their own good.  That litter was sired by Bo (Borderstorm Bo-Nanza) who is Flirts litter brother.  Complicated isn’t it  :o)  ?  Also, we have some new video of Bo

Hmmm, however, Flirt is confusing us again – she is bleeding again, after only being out of her last “season which wasn’t really a season” for just over 3 weeks.  She is going for an ultrasound this week, to see if we can spot what the problem is.

Well done to Lou and Star – after a long break due to Star’s illness, they achieved reserve CC at Dundee Champ Show.  What a great comeback and he looks as stunning as ever.

13th/14th/15th August 2010 I was supposed to be at the Festival this weekend, but Ski scuffed his pads in training, and couldn't run.  Bob wasn't bothered about going with Meg so I took the weekend off and helped John with some of the work on the house, where the end is actually in sight!!!

Also, what else could I do but visit Richdon Koi in Burton on Trent who were having a 50% sale.  Hmmm, we now have a few more additions to our Koi family  :o)  I am still searching for a Lemon Hariwake, but no-one seems to have one locally.  Now if anyone spots one please let me know!

Fetz had a scare when he ate a huge amount of rotton wheat at the farm where Karen lives.  He had to spend the night at the Vets.  I don't think there will be any lasting damage, but apparently it can cause hallucinations!  I wonder what Fetz was seeing!!! 

7th/8th August 2010 Scunthorpe Show, and Flirts first show back, she did really well, getting a 2nd and 4th in Grade 7.  Ski also won the Grade 7 agility, and got 2nd in Grade 7 Jumping and  Meg got 3rd in the EO qualifier along with a number of other top 3 places.  I ran Moss for Pauline and we got 2 x Grade 4 2nd places.  Leo and Dare had a nice clear in the any size, but not fast enough to get placed.  There were also places for Flyte, Spud, Kobe and Jem.

Ski and Flirt - always together!

6th August 2010 We've just spent a few days in the New Forest while Leo was at Arsenal.  It was very scenic - just too many people about.  I  had a nosey at New Forest Koi too, but unfortunately they had very little in.  Our Koi are all Japanese born, but it was recommended to have a look at this UK breeding centre.  Unfortunately they didn't have anything to suit.  We came back to find Leo has been selected to represent our County (Humberside) in an inter county match against 5 other Midlands Counties in the High Jump and in the Relay! That's at Under 13 level even though he is only 11, so we are very proud of him.

Spot the stars of the future!

30th/31at July and 1st August 2010

At Derbyshire, there was not a single place for me, but Leo managed to win both Junior Agility and Junior Jumping with Dare.  There was a lovely clear for Speckles – his first ever – and Becky was so pleased with him.  The first of many we hope!  In the Adams Derby Final, the Borderstorms were represented by Jackie and Kobe, and Karen and Fetz.  Unfortunately Fetz had a pole down, and Kobe was even unluckier – his tail brushed the weaves as he ran past them on his way to a jump so unfortunately he’s was E’d.  I think Kobe may be in for a tail trim!  Well done to Fetz though for his Grade 7 agility win!

Check out Brigg at Dog Vegas: , he got 2 x 4th and a 5th, and is becoming a very consistent young chap!  What a flashy boy he is too!

Flirt was blood tested again – still no change.  We have decided to let this season go by – she still has not ovulated, and seems to be getting back to normal, so we just have to think of this season as a no starter, and carry on the plans to breed at her next season. Big Sigh – I’ll get my puppy eventually!!!

Leo is currently at Arsenal Residential Summer School playing lots of football, and hopefully having some fun too, and Ski came to work with me today for company - it is shut down, but I have to run the payroll  :o(

I also heard that Spud has been called up for the Novice Olympia Semi's!!  Woo Hoo!


Ski making himself at home in my office!

24th/25th July

Weardale – we started off well with Ski winning the Championship Agility, unfortunately we couldn’t repeat this in the jumping and therefore didn’t make the final.  Meg however, gave 2 consistent rounds coming 4th and 5th which meant we had the pleasure of running last in the champ final.  Unfortunately although clear in the final, we only managed 3rd place.  Well done Katie Long and Copper in their first ever champ for taking the top spot.  We took a few other places, but Leo managed a 2nd with Dare in the Junior.

At Glennifer, Bo managed 2 x Grade 5 Agility wins taking him easily into Grade 6.

Flirt  tests showed no ovulation again,  she is STILL not ready to mate.  We had a another lovely dog ready for action, but his services weren’t needed. More testing next week.

22nd July 2010 Flirt has been blood tested again, the results are due tomorrow, and I have a plan  :o)))  
19th July 2010 At Otley, there was a 2nd  for Ski in Grade 7 Jumping, and a 2nd for Meg in Grade 7 Agility.  Couldn't manage a clear in the Olympia qualifier though.  Kobe won Grade 5 Jumping, with 2 more 2nd places, Leo won Junior Jumping with Ski, and also got a 5th with Dare in Anysize.

At Rugby I hear Pia and Sola had lots of places in Grade 3 Agility.

Flirt is still not ready to mate, I took her down to see Del, but she was not interested at all, and now Jackie and Del have gone abroad to the European Champs in the Czech Republic so thats the end of that!

14th July 2010

At East Lothian, Ski was a good boy with a 1st and 2nd in 2 x Grade 7 agility classes.  He was the only one of my dogs to be running with Flirt in season, however, I did have Meg and she reached the Champ final, only to get a run by and our chances were blown.  She and I worked as well as I have ever worked her I think, and I’m looking forward to the next few Champ classes.  I also reached the final with Flynn (another of Bobs dogs), unfortunately we lost contact at a tricky bit  :o)  but he is such fun to work, and whatever happened we enjoyed ourselves.

At High Peak, Jackie and Kobe qualified for the Adams Derby Final in 2 weeks time, and Georgie and Spud had lots of places in their first grade 6 show, including a 2nd.

At Chipping Norton Pia and Sola won the Grade 3 agility, and Jane and Brigg got an 8th in their first KC show.  Check out this You-Tube video of Sola winning in style.

Flirt has been blood tested for ovulation, but as yet she is not ready to mate.  This is all a mystery because we didn’t realize she was in season, so who knows when the test will say she’s ready.  We will test again later in the week, but worryingly Del leaves the country on Wednesday to head for the European Opens. Hope it all works out……

Thanks to Iain and Agnes for letting me have these lovely photos of Ski.  These were taking in the Championship Final at Woodside Show, Biggar in May this year.  Bankhead Agility is their great site if you would like to take a look!  And Agnes' dog Manouk is simply gorgeous!


Ski at Woodside

5th July 2010 I just heard the great news that Jem and Pat (Flirt x Del 2008) won Grade 3 jumping at Barrow, and also Ian and Buddy (Dare x Wizard 2007) won 2 Grade 3 Jumping classes at the same show. What a great weekend for you both!

And clever Leo too, for managing to get Level 5's in all his SAT's papers - English, Maths and Science.  Level 5 means achievement above the national expected standard for 11 year olds.

Clever Buddy - 2 Grade 3 Jumping wins this weekend

3rd July 2010 Flirt has stunned us all by coming into season 11 weeks after her last season.  A trip to the vets to check that it was nothing more sinister, and the season was confirmed.  The vet blames the Delvosteron vaccination she had twice in 2009 to prevent seasons, saying it has mucked up her cycle.  We are not sure whether this will develop into a full season or not, but I had planned to mate her at her next season, so this is a little earlier then planned.  When we know whether this is a proper season, we will have to make some decisions pretty quickly, bearing in mind I don’t know when she started, and what day she is on.  John is desperately hoping this is not a proper season, and Leo and I are desperately hoping it is – so great fun in the Adamson house at the moment.

More Flirty babies soon?

4th July 2010

Again a few weeks have passed since I have been able to update! 

At Cartmel we had a lovely weekend, and a fair few prizes, this was Flirts last Grade 6 show and she managed 2 x  1st place,  a 2nd , and a 3rd. Ski was placed too as was Dare with Leo in veterans.  The junior courses for Leo on the 2nd day were just daft!  Leo has only started handling this season, but as Ski is grade 7, he had to go in Grade 5 – 7 junior.  The judge obviously thought that all the handlers were grade 5 – 7 as well as the dogs, and put up a real grade 7 course, but in most cases the juniors were like Leo and completely out of their depth. I think there was only one round not eliminated.  Very demotivating for the juniors too!  Anyway – rant over – there were places for Kobe and Blitz won a Grade 5 agility, as did Spud who was at North Derbyshire. Litter mates up to Grade 6 on the same day :o)

At Newton Health, I had a pants weekend, with nothing to speak of. Ski had a clear in the Crufts, but we were so wide on the turns we didn’t get placed.  Flirt and I lost all communications this weekend, and we wouldn’t have looked out of place in Grade 1!  Well done to Julie and Oz though (Dares Indistorm grandson) for qualifying for the Olympia Novice.  Maz and Flyte and Karen with Fetz (in his 1st Grade 7) also got places, and Ian with Jack made the Champ Final.  Well done Lou with Crystal (Dares Indistorm grandaughter)  for taking the reserve cc.

I was due to attend the Agility Zone Highland Stakes this weekend at Scone Palace, but couldn’t go as Scunthorpe United decided to name the road approaching the ground after my dad, so there was an opening ceremony. This was a great day, and we were all very proud when mum opened the “Jack Brownsword Way”.

Star has been back in the ring for the 1st time since his injury, and Louise tells me that he was very much back to form. Its been a worrying time for Lou, but I know shes really pleased with his progress.

Spud just missed out on a KC novice qualifying place at Tuffley, coming 4th, but fingers crossed Georgie may get called up – he also had lots of other prizes on the same day.

Pia and Sola have had a 2nd in Grade 3 at Axtane and are becoming very very consistent in their runs, Pia sent me a lovely photo of Sola in action!

I have also missed Pixie – Sue texted me to tell me she had won a Grade 6 agility recently, but I can’t recall where, so well done Pix!  I also saw her on the Chris Evans Breakfast show website – check this out! Pixie is the merle in the opening shots.

Maz and Flyte went to the world champ qualifiers at the Agility for Britain show having come 4th in a Gr 7 jumping and 5th in 5-7 Agility on the Saturday.
On the Sunday in the World qualifier he was e'd in the first round (jumping) but came 9th in the second  round (agility) and 3rd in the third round (agility). He was lying in 6th place going in to the final round where he was doing an amazing round when Maz missed out fence 18. Maz says one day she'll get it right!  Flyte was an absolute star.

Leo wiped the floor at the school sports day, with 5 medals out of 5 events. He won Long Jump, Discus and 100m, and took 2nd in triple jump and high jump.  I was a very proud mum!

That’s all for now. I will try and be a bit more regular with the updates, but the building work going on here means I can’t always see the PC, never mind switch it on! We have a kitchen now ….. still in cardboard wrapping, but at least we have a kitchen. 

Sola at Axtane


Such a lot to catch up on.  I can tell the season has started in earnest as I don’t seem to even have time to switch on the PC.

The shows have been coming in thick and fast, in mid May Maz and I went up to SKC for the Championship.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to the final this time, but Maz did and Flyte came a creditable 3rd.  However, Ski did get a lovely 2nd in the jumping, with Flyte winning.  Flirt got a 1st and a 2nd in Grade 6 classes, qualified for the Highland Final and has now reached the dizzy heights of Grade 7, as did Fetz at Waldridge Fell the same weekend.  Other results from Waldridge – Kobe won another 2 classes and had countless places, and Georgie was at Shrewsbury with Spud where they won a Grade 5 and qualified for the CSJ finals

At Nottingham things weren’t so great with my own dogs, but Meg and I were on form, and reached the Championship finals, where we took reserve ticket.  She is such a clever and honest little dog, and I was very proud of her – thanks to Bob for entrusting me with her.  There were places for Georgie and Spud, Amy and Blitz, Jackie and Kobe, Alan and Matty and Kaz and Fetz. Well done to the Scunthorpe team for their 2nd place (Julie, Rodger, Rod and Anne).  Dare took a 2nd and 3rd in Veteran Jumping, and then Leo ran her at Dog Vegas on Bank Holiday Monday, getting another 2nd in Veteran.

Flirt and Del’s babies had their first show this weekend (other then Stig who had been able to compete earlier in Belgium).  I saw Jem and Speckles having fun at Dog Vegas, with some lovely work from both of them.  Brigg went to a UKA show and came back with 4th and 5th, and Sola had a lovely first weekend, with the evidence captured here on video - 

Meanwhile over in Belgium, Stig won his Level 1 class and is now eligible for Level 2 under the European system.

This latest weekend was Hinckley and I managed to see Sola work, getting a clear in the Novice Olympia.  There was a win for Jackie and Kobe in their last Grade 4 show – Grade 5 next week.  Places too for Maz and Flyte, Amy and Blitz, and Georgie and Spud.  After last weeks success, Meg and I made the Championship Final again, but poor positioning from me gave us a fault at the weaves.  Only one place all weekend – Ski in the Grade 7 Jumping.  I also won a double or quits bet with Bob which was well worth it. Welcome to Roxy too, who joined Bob as a new pup.  It will be fun to watch her grow up – she is a sable, not a colour I have much experience of.  Brigg was at another UKA show, and clever boy, got a 4th place again! 

Our building work is taking forever, but the end is in site – the kitchen is due to be fitted in about 3 weeks time, and the under floor heating is going in this week. We may be able to move out of the caravan and back into the house in about 6 weeks I think.

Hopscotch the rabbit got fly strike, but is now fully recovered, but in the meantime caught herself on something in the run, and also got a wound on her back which needed gluing.  The bunnies have a new hutch and run, when I have half an hour spare to assemble it!!!!

The heron has returned - we are a sturgeon missing.  However, on the bright side we also have a crow which has taken to attacking the heron and keeping it away.  I witnessed this one evening and it was quite an impressive sight.  It also seems to e keeping the pigeon population down, but stealing their eggs.

Thankyou (NOT) to the person who ran into the back of our car, writing it off!!!  I don’t have time to eat/sleep/breath some days, so looking for a new car was not high on the priority list, but we found a little run around for John to use for work, and that is now sorted.  Thank goodness it wasn’t the van.

Leo had a bad injury at athletics, he managed to high jump off the high jump mats!  X-rays revealed no broken bones but he’s a bit stiff still.

I have had one very sensible moment during all this mayhem.  I turned down a puppy from a lovely mating which I had had my eye on for some years.  Even though we breed our own babies, sometimes another breeder does something just a little too tempting, and this one was hard to resist.  It took a lot of consideration, but due to all the building work going on at home, we decided that we couldn’t give her all the time she would need, so some other lucky person has got MY puppy.  But thankyou to Chel for offering her to me.  Flirt is due in season in 3 months, so back to Plan A.  Hopefully we’ll be back in the house by then :o)



Stig with his trophy



Stig's 1st place confirmed 

Sola's first run

19.05.2010 I've just had some updates on Stig (Flirt x Del 2008) from Johan and Petra in Belgium.  Stig gas just started competing aged 17.5 months, slightly earlier then permitted in the UK.  In their first show they gained a 4th place.  Johan sent me these videos of Stig at his first show!  Check out the mud!!!!!

  Dog Vegas - a 2 day show and lots of Borderstorm wins. Jackie and Kobe won Grade 4 Agility and Jumping, Amy  and Blitz won grade 5 jumping, Georgie and Spud won grade 5 jumping, and my Ski won Grade 7 Jumping.  There were also 2nds for Kobe, Matty, Ski, Blitz, Flyte and Spud. In the Laser pairs, Flirt and Fetz made the quarter finals, and also well done to Matty and Del who came 2nd overall.

However, best record of the weekend went to Dare  who won Veteran jumping on Saturday with Leo, and won it again on Sunday with me.  There was also a return to the ring for Cruise in the Any Size.  He chose his own course as ever, but it was great to see him having such fun.

Well done to my little Meg (well Bob's Meg really!) who has been at the World Championships this week.  Meg was being handled by an Australian handler, whose own dogs had fallen foul of the pet travel regulations, so she was brought in as a substitute dog.  Seems she was a little star and was in many of the placings for the various classes.  Must have been a very proud time for Bob.

9th May 2010 At Beacon, top honours went to Leo in his first ever Junior Show, winning Junior Agility with Ski.  Karen borrowed Flyte for the day with Maz away, and they won the European Open Qualifier in fine style.  Both Jackie with Kobe, and Georgie with Spud qualified for the Dog Vegas 3 - 5 finals.  
1st and 2nd May 2010 Its late Sunday night (10.30) and we just got back from Woodside show, but I couldn't wait to update as my gang have been little stars this weekend.  On Saturday Flirt won another Grade 6 Jumping - clever little Flirtle Turtle! And Ski made it through to the Champ Final again through some very testing jumping and agility rounds, that only saw 14 qualify without E's!  Jack also made it through.  Unfortunately neither of us could go clear in the final.  Well done also to Flyte who got 2nd in the Champ Agility. 

On Sunday in the 4 - 7 Graded jumping, it was a good result for Borderstorms as Bo won Grade 5, Flirt got 2nd in Grade 6 and Ski won Grade 7.  There were also numerous places over the weekend for Kobe who was as consistent as ever.

I also heard from Johan in Belgium, that Stig has passed his compulsory 15 month agility test, which means they are able to start entering shows.  Stig has his first show in 2 weeks time, so I will look forward to hearing how much fun he had! Hopefully Petra can take some video?

Clever little Flirty

Handsome Jack

24th/25th April 2010 This weekend Maz and I went up to the Scottish Border Collie Club show at Lanark - one of my favourites!  Well Flirt was a star and took 1st in Grade 4 - 6 combined agility and 3rd in graded 6 - 7 jumping, bless her.    In the champ, Ski was clear in both the jumping and the agility, and qualified for the final in 2nd overall.  Unfortunately, we had a pole in the final and Ski missed a fence in his hurry to get to the weave.  Very pleased with him though. Jack also made the champ final in his first ever champ!

At Lincoln, I hear Jackie got a 2nd with Kobe (AGAIN) and also Spud won 2 grade 4 classes in Georgies last Grade 4 show.  Well done to lots of training colleagues, Julie, Nicki, Roger - all who won classes as well - must be the "Bob" effect? 

Next weekend is Woodside at Biggar - my #1 show of the year! Love it.  Feels like the season is well under way  :o)

Flirt - look at those wild wild eyes!

25th April 2010 Meet our latest 4 additions - 4 Albino Sturgeon.  How cute are they!!!  Leo has named them.  Orthopaedic, Brain, Plastic and Tree.  Get it?   Orthopaedic Sturgeon, Brain Sturgeon .........  I will probably just call them 1, 2, 3 and 4 for identification purposes.
18th April 2010 All quite on the Dog front, shows don't really start in earnest until next weekend.  Training hard though, this year I plan to get a champ and an Olympia qualifier with both Ski and Meg.  Meg is probably the dog I'd put my money on, but on his day Ski is just as capable, but in a different sort of way.  Meg is consistent, reliable, tight turning and responsive - and also well trained!  Ski is wild, unreliable, headstong but very very fast!  Flirt is finishing her season, so should be OK for next weekend.

Leo had another athletics meeting at Don Valley in Sheffield, and got new PB's again in Long Jump and also in 100m.  It was a graded meeting, very weird to see girls and boys, young and old all in the same races! in one race an 8 year old girl was running against   what must have been an 80 year old man!  I took this photo of the newspaper website!

Well done at Fife, to Bo who won the 4/5 jumping, and also Bella, for winning grade 6 jumping.

11th April 2010 We were over in Hull today - Leo had an athletics meeting.  He did really well for only his second meeting and he got PB's in all 3 events.  In the 80m he won his race, and came 4th overall in the age group, and 3rd overall in the Long Jump.  We are especially proud as he is still only 10, but has to run Under 13 age group, so he looks a bit little compared to some of the older ones! He even consented to having his hair tied back so he could see where he was going!


Leo gets the Bronze Medal in the Long Jump!

10th April 2010 Today was Scunthorpe show, and as a member, I spent my day on the Championship ring, helping with the scoring.  I'm not sure of all the Borderstorm results as I was so busy I didn't hear many presentations.  For me,  Ski came 5th in Champ Agility, with Meg close behind in 6th.  Unfortunately neither made the final.  Meg was also placed in the Crufts 6 - 7 Agility and the Grade 7 Jumping.  I heard Jackie and Kobe had a 3rd, and Georgie and Spud were also placed, but not sure where.

Scunthorpe Champ is always the first of the year, so well done to David Munnings and Dobby for taking the ticket.

Meanwhile, up at Dundee, well done to Ian and Jack for winning Grade 7 Agility, with Indi in 5th.  You should have been at Scunny Champ!

6th April 2010 Today was the best day ever!!!  Leo has been offered a place at Caistor Grammar for September 2010, the top performing grammar in the UK.  We have been struggling with his school allocation for a few weeks now as he had been allocated an underperforming local comprehensive and we had been due to appeal, and in desperation we had enrolled him in a fee paying school in Hull, but today we were contacted by the Education Authority and he has the place.  Caistor is a selective school for kids at the top of the ability range, and Leo is on the "Gifted and Talented" register, so we are over the moon!  Bottle of Champagne to celebrate!   
2nd/3rd/4th/5th April 2010 Dog Vegas - Day 1

Well done to Jackie and Kobe, and Maz and Flyte for scooping 1st places - Kobe in Grade 4 and Flyte in Grade 7.  Blitz, Tom and Kobe all got 2nds, as did Dare in the veteran.  There was a 3rd for Fetz and a 4th for Flirt, both in the Grade 6 Agility, and I took 4th with Meg in a spread out grade 7 jumping.   I also heard places for Bex and Thomas.

Dog Vegas - Day 2

I didn't go to the show today - too much to do at home with the building work, but I have reports of the following results - 1st for Georgie and Spud in Grade 4 agility(after a run off), and 2nd for Jackie and Kobe (again) in Grade 4 jumping!  Poor Kobe, always the bridesmaid!!! - Never mind, they get to wear cooler dresses!!!!

Flirt has come into season - so we know that 6 months from now we can start to get excited about  puppies!!!  No more shows for her for the next few weeks.

Other news - I have 11 new Borderstorm Koi, from Koi Polloi.  10 Otsuka babies are nicely settled - I let Leo choose a few and I have to say he chose well - including a lovely Tancho Goshiki. I chose the others. 1 bigger Koi remains with Mark as it is currently in warm water and we are only at 9 degrees here.  However, for those in the know it is a Sekiguchi Showa, very traditionally marked and I can't wait to bring it home! Its the one right at the bottom of the photo in the centre with the black spot on its nose!  We have decided to call her (?) Valerie.

Dog Vegas - Day 3

A 1st in Grade 6 agility was the highlight of the day again for Fetz and Karen, and Kobe had more 2nd places!  I didn't go again today - too much building work going on here, but we had a visit from friends Trev and Cath over from India.

Dog Vegas - Day 4

Another 1st for Karen and Fetz in grade 6 agility - only 1 more for champ.  Jackie had another 2nd with Kobe, and I got a 3rd with Meg in Grade 7 jumping.  I let Leo handle Dare in the Veteran and they had a storming round only to run pass the last fence when Dare turned to look where Leo was.  Very proud of Leo, and Dare too!

22nd March 2010

Lots of catching up to do with news – we took a holiday to Florida and lots has happened while we were away including:  Karen and Fetz won Grade 6 Jumping – and Maz and Flyte and Jackie and Tom competed in the Crufts large singles competition.  Both clear in the heats, but unfortunately only Flyte made the finals, but sadly got an E.  Still very proud to have you both there :o)

At the Border Collie Club show (the 1st outdoor show of the season) Amy and Blitz got the year off to a great start by winning grade 4 agility, and Georgie and Spud got a 4th place in a different Grade 4 class.  No prizes for my dogs, but I ran Meg in a couple of classes and got 5th in Grade 7 agility, I was pleased with that as I slipped on the course, and Meg was waiting for me!  Leo made his debut in the ring and handled Dare in veteran agility.  Although they were E’d, he did very well, and handled confidently.  Dare thought this new game was great fun!

And well done to Pat Butcher and Jem (Borderstorm’s Precious Gem) from Flirt and Dels 2008 litter, at 16 months he was able to take part in an Independent show with nursery classes for young dogs, and he won!  Shape of things to come hopefully – Jem reminds me very much of Flyte and he’s a very special dog indeed.

The show season has only just started, and I seem to have spent my time filling in show entries for the coming months.


  Check out this new video of Sola (Flirt x Del) learning to Weave.

Indi's pups have now left for their new homes.  Little Trek has gone to live with Flyte, JD is with Thomas and Matty, and Tayla is with Jack, Bo and Indi.

End Jan 2010 Whats been happening lately?  Wilmslow show was cancelled with all the snow, so we had a lovely weekend off - we harnessed up the merles and they towed Leo at breakneck speed on his sled.  It seemed a good idea at the time, but looking back I don't think it was! 

At Ribble I had my heart set on qualifying for the KC Olympia with either Ski or Meg, but it wasn't to be - Ski had the first pole, and I positioned myself incorrectly at the start for Meg.  Back to the drawing board!  Flirt and Fetz got 3rd in the pairs class, and Amy and baby Blitz won Combined 1 - 4 Jumping, with Jackie and litter brother Kobe in 5th.

We went to see Indi and Del's pups - gorgeous!  I could have smuggled the little girl home - but I think Sue would have noticed.  There seems to be puppies everywhere at the moment. 

Work on the extension here has slowed up due to this poor weather.  At this rate, we might be able to move in for NEXT CHRISTMAS!!!

14th Jan 2010 OK, time to get back on track and update the site a bit more regularly.

First and Foremost!!!!  - Indi's pups - sooooo gorgeous. I want one!!!  OK, I can't have one, but I'm pleased to say all 3 are going to previous Borderstorm owners, so they will be very much at home.

But also very important...Speckles - had his op. today and will be fit for agility in 8 weeks.   He is such a lovely boy, and it will be great to see him back to his normal manic self.

7th Jan 2010 Is anyone as excited as me about the final series of Lost (Season 6)?  I get soooooo excited just thinking about it - starts February on Sky 1 HD, approx a week after appearing on ABC in the states.  Agility - Lost - Agility - Lost - its a tough decision!!!!!!!
29.12.09 Well done to Kerry Graham, who scooped many prizes for working Dare, Borderstorm Baby Dare, at her club's Christmas Competition.  Kerry and Dare are becoming quite a partnership, and I am very proud to see one of my babies in the hands of such an accomplished young junior handler as Kerry!
December 19th 2009 A day which will stay with me forever - Dad passed away after a long and brave battle with Alzheimers.  Mum, Aunt Anne and I were with him as he took his last breaths, he died at home in the care of us all.

Dad introduced me to dogs when I was young, but we had whippets - being a Yorkshire bloke through and through, we had 2 dear whippets when I was a child - Judy and Sherry.  He loved our dogs too in later life, throwing a ball down the garden for hours until they flopped on the floor exhausted.

Thank you to all our friends for their kind messages of support - it will be a sad Christmas this year - dad will be cremated on New Years Eve.

I would like to especially thank a couple of  people:  Jackie - for just being there, and Dianne Talbot - some years ago, 2004, knowing I was running the Great North Run in support of Alzheimer's, she bullied and cajoled nearly £500 in sponsorship from those unsuspecting competitors at Easington Show, something my mum remembers to this day.  

Dad was a bit of a celebrity locally, and I have scanned some of the press reports.

Sleep well Dad, you'll never walk alone x








December 18th 2009 Indi gave birth to 3 lovely pups by C-Section - 2 boys and 1 girl.  I guess the girl will be staying firmly with Sue, and it was the tri-colour she longed for.  I am so pleased for Sue, and relieved in a way that there weren't lots of girls - temptation may have got the better of me.  I already had a name picked out - Fate - Indistorm Twist of Fate! (see above).  Anyway, fate has determined I will wait for Flirts next litter.  
December 2009 At Wyre, no prizes for my babies, but Meg and I were just pipped into 2nd in the Grade 7 Agility.  I feel a lot more confident with Meg now, and she and I are ready to challenge the best of British this spring!

Dare was spayed this month - it seems like the end of an era.  What a clever girl she is to have produced all these lovely pups, not least my Ski and Flirt.

30th November 2009 Jem and Stig on their 1st birthday.


Bad news for us - the Herron has visited again and this time he has provoked me too far, by stealing my special Kohaku - Showaddywaddy - stronger electric fencing being installed shortly!!!

Jem (Flirt x Del 2008)

Stig (Flirt x Del 2008)

End November 2009 At Wilmslow, we had a good show, but no proper prizes for my bunch, only lower places, although I did get a 2nd in Grade 7 with Meg, belonging to Bob.  There was a 2nd also for Kobe too.  I was pleased with Flirt - she normally goes crazy indoors, but actually worked very nicely. 

New photos of Brigg approaching his first birthday (see right) but not so good news for Speckles, who has had "the snip" after getting over friendly with the cat.   But also, he also has suspected mild OCD in one shoulder.  We wait to hear whether his lead rest has cured the problem.  For more info re OCD please click here! This is from Gemma Hanekoms "Smoketrail" site, and I like her "matter of fact" analysis of OCD.  Speckles sounds very much like Bailey! 

Brigg (Flirt x Del 2008)

Update - end of October At Hare and Hounds, the best I could manage was a 3rd with Ski in the Grade 7 agility, Kobe got 2 x  2nd places and Bo got another 2nd place!  Fetz also got placed in all 3 of his first ever Grade 6 classes.  I saw Star, and he seemed loads better, I know Lou was thrilled with his progress, but her Olympia dream for this year is obviously no longer a reality.  She is taking his recovery slowly, very sensible Lou!

Dad took really ill, and was admitted to hospital for a week, sadly his Alzheimers is incurable and our aim is to make life as comfortable as possible for him, but swallowing is increasingly difficult, and at some stages last week breathing seemed a chore.  He is home now, and mum is caring for him as ever with her merry band of carers who are her support

At Broxburn, Jack won Grade 7 agility, his first win at that grade, (see his run here) and Bo bless him won Grade 4 agility.  He is such a stunning boy, and I would desperately like a pup from him, if any girlies out there are looking for a husband! (see his last few runs here).

Well done to Jackie and Tom, who qualified for the Laser Pairs finals (AGAIN) with partners Dina and Jake.

I have had some lovely updates from previous puppy owners. Stig, Spud and Sola have all sent new pictures, and I have had updates from Brigg and Jem.  I can't wait for my own pup next year.  I would really like an Indi pup, but hubby is trying to make me see sense - we are having lots of building work done, and its not the ideal time for us.

And finally ..... on a whim I started playing hockey again, having given up the game about 12 years ago!  I started training with a local team, mainly for fitness.  My first game is this Saturday - YIKES!!!  Wish me luck!



Sola (Flirt x Del 2008)

Stig (Flirt x Del 2008)

Spud (Dare x Wizard 2007)

October 16th/17th A few bits of news, Bo won Grade 4 jumping last week at Wigton. Excellent news :o)  Indi and Del have had 2 good matings, so hopefully puppies in 9 weeks.

Sadly I have had news that Star is unwell, but recovering after having a Mylopathy, where (as I understand it) a disc has pressed against his spinal cord.  Lou obviously is devastated, but knowing Lou, Star will be receiving only the best treatment.  We all send her and Star our very best wishes, and lots of hugs.

Here, Flirt is in bad books having rolled in fox poo!

Leo (a non doggy update for once) had his first game today with his new football team, they won 5 - 3, Leo scored a hat trick and was man of the match!  I am one proud mum. 

We have been doing lots of work on the Koi pond, getting ready for the winter months.  Fingers crossed all 24 fishy babies make it through until spring.

Lou and Star, becoming an Agility Champion.

October 3rd/4th At South Durham, it was wild and windy, and jumps were falling all the time.  We picked up a few places, and Kobe and Blitz won the pairs.

At Wilton however on the Sunday, it was a great Borderstorm Day:

Haze and Amy won grade 6 agility (gaining that last place to championship), and came 3rd in 1 - 7 agility, pipping both Ski and Thomas!

Pixie and Sue got 1st in Grade 6 Jumping (2nd win to Champ).

Flyte won 2 classes, 1 - 7 Helter Skelter and 6/7 Jumping in impressive style.

There were lots of places also for Dare, Flirt, Ski, Matty, Tom, Flyte, Kobe, Zak, Blitz, Haze and Harry.  Well done to all of you.

Update on Indi - she is now in season and due to be mated to Del in the next few weeks.

Hazey Haze

Sept 27th/28th At the CSJ Finals, Flirt took 2nd place - I was very pleased with her, she was having one of her "I can hear you today" days, and we looked like a partnership.

The following day, I had a judging appointment at North Derbyshire, and had a very enjoyable day.  In the Grade 1 - 4 agility, my grade 3 was won by Karen and Puzzle, who is out of Bo's litter with Rio.  My Grade 4 was won by a lovely merle, name escapes me, but Georgie and Spud tool 3rd and Jackie and Kobe 4th.  In my Grade 4 Jumping, Georgie and Spud took 1st Place, and Jackie and Kobe 3rd.

There was also a 2nd for Fetz and Blitz, a 1st for Flyte, and other places for Star, Thomas,  and Zak.

At the CSJ final (Flirt and I are on the right)

Sept 22nd 09 Indi is due in season soon, and she is due to be mated to Del, Jackie Gardeners Glenson Del Boy who was the father of Flirts 2008 litter.  Sue tells me she does have a waiting list for these pups, but may have puppies spare depending on the mix of dogs and bitches.  A very tempting mating, from my own point of view!

I also found out that Star has been called up for the Olympia Stakes at the Olympia Christmas Horse show - great news for Lou!

Indi babies from a previous litter!

September so far I've had a lot of PC trouble, so haven't managed any updates for a while, but we are back on track now!

At the Pedigree Semi's - Flirt didn't make the Novice Final - she was fast and accurate, but her speed and strong nature became her failing when she decided to go up the A-Frame a few obstacles too early!  And I was too slow to correct her!.  Ski didn't make the Olympia Semi the following day, again fast and accurate, but he tried to bounce an unbouncable combination of fences and took the whole lot crashing down.  On the Sunday, in the Team SOATC came 3rd (Ski, Flyte, Rio and Haze), and in the Pedigree Pairs Final, Karen and I (with Dare and Rio) were going well, until Rio had the very last fence down - commentators curse Mr Ray!!!

I went to Cold Water Collection and purchased 3 new Koi, a Hi Utsuri (Bravo), an Asagi (Wasabi) and a new Honey Chagoi (Happy), so that cheered me up.

The following weekend, I had no shows, but the Petnat Pups (sired by Borderstorm Bo-nanza  -  Bo) all had their first show, and it was well done Roger and Jingo, with a 1st place in their first ever class at their first ever show - Grade 3 jumping.  There was also another first for Karen and Fetz in Grade 5 agility, taking them to Grade 6 in only their 3rd Grade 5 show, and also they qualified for the Adams final.  Places also for Kobe, Blitz and Zak so well done!

With no shows to go to for me, I stayed at home to help with the preparation for the extension which we are starting soon.  However, I found 3 of my precious Koi missing and did a 75% water change to search for them.  Sadly, they were not to be found - either a Heron or a Cat to blame.  RIP little Joker, Picasso and Sparkle. We now have lots of defences on the pond including trip wires (going electric soon!), and Heron Blasters, although an Air Rifle would be my preferred option!

The following weekend was Easington, and a win for Rod and Bex into Grade 6, with Karen and Fetz in 2nd.  Another win for Petnat Pups Jingo and Puzzle made the weekend successful.  I would really like a Bo Baby of my own, so if anyone would like to use Bo at Stud (a merley girl preferred.....). There was a win for Indi and a 2nd for Bo too.  Meanwhile Jackie Gardener was at the FCI world Champs with  Tom, and they came 3rd in the Team Competition.  They also did well in the individuals, and I know Jackie was very proud of Tom.  I had broken my mobile phone so couldn't wish them well before their competition, but I have to say how proud I am of them for qualifying in the first place, and for doing so well!

I attended a Koi auction at Richdon Koi, and purchased Dorothy, a beautiful 4 year old Goromo, and then carried on to Walesby Aquatics, where they were having a sale, and we were joined by 3 further additions, a Kikusui called Freeze, a lovely 3 step Kohaku called Showaddywaddy and my favorite, adoitsu Yamato Nishiki called Radar.  Thats 24 Koi now happily swimming around the new pond.

Pedigree Team final - Left to Right

Me and Ski (Borderstorm Who dares Wins)

Amy and Haze (Borderstorm Wicked But Wise)

Karen and Rio (Petnat A Touch of Spice)

Marilyn and Flyte (Borderstorm Take Flyte)

Borderstorm Showaddywaddy - A Kohaku

Borderstorm Handsome - a Kujaku

28th - 30th August Dog Vegas - Day One - Well Done Rod and Bex who won the Grade 4 Agility, at their last Grade 4 show.  And to Karen and Fetz, winning Grade 5 jumping at only their 2nd Grade 5 show. 

Dog Vegas - Day Two - Another win for Rod and Bex - in fact a Borderstorm 1- 3- 5, Bex, Spud and Kobe in the Grade 4 Jumping.  I saw Speckles and Jem again - both from Flirts litter and what a handsome pair they are!  Can't wait for the next litter for my own baby this time.

Dog Vegas - Day Three - Another win for Rod and Bex, and also Karen and Fetz clocked up a 2nd Grade 5 win of the weekend.  Prizes for Spud also, and Star.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Kobe went to the Alpha finals and finished 10th, with a pole down when Kobe Kobster slipped.

Wilton - Bank Holiday Monday - we travelled up for the Champ at Northern week - only Dare made the final and she got a big fat E but we enjoyed ourselves.  Ski, Flirt and Flyte all got good places, with Flyte winning the Champ Agility.  Other Northern Week News, a 2nd for Bo, a 1st and 2nd for Indi and Flyte in the same class, and ....... wait for it ....... Alison and Gunna won Grade 3 agility with only Gunna's second clear round!  Apparently Alison got a bit emotional  :o))) 

Whilst at Vegas, well done to training colleague Bob Sharpe whose dog Flynn got his final win to Grade 7, steered by Nicki.  Great news!

26th August 2009 Another Update - we've been away for a few days - 19 years of marriage deserved a week in the Lake District. This time we did the Western Lakes - Beautiful!

 After the KC Festival, I needed a break too.  At the Festival, I enjoyed a day of judging - well done to Lucy Osborne and David Munnings who won my classes!.  None of my dogs took home the trophies, but well done to Amy and Haze who just lost out on that last win to Grade 7 being beaten by a foreign competitor.  Don't worry Amy - she'll do it soon.  Dare qualified for the British Open Finals, but because of my judging appointment on the Sunday, I was unable to compete.  There were also rosettes for Spud, Flyte, Kobe, Fetz, Bex and Bo (my special boy). 

However, a couple of Top News Stories which happened whilst we were on holiday - Jack and Ian (Borderstorm Black Jack) won their final Grade 6 class to qualify for Grade 7 - well done you two! Click Here to view a video of the round.  An impressive, if somewhat chaotic pairing  :o))).  Indi also won Grade 7 at the same  show.

Gunna (Flirts Brother, never one for jumping fences when its faster to plough through them) achieved his first clear round.  Alison was so pleased about this achievement - she has worked so hard with Gunna, and at last - result!

At West Lakes, Pixie won Grade 6 Agility, and then went on to come 2nd in the Laser Pairs Final at Dashin' Dogs

Last but not least - Flirt got a call up for the Novice Olympia Semi Finals - she was first reserve.  So we'll have a busy weekend at Stoneleigh next week - Flirt in the Novice Olympia Semi, Ski in the Olympia Semi, Ski in the Pedigree Team Finals and Dare in the Pedigree Pairs Final. 

Leo and the merles at Ennerdale Water

Fancy a dip? - you go first, no you go first!

August Update Well, I have been a bit very lapse and not updated for ages.  We have had some projects going on at home, and I have been at shows every weekend. Lots of news....

Jackie and Tom qualified for the World Championships to be held in Austria this summer.  I am so proud of them both, and will be following the results like a hawk!

Winners? Yes lots - Spud won Grade 3, Bex, Blitz and Fetz have all won Grade 4, our Team (Scunthorpe Babes yeah right!) have qualified for the Pedigree Team Final by winning the heat at the Agility Club, Ski has qualified for the Olympia Semi on the 5th September, Maz and Flyte nearly, but not quite, got the champ at Rugby, but took the Agility in style.  Bex gave a commendable performance in the Adams Derby Final finishing 5th.

Other news, Cruise is looking much happier and is back with the specialist next week. I have taken over running a friends 2 dogs whilst he has a knee operation, thats 5 dogs I now run in Grades 6 and 7 which brings about its own challenges!

I have seen Sola, Jem and Brigg again, and a friend who went to the European Champs spotted Stig with his owner Johan who was also competing there!

We have 20 new Borderstorm additions - I won't name them all, but they are Japanese Koi and are so relaxing to watch after a hard day! I never appreciated how specialist Koi keeping was until we are now thousands of pounds poorer! 

Borderstorm Picasso (a Budogoromo)

Borderstorm Compadre (a Beni-Kikurya)

Borderstorm Arrow (a Showa)

20th/21st June

Tatton Park (Newton Heath)

Firstly, most importantly, we have Cruise home, looking very confused and upset, and with an array of medication resembling  our local chemist.  I like to think I am up to date with most common medications, but some of these are ones I have never come across! Gabapentin is a drug normally associated with epilepsy but has been prescibed to Cruise for its benefits for the treatment of chronic pain. This, along with Pardale, Metacam, Synulox, and Tramadol compete Cruises daily medicine cabinet.  Sadly Cruise has suffered so much muscle wastage in his left leg, that his whole femur bone is visible though the skin.  I think we have a long road ahead of us. 

On a brighter note, at Tatton Park we had some good fortune.  I missed walking both the 6 - 7 Jumping and 6 - 7 Agility due to fetching Cruise, but Ski managed to win the 6 - 7 Agility, and Flirt took 3rd in the 6 - 7 Jumping so I was chuffed to bits.  There were a couple of places for other Borderstorms as I remember, Matty, Bex, Kobe and Star, and I heard that Spud qualified for the Alpha Finals too. 

19th June 2009 Cruise update - well the joint was infected, and flushed out with 9 litres of fluid.  However, the sepsis had also cause a complete rupture of the cruciate, and so Cruise has had a nylon figure of eight applied to the knee joint.  All thoughts of a cartilage repair are now on hold until the knee is stable again after the cruciate replacement.  We can pick him up tomorrow while we are at Tatton Park.  
17th June 2009 Cruise was taken back to Liverpool today, with the infection in his knee joint leaving him severely lame. Tomorrow he will be scoped again to see the extent of the infection, with a view to flushing out the joint.
13th/14th June


What a glorious show, the sun shone, the venue was idyllic and the company great.  I was husbandless and childless this weekend, so a real girls weekend away.  The only downside? The people camped close to us who allowed their yappy small dog to bark continually from 6am onwards.  They didn't seem to hear it!  If I had normal pyjamas on I would have been on the hunt for said small dog with a large hammer!  But I had my short pyjamas and modesty kept me under my quilt cover trying to get back to sleep!

Anyway, results..... Flirt was entered in her first grade 6 show, and she won Grade 6 jumping and also got 5th in grade 6 - 7 combined jumping. There were other places for Flirt and Ski too.  Other Borderstorms who did well were Bex and Roderney who won the Adams Derby, Fetz and Karen who won Grade 4 jumping at their first Grade 4 show! a 3rd for Kobe, 3rd and 4th for Spud, 2nd for Star, a 1st and 5th for Harry Flyte qualified for day 4 of the Pedigree Olympia Semisin 2nd spot.  I had a go at handling Fetz and he worked lovely for me, and Karen handled Flirt who went looking for her mum - oops!

Cruise has not improved over the weekend, the infection has not improved, and he will be going back to Liverpool to have the joint flushed out to try and remove the infection.  Things are not looking good for Cruise at all.

Flirty won her first Grade 6 class at Otley

9th June 2009 New photos of Stig in Belgium!  What a handsome boy.
6th/7th June Flirts last weekend in Grade 5 and we made the best of it with 3 x Grade 5 wins (including the CSJ) and 1 x 2nd.  Could have been more, but we needed to hold some contacts! There was also a 1st and a 3rd in Grade 3 for Kobe, a 1st in Grade 3 agility for Blitz, and places for Dare and Fetz.  Well done to Ian with Jack who won Grade 6/7 Agility, only 1 left now for Grade 7.  I saw Buddy doing some lovely work too, with the other Ian.  They are really starting to get it together.  Flirts Grade 5 CSJ run is here,  I was pleased with her, but still plenty of scope for improvement I think!

Cruise is still refusing to use his leg, but an ansaphone message from Liverpool has suggested a change to his medication which I will deal with tomorrow. Cruise did have a little walk to the rings today, and was very vocal in his encouragement of Fetz and Zak!  Seems his mouth is working fine even if his leg isn't!

1st/2nd June 2009 How quickly life brings you down to earth! Still on a high from Rio and Dare's win, we suddenly had a shock when Cruise took a turn for the worse, and we had to rush him back to Liverpool.  He went from walking soundly on 4 legs, to only using 3 legs in the space of an hour. Tests and another fluid tap show he has an infection in the joint where the camera went in.  There is always a risk of infection with any invasive procedure such as the arthroscopy that Cruise had, and now Cruise is on 3 legs, refusing to use his left hind at all.  He is very depressed and has taken to hiding under the shrubbery in the garden. Unfortunately, until the bacteria have been cultured, we don't know exactly which antibiotics to use to treat him.  He is one very unhappy Cruise. Here's some video of him in happier times!


We bought Cruise anew bed to cheer him up!

Hinckley 30th/31st May I judged on the Saturday, but watched the Champ Final, with Flyte qualifying again. They nearly got it together, but not quite - hopefully they will win a Champ this year (I have a bet with someone that they will!)  On the Sunday, Karen and I won the pedigree pairs with Rio and Dare, qualifying for the Finals at Stoneleigh in September.  Flirt had a lovely round in the Novice Olympia Qualifier (our last shot) but sadly finished in the reserve qualifying spot.  We might get called up - who knows, but she did me proud and I was pleased with her.

Other rosettes for Spud, Haze, and Flyte, but again I can't remember the places. 

I got to see Sola for the first time since she'd left back in January - what a little princess she is! And it was nice to catch up with Alison and Jinx and Gunna, who I haven't seen since last year.

Sola at Hinckley

Packington 25th May Amy and I went for the Novice Olympia qualifier, but neither of us went clear, however Flirt picked up a 5th in the jumping, and 7th in the 1 - 7 Helter Skelter.  Left to right Ski, Flirt, Dare, Blitz and Haze.

Highlight of the day was going shopping on the way home!

23rd/24th May 2009


Interesting Show! My results first, a 3rd for Flirt in the 4/5 jumping, a couple of lower places for Ski and Dare, a 5th in the Pedigree Pairs for Dare with Rio, and in the Team Competition, some promising results.  Our 1st Team of Ski, Flyte, Rio and Haze almost made it, but not quite, 3 clears and a 5 from Ski who lost his footing and fell off the dog walk, we finished 5th.  Our baby team of Flirt, Kobe, Fetz and Blitz had 4 lovely clears and came 4th overall - a promising team for the future.

Other results? Kobe had a 4th, Flyte made the Champ final, and there were lots of places for Thomas, but cos I'm rubbish at updating, I can't remember what they were!

20th May 2009 Poor Cruise!  His knee isn't too good.  Although it is stable, there was a lot of inflammation, and his cruciate has a small amount of damage. However, his problem is more likely now coming from an area of the joint where the cartilage has totally eroded.   He is on 6 weeks rest to see how the joint reacts, and then options will be discussed.

Cruise is not impressed with the hair cut!


The images on the right are courtesy of Rob Pettitt at the Small Animal Teaching Hospital (Liverpool University).  Many thanks for giving me permission to post them. 

The top two images show the cartilage erosion, and the bottom one shows a small area of damage on the cruciate, which should be totally smooth.


16th/17th May, Waldridge and Dog Vegas Where to start?  Well a list might be the best place as its been a very successful weekend. 

Kobe and Jackie 1st Grade 3 Agility, 3rd Grade 3 Jumping.

Becs and Rod 1st Grade 4 Jumping

Fetzer and Karen - 1st Grade 3 Agility

Flirt and me, 1st Grade 5 Jumping and 1st Grade 5 Agility

Flyte and Maz 1st 2 x Grade 7 Agility

Star and Lou 1st Grade 7 jumping

Harry and Jackie 3rd Grade 5 agility

Bo and Susan, 6th in Grade 4 Agility

Indie and Susan, 2nd in Grade 7 Jumping

Dare and me 2nd Grade 7 Jumping, 3rd pairs agility with Rio.

Thomas 2nd Grade 7 jumping and 3rd grade 7 jumping. Also 3rd with Matty in the Laser pairs

Please let me know if I've missed your results.  Special mention to Katy and Georgie for winning the Laser pairs with Crumble and Ruby, (both have Borderstorm Babies) and also Pauline and Becky for their 2nd place in the Laser pairs, so making the final as well - girls on top!!!

Thanks to everyone for your "well dones" for Flirt moving to Grade 6.  It wasn't quite in my plans for this season, as I now can't go for the Novice Cup at the festival, but she was ready to move up really.  Will just have to train a bit harder and go for the big competitions now.

Tomorrow Cruise is admitted to Liverpool for 3 days for exploratory arthroscopy for his stifle.  I think the Orthopaedic Surgeon Rob thinks Cruise is quite a challenge.   I just want him to be able to enjoy his walks in the lake district, and not to limp after his run in the park.  Agility would be a bonus.  Anyway, will keep you posted.

10th May Beacon and Fair City At Beacon, no prizes for me, but well done to Kobe Kobster (Borderstorm Now or Never) for qualifying for the Alpha Petfoods Final at Stoneleigh in August,  (click here to read about it!) and to Flyte for coming 2nd in the European Open Qualifier for 2010. There was also a 4th for Rod and Bex, and I saw Bex do a nice clear with Katie also, but don't know the place. 

At Fair City, there were lots of prizes for the Indistorm Babies, Dare's grand pups, but top spot must go to Crystal with Lou who won 2 Grade 6 classes on her first weekend at Grade 6, also qualifying for the Olympia Semi and the Pedigree Highland Stakes.

2nd/3rd May 2009 Biggar Show - well Woodside actually.  I love this show - so chilled for a Champ show, and somehow we always manage to get a bit of sunshine.  This year was no exception, and the sun brought good fortune for us Borderstorms (and Indistorms too!).  It really feels like the season has started now and we are on the road every weekend now until September!!!

Amy took top spot, with Haze winning Grade 6 jumping (only one more to Grade 7), and Blitz getting a 2nd and 3rd in Grade 3 agility and jumping. Kobe had numerous places, a 2nd being his highest in grade 3 and a 4th his lowest all weekend, so a good consistent weekend.  Flirt managed a 2nd and a 4th in Grade 5 jumping.  There were places for Harry, Dare and Indi, and Baby Dare was presented with the prize for Northern Area Grade 6 Dog of the Year for the Agility Eye.  Star got more trophies then I care to remember.

And Ski, my special boy, did me proud qualifying in 2nd for my favourite final of the year, the Pedigree Highland Agility Stakes Final at Scone Palace.  Nothing in the Champ this time (lurvly courses Paul!), but the Highland Qualifier was my goal from this show and Ski did it for me.  Thanks to Morag Kelly for a very testing yet fun course!  I've posted it here!

Maz and Flyte missed it all, although they were planned to be there.  Maz has been poorly since the beginning of April - get well soon Maz!  We're all thinking about you.

At Shrewsbury Spud gained a 4th in Grade 3 Agility and a 2nd at Doredale - well done Georgie.

29th/30th April 2009 Cruise has been back to Liverpool Veterinary Hospital under the care of top Canine Ortheopeadic Surgeon Rob Pettitt.  He has had more X-Rays and a Fluid Tap on the Rear Left Knee Joint.  We are waiting the outcome, and so obviously after this procedure we will be resting him this weekend at Biggar.  Poor Cruisey Bum!

Result - no evidence from the X-Rays (other then a touch of the old arthritis) or the Fluid Tap, so Cruise will be going to have a camera placed in the knee joint (again!!!) in a couple of weeks time.

19th April 2009 Scottish Border Collie Club- Maz and I went north to Lanark chasing the Championship, but no luck!  However Flirt managed a 3rd in Grade 5 Jumping, and Harry got 5th in the same class.

I have never done this show before, but the venue at Lanark Racecourse was lovely and the sun shone down all day. 

Lovely new photos of Sola!  Do you think Pia will let me have her back???


Sola - Borderstorm Midnight Blue



Had such a fantastic few days in London with friends Jackie and Kev - OK so I know this is normally a site about my dogs etc but seeing as I'm not a member of these so called "social networking sites" I thought I'd use my website. 

Highlights of our stay

1. Pricilla Queen of the Desert at the Palace Theatre - Go see it!  I've done a few of the London Shows over the years, Lion King, Sound of Music etc but this is the BEST ever - I never stopped laughing and Jason Donovan was amazing, John enjoyed it too, even wearing my tour T-Shirt!  Life is an adventure - dress accordingly!

2. John getting his head stuck in a tube door

3. Kev, our friend, spread-eagled on an escalator - see right!

4. My new piercing! I love it, love it, love it.  No it didn't hurt, but yes its true what they say about the noise! No photo's - sorry!

5. Leo in Cyberdog and getting some trendy clothes for the school disco.

6. The London Underground announcer who apologised for the delays on the line due to someone being under a train!

7. The Waterloo Sandwich bar - best breakfast in London.

8. Seeing Sir Steve Redgrave in the Apple Store, and John Toshack in Waterloo (John more excited than me about John Toshack)

9. The Raspberry Crème Brulee at Med Kitchen

10. And lots of fuss from the dogs when we arrived home.


No pictures of me, Jackie and Leo I'm afraid - we're way too sensible

Pricilla at the Palace Theatre

"Life's an adventure - dress accordingly"

Kev's escalator stunts





April 2009

Dog Vegas Easter Show - Too many Team Borderstorm Places to mention so I'll just concentrate on Top 3 spots.

Friday, a 2nd for me and  Flirt in Grade 5 Jumping, and 2nd forAlan and Matty in Grade 6 Agility.  A 1st for Maz abd Flyte in Grade 7 Agility, a 2nd for Amy and  Haze in Grade 6 Jumping, a 3rd for Georgie with Spud in Grade 3 Jumping, and a 3rd forKaren  Fetz in Grade 3 Jumping.

Saturday - Another 1st for Maz and  Flyte in Grade 7 Agility, a 1st for Haze and Amy in Grade 6 Jumping (this soooo wasn't a Hazey course!), and 2 x 2nds and a 3rd for Fetz with Karen in Grade 3 classes.  Special mention to Katy Norton and Ruby for winning grade 5 jumping also, and to Patricia Butcher and Kai for winning their 3rd Grade 4 jumping - both with Borderstorm youngsters too.

Sunday - Yet another 1st for Flyte, and a 2nd for Thomas with Jackie G. too :o)  Well done also to Georgie and Crumble for winning Grade 5 Agility. 

Cruise went lame again, playing tuggy at the side of the ring.  Back to Liverpool I think.

Monday - We weren't at the show as we decided to go to London for a few days, but while I was away, Amy and Blitz won Grade 3 jumping.  So thats a grade 6 win for Haze this weekend and then a grade 3 for Blitz - Well done Amy!

I got home from London to find new photos of Brigg from Jane - what a handsome chap he is, but I think Jane has manure in his vetbed as he is HUGE! I can't wait to meet him at the summer shows.

Blitz and Haze both win classes at Dog Vegas with Amy

Brigg at 4 months

6th April 2009 New photos of Stig from Belgium who is growing into such a handsome chap!.
4th April 2009 Scunthorpe Show was sunny and successful - especially for Marilyn and Flyte who won the Crufts Qualifier in fine style as well as the Championship Agility Round.  There were also 3rds for Jackie and Kobe and Georgie and Spud in the Grade 3 classes, Flirt got a 5th in Grade 5, Dare got a 9th in Champ Jumping and poor old Ski just missed the Crufts points by finishing 11th.  Star and his partner qualified for the Pedigree Pairs, and there were places for Harry too.

There were cuddles for puppies from the last litter, Speckles who I see regularly, and Jem who I haven't seen since he left!

Flyte Relaxing

22nd March 2009 Midland Border Collie Club Agility Show - lots of places so I'm sorry if I miss you.  Well done to Fetz, 1st in Grade 3 Jumping and 3rd in Grade 3 Agility, Haze, 2nd in Grade 6 Agility, Kobe, 5th in Grade 3 Agility, Spud, placed in all his classes (but I can't recall where), Blitz, in Grade 3 agility and Pixie in Grade 6 jumping. 

My gang did OK as well, Cruise was my "dog of the day" with a 5th in Grade 6 Jumping, and 6th in Grade 6 Agility.

Fetz - 1st and 3rd this weekend

15th March 2009 We went up to Glennifer this weekend, as I wanted to qualify for the Highland Stakes, but unfortunately only Cruise went clear and he was way down the places.  Still, it was a lovely show and there were places for Flirt in Grade 5 jumping, and for Cruise too.  Harry won Grade 5 jumping, and Indi won 2 Grade 7 classes.  There were wins too for Bella (an Indi pup) taking her to Grade 5.

This was my first time at Glennifers indoor venue and I have to say it is much the most luxurious indoor venue I have ever seen - makes Myerscough look like a shed!

PS. have you seen this?  If you love collies and sheep herding, you just have to smile  .......

Well done Indi - 2 x 1st places

10th March 2009 New photos of Stig from Belgium.  Johan and Petra say... "

We try to do as many things possible with him. 2 weeks ago I started walking him in the city nearby. Walking on a leash, waiting at the crossroad lights… He got a lot of attention!!! People and children talking to him, stroking him. He enjoyed that a lot! And I was so proud!!! Now wherever we go for a walk, he always wants to play with whoever we meet…

Last week we had a couple of friends visiting for a day agility training. 10 dogs he had never seen before! He greeted and played with them like he had known them (people and dogs) for ages!!!

9th March 2009 New photo of Brigg, what a handsome boy he is turning out to be.  I can't wait for the show season to start properly so I get to see all these babies again!
4th March 2009 New photo's of Spec with his new older house mate Tyke.  They look very cosy together.  Bec says "He is 110% my new best friend and can always be found close by, i love him sssoooooooooo much he is ace".  Sounds like Bec and Spec are meant for each other !
3rd March 2009 Check out these little cuties  - this is Flirts litter to Del, I just collected the photo's yesterday.  Left to right they are Stig, Spec, Sola, Brigg and Jem
21st Feb 2009 Had a nice day out at Newton Heath, Cruise was the only one of mine on form today, and he got an 8th in Grade 6 Agility.

I got some lovely photos of Buddy taken on the 21st at Newton Heath by Natalie Mitchell.  Buddy and his owner Ian Bateman won the "rising star" award at his agility club presentation day. 

Thanks to Natalie for letting me use this photo on the site

14th February 2009 Interesting weekend.  Jackie and I went  to Camden to visit our mate "Richard" at Eclipse - check out his portfolio - and also visited the new Cyberdog store in Camden !  Had a fab time, spent way too much money, but have a "literally" lasting memory. Ask me at shows if I'll show you Richards art work!
13th February Team Borderstorm on Tour - Jackie and I went to Abercrombie and Fitch, off Saville row - I needed a few "basics" for my summer wardrobe and we met our little friend in the foyer.  Not sure what his name was, but we christened him James - nice abs!!!  Is that his belt hanging down????

Jackie, James and Me

8th February 2009 Big well done to Maz and Flyte for winning both Grade 7 Jumping and Grade 7 Agility at Waldridge Fell.

Dog Vegas was cancelled so we had no show to go to.

In the meantime, Sola appeared on the cover of Agility Voice!  Thats both her and Haze who now have a claim to fame!

Sola (Borderstorm Midnight Blue)

Haze (Borderstorm Wicked But Wise)

26th January 2009 I have had updates on all the pups now - what a gorgeous photo of Sola - such a stunning merlie girl!  Hopefully there will be one just like her in 2 years time for me!
25th January 2009 We went to a charity show today in aid of Macmillan Nurses, run by Jackie at Scunthorpe OATC, as part of a challenge from her boss at Nat West to raise funds.  Jackie raised £295 for Macmillan Nurses, and Nat West matched this amount!  A fun day with a great cause - Well done Jackie.

I also got a lovely cuddle with Spec who came with owner Bec (Spec and Bec ????) for the day.  He's changed  so much in just a week and looks so grown up, with even more speckles!

23rd January 2009 Cruise is fine, his lameness seems to have been as a result of the knock and not a re-occurrence of the old injury.  Huge relief all round, and thanks to all of you who a I got a bit emotional with!  Phew!!!
18th January 2009 This is baby Stig in Belgium with his big brother Soni (Touchango Supersonic).  He doesn't look phased by his journey to foreign lands.

At Ribble we had a hit an miss day - a few "nearly rounds".  Sadly, Cruise injured his leg again, not by jumping, but in the pairs changeover box....long story. 

Well done to Maz and Flyte, and Lou and Star for both qualifying for the Olympia Semi Finals, and to little Meggie too!

17th January 2009 All the babies went to their new homes today leaving the house feeling empty and quiet.  Leo and I were definitely in a sombre mood after they had gone, but John was celebrating getting his house back! It was fantastic to meet all the owners again (and some for the first time).  I feel very privileged that my babies have gone to such wonderful homes.

Top right is baby Sola with her new big brother Oz in the Glover household, and little Brigg with his new toy at home with Jane Cameron in Surrey

16th January 2009 The pups were photographed today at the studio of Eddie Nolan who has taken shots of all my litters, as in normal Borderstorm tradition (see 2002 litter right) - absolute chaos! But great fun.  Can't wait to see what we ended up with.
14th January 2009 We went to get Stig's pet passport today for his journey to Belgium on Saturday.  He was also micro chipped and issued with a health certificate, to state he is fit for the journey.  Johan and Petra are coming to collect him, and driving back through the Channel Tunnel so he won't be making the long journey on his own.
13th January 2009 The pups and I went on tour today, to get health tests done which are vital for Border Collies.  Please, never buy a collie puppy unless you know it's CEA and BAER status.  Firstly to Derby to get them BAER hearing tested - all passed easily, although they were not impressed with the needles and refused to stay still!  It took nearly 2 hours to do the 5 pups.  Sadly, someone who was at the clinic at the same time as us found he had been sold a puppy which had not been BAER tested, only to find it was completely deaf - evidently not an unusual occurrence in Collies.  Then on to Huddersfield for Eye Tests.  The pups cannot be CEA affected as their parents have been DNA tested, but the eye test confirms there are no other eye problems.  Flirt also had her CPRA updated - a must for any collie used for breeding.
10th January 2009 Wilmslow show, and it was good to catch up with friends and escape the pups for the day, leaving them in John's capable hands.  Cruise did well, achieving a 4th in the Grade 6 agility - I was really pleased with this performance from him, proving he really is on the mend after his injury.  No other places to report, but had a good day out, and I heard Star's name mentioned more then once in presentations.  
6th January 2009 Happy birthday Flirt! 3 today, along with your litter mates Pixie, Bex, Baby Dare, Gunna, Bo and Harry x

All pups are now chosen, and have their posh names, but not yet their pet names.

2nd January 2009 The first of the black boys has been chosen and has a new name - Jem, Borderstorm's Precious Gem.  I think its suits him completely.  More selections will take place this weekend, and then we'll know who is going where.
1st January 2009 Happy new year from all of us here at Team Borderstorm. We partied hard until 4 in the morning! These are some of the better photos - I will hold on to the others to bribe friends with at a later date!  Pups are now used to party poppers, crackers, champagne corks and loud tuneless singing!

I admit to feeling somewhat ashamed when putting all the glass bottles out for re-cycling ....did we really drink that much?????



29th December 2008 New pictures of the pups on the litter page - What a cutie little Sola is! 
25th December 2008 Merry Christmas from all of us at Team Borderstorm - that's me, John and Leo, Dare, Cruise, Ski and Flirt (and her new family), and bunnies Shady and Hoppy x.

Pups are downstairs now and running riot in the front room. They helped to unwrap the presents and enjoyed the paper, ribbon and numerous squeaky and cuddly toys that they received.

They have had solids introduced into their diet - tripe and lamb, and we will introduce them to their mothers favourite delicacy in the next few days - turkey necks!


22nd Dec 2008 The little merle girl has her new name - she's called Sola, and is turning into a very pretty girl indeed.

Puppies have had their first taste of formula milk, and scoffed the lot.  They really are a lovely little gang, and I'm even warming to speckled boy - he's such a friendly little chap - always the first to come for a cuddle. The most recent weigh-ins show they are all thriving well!

20th/21st Dec  2008 Olympia, 3 Borderstorms and an Indistorm took their places in the starting line ups. I was a very proud breeder when the Borderstorm name appeared on the score board. I was there to watch the stakes on the Saturday, but couldn't make the Sunday as well.

In the Agility Stakes, Tom and Jackie had a unusual round with poles falling, but when Tom came out the ring he was lame.  We think he did it on the first fence.  Typical Borderstorm Boy didn't slow down at all, and kept running on 3 legs!  Flyte showed his class, and his speed, but jumped so long over one fence he could not pick up the next jump and had a run by.  He was the last but one dog to go, and was already a full second up on the leader at that point! Never mind, they both looked stunning, and I was very proud.

Baby Dare was in the Novice class on Sunday and as yet I have not had a report, but she must have done quite well, as she made the pairs competition in the afternoon. I will update when I know.

I must just say well done to Lucy Osbourne and Ben for their 4th place in the stakes final.  What a lovely co-operative boy Ben is - and Lucy gets the best out out of him 100%.

Happy birthday to Litter 1, Zak, Haze, Thomas, Matty, Jinx and Indi.

Me (centre) with Jackie and Maz

Jackie with Tom and Maz with Flyte

Blurred, but look at that smile!

18th December 2008 Due to the number of Black/White boys in Flirt and Del's litter, we may have a boy pup available - please see the puppy page or Flirts litter page for more information.

Also happy birthday to Litter 2 - Ski, Star, Flyte, Jack and Daisy Dog

17th December 2008 Good luck to all the Borderstorm Babies at Olympia this weekend - Thomas and Flyte in the Olympia stakes on Saturday, and Baby Dare and Borderstorm Grand Pup Bella in the novice stakes on Sunday.  We'll be there to cheer you all on!
13th November 2008 Well done to Thomas (Borderstorm Tom Boy) and Jackie Gardener of course,  who won open agility at Rugby - what a special boy he is!
12th November 2008 Pups are opening their eyes, and are very mobile about the whelping box - check out the puppy pages for updates
29th November 2008 Hooray, a lovely litter of 5 for Flirt and Del, born between 14:10 and 17:30. 4 boys and 1 girl. Not quite what I ordered, but all healthy none the less. More details on the general puppy page, or for progress reports and more photos, see Flirts litter page.
28th November 2008 Flirt's temperature has dropped right down, so we should have pups within 24 hours.   Flirt has been skulking around and looking for cuddles from everyone (like her dad on the right!)
22nd November 2008 Webcam link is tested and working.  Flirt is looking pregnant now, and I can feel the pupsters kicking .

This weekend I took a break and caught up on sleep, but friends were at Newton Heath and the latest Borderstorm litter were in the prizes.  Kobe took a 4th and 8th in Grade 3 classes, Blitz took an 8th , and Fetza took a 3rd and 5th.  Well done to all - you are doing sooo well! 

I have also started a page for Flirts litter, with excerpts from her diary.  You can get to it via Flirts own page or click here. 
17th November 2008 Had an e-mail from Sue with some new pictures of Spud.  Sue is claiming the title of "most handsome Borderstorm" for Spud.  What do you think?  Georgie and Spud have had some great results - at Spud's first indoor show, he took a 1st, 2nd and 8th - so well done to you both!  I have yet to see Georgie and Spud working in the ring - can't wait to see you both!.

Dare is in season now - typical - 2 hormonal females now!

11th November 2008 Not much to report really, Flirt is now having her daily wormer, and Raspberry Leaf, and is now on more frequent smaller meals of turkey necks, chicken wings and the like.  She has moved upstairs at night with us, to get used to the whelping box.  Friends are saving newspaper for us (we have a small newspaper mountain here!), and I'll be setting up the webcam in the next few days - this will be the link  many thanks to for hosting this again.

 I've had a couple of requests as to why Flirt isn't keeping a diary like her mother did - because she's sulking thats why!  In fact, other then the sulking, you wouldn't know she is pregnant as she's maintaining her lovely figure :o) Leo has decided the litter will be named on a "Top Gear" theme !  ?????

8th November 2008 Had a nice night out with friends Trev and Cath Candy from Scunthorpe Dog Club who are leaving the UK to move to Goa shortly.  13 of us went to a great Italian and scoffed way to much food  :o) 
27th October 2008 Yey - Flirt's scan has confirmed she is very much pregnant to Del, so its all systems go for the 30th November.  Our new vet at Winterswan thought she could count 6, but they have never been correct in the previous 4 scans! So we'll have to wait and see what appears.  So we're all very excited, especially Leo who is planning a "theme" for the litter!
8th October 2008 Flirt has been booked in for her scan in a few weeks time.  I can never tell whether dogs are pregnant or not, although others swear they can.  I never believe it until I see those little blobs on the screen.  She seems just the same, but isn't too impressed about being left behind when I go training.
5th October 08 At Wilton it was wet wet wet underfoot and the show was a little, how shall we say, disorganised.  Our Crufts team had high hopes, but could only manage 3rd.  Well done to the Dundee crowd (Pam and Dane and co) for winning and qualifying for Crufts.

Haze was a star with Amy and they won Grade 6 agility, and Kobe was 2nd in Grade 3 agility, holding on until right near the very end.  Jackie was a little relieved to say the least!  Flyte and Ski came 1st and 2nd in the Grade 1 - 7 agility, and Dare took 3rd in the 4 - 7 jumping.  In the Helter Skelter all 3 of mine were placed, Ski 3rd, Dare 14th and Cruise 11th, but the class was won by Flyte with Zak in 5th.  Haze took 3rd in the Grade 6 jumping and there were places for Harry and Bo but I can't remember the classes I'm afraid.

Other news  Bo and Spy had 5 pups, 4 girls and 1 boy. Details on the puppy page.


Spy and Bo's Pups

4th October 08 At South Durham there were some good places, Ski took a 2nd in the grade 7 Jumping, and Cruise took a 6th in the same class, but in grade 6.  He coped really well with his first show back at full height and he really enjoyed himself.  In the Grade 3 jumping, there were paces for Kobe and Fetz, and Jackie and Zak were placed in the Grade 6/7 combined jumping. Sorry, can't remember which place.  Also well done to Scotch for winning Grade 6 agility, Sam for winning Grade 4 and Poppy for winning Grade 3.

Meanwhile, at Norfolk Bex had a close shave! Fortunately she was absolutely fine after this incident.  I think she was looking for Rodney under the dogwalk as he was so far behind her as usual ;o)

Cruise's first show back at full height, and Bex (below) performing stunts!

27th 28th Sept What an interesting weekend!  Where to start.....

At Lincoln Team Borderstorm were on form with Flyte winning 3 x Grade 7 Agility classes, Zak winning Grade 6 Agility, Bex winning Grade 3 Jumping (and going ito Grade 4), and places for Kobe, Blitz, Spud and Haze too.

Dare and Ski did a sponsored walk with John and Leo over the Humber Bridge to raise funds for Alzheimers. They raised £120 and Dare and Ski had their photo taken with the Mayor.  My father suffers with Alzheimers - well actually realistically its my mother who suffers, so this was a good opportunity to held the local support branch.

Meanwhile I was travelling the length of the country with Flirt to get a mating.  Our first stud dog was in Dundee, Astra Keyne, and although Flirt and Keyne were very much in love,  they wanted their friendship to remain platonic! So a mad drive to Birmingham followed to visit Jackie Gardener with Del, another lovely Grade 7 tri boy.  Their relationship was less platonic - purely lustful!  Flirt was indeed a true Flirt! I would never have believed my little princess was such a floozy! Fingers crossed for puppies in 9 weeks.  There may be pups available from this mating - see the puppy page for details.

Glenson Del Boy (ISDS 278361)

Flirt's new chap!

15th Sept 2008 Flirt must have been reading my update from yesterday - she has come into season - YIPPEE.  She has been to the vet today to have an x-ray on a "knobbly rib" which has turned out to be nothing to worry about, and she also had her microchip removed which had gone right round into the area of her breast bone, and would never have been found by a scanner, and could have migrated further.  All in all, an interesting day! but at long last the illusive season has arrived!
14th Sept 2008 Witton Castle Show (Easington) - Well, Saturday was cancelled due to very very bad weather, and Sunday I was judging, but there were some good Team Borderstorm results, in particular Fetza and Karen who won Grade 3 jumping, and Harry and Jacqui who won Grade 4 jumping, also coming 4th in my 4/5 jumping class.  A big well done to Ian and Buddy for their first ever clear round, just out the places, but that's their first target met.  I also got to meet one future new Team Borderstorm owner, when Flirt can be bothered to come into season!
9th September 2008

Fizz (Grimly Fiendish) 15.06.95 - 07.09.08

It has taken me a few days to come to terms with the last weekend, and to be able to update the website.

My special girl Fizz passed away suddenly and without warning on the 7th September.

I know we aren't supposed to have our favourites, but sometimes one dog just steals that fraction more of your heart, and that dog was my Fizz, or Fizzyminx as she came to be known throughout her 13 years.  She was snooty, spoilt, and a real little princess, who hated any dog small and hairy and had a passion for Boxers.

Fizz was not ill, she had no history of illness other then a little arthritis.  She was fit, still competing in Any Size, and only 2 weeks ago climbed the 690m up Place Fell and High Dodd in the Lake district, an 8 mile hike.

On Saturday night she seemed a little unwell, she didn't seem to be able to get comfortable and she struggled to support her weight, but then she settled and we did the "unspeakable" in our house - she came upstairs to bed with us - after all, she was my special one!  At just after 1am she woke us, gasping for breath.  We both knew then that there was something very very wrong, and we flew to the vets cradling Fizz in our arms.

She was alive but weak as we got to the vets, but she couldn't walk. Her gums were almost white, she was cold, "worryingly cold" said Maria the vet, and her heart rate was irregular. Maria, hubby John and I rushed her into theatre where Maria tried to find a vein to give her fluids, but they were all flat. It was then that her heart rate slowed, her eyes glossed, and as the vet gave her CPR and injected her full of atropine, she faded away and left us. The CPR continued and the heart beat came back, but her eyes stayed cloudy, and again her heart rate stopped for the final time.  It was 1.45 am.   Just 45 minutes was all it took for our lives to change forever.

Our thanks must go to Maria who never gave up trying to bring her back until there was no hope. Our thanks again to all the kind messages we have received from friends.

We are left still in a state of shock, and I still can't come to terms with it all.  We have lost our 4-legged friends before, but their sleep has been carefully considered, as a result of suffering. Fizz gave us no warning - a fit healthy veteran one minute, yet taken from us the next. We do take comfort in the fact that her last weeks were spent doing what she loved most, walking in the Lake District and swimming in the lakes and rivers.  I could write about all her achievements, the finals she attended, her agility career - but it all seems irrelevant. She was my best friend and that's what mattered most.

So its goodnight Fizzyminx, you're free to play with Oscar, Sasha and Hugo.  Love and Licks,  Mum, Dad and Leo, Dare, Cruise, Ski and Flirt xxx

5th Sept 2008 Check out this link for Bo (Borderstorm Bonanza) put together by Michelle Townsend from "Harrjak"

Bo is being considered by Michelle as a stud dog for her bitch Meg (Harrjak Full Speed)!  How much do I want one of those pups!!!!  Bo also has another litter on the way. See our puppy page for details.

The Rest of August 2008 Updates have been scarce as Team Borderstorm went on holiday to the Lakes.  However, there are some updates for you and some FABULOUS results.....

Dashin Dogs (one day visit) - another 2nd for Flirt in Grade 5, and a 2nd in Grade 7 for Ski behind Alison and Jinx. However the main reason for going to Dashin Dogs was to see Kobe, Fetza and Blitz all compete in their first show.  And what little Stars they all were - lots of great rounds, clears too, and a 10th place for Fetz in Grade 3 jumping.  More good news - Thomas (with Jackie of course) and pairs partner Jake and Deena won the Laser Pairs.

Meanwhile, at Dogs In Need, Rod and Bex qualified for the Grade 3 - 4 Classic final on the Sunday, congratulations to them for finishing 4th in the final!

At Dundee, Bo got another 2nd in Grade 3 agility and Harry won into grade 5, winning grade 4 agility and jumping.  Indi won 2 classes and Bella (Borderstorm Grand-daughter) also won Grade 1 - 4 jumping.

And at their local non KC show, Georgie and Spud competed in the ring for the first time and Spud had a number of nice rounds - the shape of things to come.

At Wilton Week Bo won Grade 3 Agility, Jack won 2 Grade 6 classes, Indi won lots of classes, and Ski took a 3rd in BC agility.  At Dog Vegas the pups (Kobe, Blitz, Fetz, Spud and Buddy) all performed well, there were clears for all, and Blitz picked up an 8th.  Back at Wilton, well done to Sammie and Dylon (father of the 3rd Borderstorm Litter) for winning the Championship ticket.

On to the Olympia Qualifiers (not for me though ... still on my hols) and huge congratulations to Maz and Flyte for qualifying for the Olympia stakes, joining Jackie and Thomas, and in the Novice Olympia, Lou and Baby Dare qualified along with Sue and Bella.  Sadly, not to be for Amy and Haze, but they will be qualifying for the big one next year I'm sure.

And at Trent Park - Pixie won another 3 Grade 5 classes and qualified for the Laser Pairs - what a little Star she is!

Other news, Spy is definately expecting puppies, what a good stud dog Bo is!  Here, we are still waiting for Flirts season - only 3 months late!

And last but definately not least - well done to Scunthorpe Gold for finishing 2nd in the Pedigree Team Relay final at Stoneleigh!  They were amazed when they qualified - I guess they were even more stunned on the day! Very very chuffed for you all (Ayza, Kite, Skip and Sal

Babies at their first shows

Buddy, Fetz, Blitz, Kobe and Spud


Bex excelled at Dogs In Need


Flyte qualified for Olympia

8th/9th/10th August 2008 At The KC Festival, well done firstly to my training colleague Becky and Kia who won the Starters Cup and qualified for Crufts!  Way to go Becky!  Dare got a 4th and lots of lower places, and Katy got 5th in the YKC agility dog of the year with Ski.  Bo got a 2nd in the Grade 3 agility (obviously being a stud dog suits him) and another training colleague Julie won Grade 5 with Scotch again.
7th August 2008 Two more pieces of good news - Bo has had 2 successful matings with Spy - details on the puppy page, and Keyne (Astra Keyne) Flirts "partner" to be, has tested normal for TNS.  That's the last test needed, so we are just waiting for her season now.
2nd/3rd August 2008 Scunthorpe show - a 2nd for Flirt in Grade 5 and a 1st for Cruise in Any Size were all we could manage, although we had a lot of lovely runs.  When you are working on rings, its hard to concentrate on your own dogs and think about courses and handling.  Well done to Julie and Scotch for making Grade 6. We had lots of positive comments about the show.
30th July 2008 2 pieces of good news, firstly Cruise has seen the specialist today and can now progress onto slightly higher fences, and we don't need to visit Liverpool again. Hopefully he will be in the Grade 6 classes at the end of the year looking for that last Grade 6 win.  Second, Bo (right) is to be used at stud again in the next week with a pretty BC girl - more details on the puppy page. Ooooh the temptation LOL.
12th/13th July

19th/20th July

26th/27th/28th July

OK, so I'm rubbish at keeping you updated!  Lots has happened, so here's a quick summary.  Cruise has been going for his underwater treadmill sessions, which are designed to bring up his stamina quickly whilst working the leg in a supported style. At Rugby, Cruise made a come back in the Any Size Jumping over very low fences and took a 4th and 3rd, Flyte qualified for the Olympia semi's, and Thomas made the champ final but had a pole down.  At East Lothian Pixie won into Grade 6, a year to the day from turning 18 months.  The following week at Weardale, it was Flirt's first Grade 5 and she got a 3rd, Flyte qualified for the Olympia Semis again, and our training colleague Hannah with Maddy won the champ, with Jackie and Thomas 3rd.  On to the Agility Club Show, Ski came 4th in the Championship final, and Flirt had another good grade 5 round to finish 2nd.  At Derby Thomas won the Grade 7 Jumping. At the World trials, there were 5 Borderstorms there, but none made the cut - Ski had clearly left his brain at the Agility club show!  Well done to all who qualified.  This year was Dares last try out, so Ski is my only hope for the new format World and European qualifiers. Hmmmmmm :o)

Cruise at home and on the under water treadmill having his "work-out".

5th/6th July 2008 At the Pedigree Olympia Semi's, Ski had a pole down and just missed qualification, as did Bob and Meg, our travelling companions!  Well done to Hannah and Maddy though who qualified on Thursday, and Lucy and Ben on Friday - both who train with me at Field of Dreams, and run in our Crufts and Chum  teams.

Meanwhile at Otley, Haze got 2nd in Grade 6 Agility and Zak got 2nd in Grade 6 Jumping.

Back to the Olympia Qualifiers and yippee, Jackie and Tom have qualified on the Sunday for Olympia.

Borderstorm Tom Boy (Thomas)

  CELEBRATE - Cruise has been given the go ahead to start training again.  Low fences, and short weave combinations, but physio Charlie is very pleased with him, and he now is going for fitness work on an underwater treadmill.  He probably won't be back competing this season, but things look very positive for next season.  We have been so patient, and have told ourselves numerous times that Cruise wouldn't compete again, so this is amazing news for us!
29th June 2008 Borderstorm Bunnies enjoying the Euro 2008 final   :o)

Other news, Ski handled by junior Katy Norton have qualified for the KCJO Jumping competition at the KC Festival in August.  Fingers crossed they qualify for Crufts like Katy did with Ski's mum Dare last year"

28th June 2008 What a strange weekend - Friday we started at Barrow Agility Show, but got so badly drenched in the rain, I gave Saturday and Sunday a miss, and went to the Lakes with the rest of the family.  Whilst there, Dare jumped into a river to swim, fast flowing, and couldn't get out as the sides were such slippery rocks.  She was really panicking, and I ran to rescue her and myself slipped on the rocks, ending up in a heap and almost in the river myself.  I managed to get Dare out though.  I have some impressive bruises and ache from top to toe! 
May and June 2008! OK, so you've not had any news for a while.  We've been away on our holidays - Florida - and so I haven't had chance to update, there's lots to fill in, so here goes (and if I missed your results please shout!).

Firstly - Packington!  Why Packington first?  Because Amy and Haze won the KC Olympia Novice Qualifier!  Yippee.  Haze's last ever Grade 5 class and she won it in style.  Flirt came 9th in the same class, Ski got 4th in the Helter Skelter and there were also places for Rod and Bex.  At Nottingham, the day before, Flirt got 8th in the 1 - 7 Helter Skelter, Alan and Matty won another Grade 5 class, and Jackie and Tom made the Olympia semis.  Jackie and Zak had a good 4th in the 6/7 jumping.

So what else while we've been away? Flyte won the Lazer Pairs with his partner at Lune, Baby Dare went into Grade 6, and won classes at Tweedbank, Indi won classes at Tweedbank, Pixie won classes at Pads and Lune Valley, Harry won classes at Tweedbank and Jack came close with 2 x 2nds.  Also at Tweedbank, Flirt won Grade 4 jumping, and Star won too many classes to mention.

There are also loads of FOTB wins, but I can't recall them all.  Must mention Becky and Kia though, Grade 1 but won the 1 - 7 medium Olympia qualifier at North Derbyshire!  Well done Becky.

Dare has been in season while we were away and Flirt is due any time now......hopefully then the patter of tiny paws later this year?

Cruise's physio continues to make great progress, and he is now exercising off lead, but not with the others yet.

"our beach" in Naples, Florida

John and Leo at Magic Kingdom

Borderstorm Heeza Cracker (Harry)

17th 18th May 2008 What a brill weekend for Team Borderstorm, and FOTB.  Firstly my news.  At Vegas Ski won Grade 7 Jumping, Flirt won Grade 4 Agility, Dare got 2nd in Grade 6/7 Jumping, and Ski and Matty, and Dare and Rio made the quarter finals of the Laser Pairs.

Also at Vegas Matty won 2 x Grade 5 agility classes (joining all his litter mates in Grade 6/7)  and Tom won the Laser pairs. FOTB Flynn and Bob won the Grade 6 agility and Moss won the Grade 3 jumping. Well done to Becky and Kia for winning 3 out of 4 Grade 1 medium classes on Saturday. Lots of other places for Maddy, Chilli and Rio - too many to remember.

At Waldridge, Bex won Grade 3 jumping, Pixie got 2nd in Grade 4 Agility, Harry won grade 5 jumping, and "Indistorm"  Crystal won Grade 3 Agility too.

Long may the season continue!!!

Flirt (left) and half brother Matty, both winning graded 4/5 agility at Dog Vegas. Flirt won Grade 4 and Matty won Grade 5.

Borderstorm Dare To Flirt and Borderstorm Nutty Boy!

10th/11th May 2008 Lots of news. At Otley, Flyte won the Grade 7 Agility, Flirt was 4th in the 4/5 combined agility, Zak was 2nd in Grade 6 Jumping (see right) and well done to Maddy for qualifying for the Chum Semi's. At Beacon,  Tom won all 3 of his Grade 7 classes!

Back at Otley, the Indistorm babies came out - Dares grandpups - Tom won the Tuffstuff Agility, Daisy got 3rd in Grade 3 agility and at Fair City Crystal got placed in grade 3 jumping.

3 of the last litter, Blitz, Kobe and Fetzer all measured large, and Kaz broke the news to me that Fetz had been neutured.  :o(  .  Looks like my next baby will either be a Flirt pup, a Bo pup, or a Bella pup.

Jackie and Zak (Borderstorm Double Dare)

7th May 2008 Cruise had another appointment at Toddington Orthopaedics, and Charlie - the Physio - was very pleased with him. His exercises have been increased and we are starting to do work with poles which Cruise enjoys, as it seems like real work.  He does however hate the TENS machine - or his electric shock treatment as we call it! She has also said we can ditch the cage (where he has lived since last September) and give him some "restricted" freedom.  My confidence has increased that he may be doing some any size classes by the end of the year, and then maybe next year ..........
3rd/4th/5th May 2008 What a fab Bank Holiday Weekend for Team Borderstorm (except me as usual LOL).  At Dordale, Pixie won the Grade 4/5 Combined Agility, whilst Matty won Grade 5 Jumping.  At Woodside, Baby Dare won Grade 5 Jumping, Harry got 2nd in Grade 3 Agility and Flyte got 2nd in Grade 7 Agility. I picked up a few minor places, 5th, 7th in Grade 7, and Zak looked beautiful, but not quite as beautiful as Ski.  Well done also to Jackie Gardner and Del for their 3 wins at Grade 6 at Dordale/Shrewsbury, which catapult him promptly into Grade 7.  He only needed one more, so did it in style!. 

Other news, whilst at Woodside I met another potential husband for Flirt - very handsome boy, fully tested, good work ethic, very gentle nature, I also met some of his previous pups.  Decisions Decisions!

Baby Dare (Borderstorm Baby Dare) at Woodside winning Grade 5 Jumping with Lou

24th April 2008 Cruise has been referred to Toddington Orthopaedics in Halifax for some specific exercises to help with his injury.  We have a TENS machine at home now, where we have to stimulate his quadriceps into contracting via electrical impulse.  Cruise, needless to say, is not impressed at all!  We also have exercises and stretches to carry out daily.  Hopefully this is the start of the road to recovery.
April 19th/20th 2008 Well done to Harry, winning into Grade 4 at the weekend with Jacqui!  And also Flyte, for numerous places at Wallingford, all top 5.  There was also a place for Matty (handled by his granny Lisa) and 2 x 7th's for Dare in Grade 7 Jumping and Agility.

Harry (Borderstorm Heeza Kracker)

April 15th 2008 There is definately a dog puppy available from Bo and Rio's litter - see the puppy page for details.  This pup is now homed thankyou.
April 12th 2008 European Championship Qualifiers - I was there with Dare (Ski had failed his rabies test so Dare was invited instead). Maz had Flyte and Jackie G had Tom. All started well with Dare and Flyte having very fast and accurate first runs, finishing 7th and 4th out of the 60 dogs, but in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, Dare and I lost communication somewhere, and Maz fell victim to the conditions landing flat on her a**e and confusing Flyte, although he had a lovely 3rd round to keep him in contention.  The top 30 dogs were required to run a 4th round.  Flyte was definately in, and amazingly Dare made the cut due to her blistering first run.  However, neither Maz nor I  could affect the results as a number of competitors had sufficient points to carry them through regardless of their final round.  Well done to Sarah and Tig - Touchango Top Gear, the overall winner, and one of Flirts potential husbands. Great fun though and well worth the long journey.


April 11th 2008 We went to visit Rio and Bo's babies - at 5 weeks they are absolutely gorgeous and full of themselves just as puppies should be. 2 of them stood out to me, Arwen (left) and Galadriel (right) - both very petite  Thank goodness I don't have to choose one!  I understand there may be one dog puppy available to a working home.
April 5th 2008 Scunthorpe Show - our own show.  Lots of Team Borderstorm Places, and many FOTB too.  Well done to Haze (right), winning Grade 5 Agility, Flirt and Bex for getting 2nd in grade 1 - 5 pairs, Flirt for her 9th in 4 - 5 Agility, and to Ski and Dare who both went clear in the Team (for once)!  FOTB dogs also in the prizes -  Harry, 2nd in Grade 5 Jumping, Scotch - winning Grade 5 jumping, Aggie and Elsa, 1st Grade 1 - 5 pairs, Moss 2nd Grade 3 jumping, Ayza, Skip, Sally and Kite winning the Pedigree Team, and Ben, making the champ final.

Haze (Borderstorm Wicked But Wise)

April 2008 I'm now going to include  FOTB on the site (Friends of Team Borderstorm) - dogs which belong to friends of ours but not bred by me.  Look out for their names in PINK, like Rio on the right.
March 31st 2008 Back to Liverpool for Cruise - the joint was less inflamed then last time, and the specialist has recommended some specialist physiotherapy, so watch this space.
March 28th 2008 Rio and Bo's pups are growing well, and look adorable.  They are 3 weeks today.  I understand that there may be pups available.  Please contact me and I will pass your details to Karen - more details of Bo and Rio on the puppy page.
March 24th 2008 Meet Hopscotch - the latest addition at Team Borderstorm, and a friend for Shady.  A grumpy little madam from Sue's Bunny Rescue, where her previous owners had allowed her long Angorra coat to matt, so she has had to be shaved.  I will add her to Shady's page when time allows.
March 21st 2008 Dog Vegas Show - a 4 day show which was mostly cancelled due to the weather, but only after Flirt's team won the Team Dash qualifying for the final in August.  This was a huge surprise - as we had to bring in Flirt as reserve. The Team was me and Flirt, Trev and Ayza, Veronica and Kite and Marilyn and Sally.

Flirt, Borderstorm Dare To Flirt

March 12th 2008 Very sad news, one of Rio's puppies has passed away, the little merle bitch at the front of the photo.  No real reason, but Karen feels there must have been something wrong with her as she never really gained any weight. Its so sad when that happens, even though she was only a few days old, I know you become very attached to them.
March 10th 2008 Thanks for everyones good wishes,  I've been into hospital today and had a small op. to remove a lump - so I'm all stitched up.  No photos obviously! LOL.
March 8th and 9th 2008 Congratulations to Bo and Rio, Rio gave birth to 9 lovely pups, after a long and exhausting whelping.  The first pup was born on the 8th March at just before 2pm, with the last one being born at half past 4 the following morning.  To say Karen and I were exhausted was an understatement, but not as exhausted as little Rio!
March 7th 2008 CRUFTS - Dare was in the YKC Jumping with Katy, and they did very well, winning their age group and dog height.  I was certainly a very proud mum (to Dare not Katy!).  In the overall they finished 3rd. Dare really enjoys working with Katy so hopefully they will be able to repeat this performance for next year.

Dare and Ski at Crufts

March 6th 2008 CRUFTS - our club team (sponsored by Petnat) were competing on the Thursday in the Crufts Team competition, Ski and Flyte, with Meg and Elsa from our club making up the team.  The photo right shows us in front of the Petnat Stall. L to R - Roger and Elsa, Bob and Meg, me and Ski, Maz and Flyte. Sadly we couldn't pull out enough clears between us to qualify for the finals, but it was nice to get our moment in the big ring, and it certainly gives you the bug for next year.  Well done to Jackie G with Tom though, as their team did make the finals.

Leo came along too and got snapped by the Crufts photographer as he walked up to the main gates with Dare.

February 25th 2008 Back to Liverpool with Cruise - again, the specialist  was not happy with his progress, he still has a lot of discomfort in his stifle.  The plan is if there is no improvement in the next 4 weeks, he will have a further operation.  He has been enjoying his swimming, and has really built up his stamina, but sadly it hasn't fixed his leg.
February 2008 I have been a bit lapse in my updates I know!  Life has been hectic.  At Waldridge Fell, Stars litter made their debut in the ring, and although I wasn't there to see it, the reports were good, with Storm winning grade 3 agility and getting 3rd in grade 3 jumping.  Harry also had a great day gaining 1st place in grade 3 jumping. Pictures to follow
26th January 2008 Wedding Bells!  Team Borderstorm turned out in force to the wedding of Scunthorpe Agility Club Member Hannah Cook to long time partner Tom.  We all had a great time - Hannah looked beautiful, Tom looked mostly proud and a little stunned, and it was a lovely relaxed day. Even Hannah's dogs, Maddie, Josh and Poppy turned up for the occasion. The Team Borderstorm girls (plus Rodney and Ian) partied hard and adopted a Team Indistorm member for the evening too :o) Photos right.

Hannah and Tom

 6 Borderstorm Girlies and an Indistorm Girlie - I'm 2nd left!

25th January 2008 When Cruise met Shady!  The dogs cannot normally get near to Shady's hutch, but Cruise, on a rare moment out of his crate for a wee proved why rabbits and Border Collies don't make the best of friends!  Shady was fine after this "adventure".
19th January 2008 Nothing to report for my dogs at Ribble show, but huge congratulations for Jackie and Lou with Harry and Baby Dare right (Borderstorm Heeza Cracker and Borderstorm Baby Dare) for their 3rd place in the Pedigree Trek Pairs.
7th January 2008 Cruise was back at Liverpool Veterinary Hospital and the news was a bit gloomy - he is still lame and the specialist would have expected to have seen a bigger improvement by now.  He needs 6 more weeks cage rest, plus some hydrotherapy.
5th January 2008 Bo has been mated to Rio, so fingers crossed for pups in early March.  Details on the puppy page.

Bo - Borderstorm Bo-Nanza

5th January 2008 We had our first team training session for Crufts here on the Astroturf, and all dogs (and handlers) coped very well with the surface. Looking forward to the "Big Day" now .
1st January 2008 Happy New Year from all of us here at Team Borderstorm.  We spent New Year at the Marriott House - see right for a photo of what one of their dogs "Timber" did when the air horn went off at midnight!  Must have thought the house needed replastering!
29th December 2007 At "Field of Dreams" Fun day, Rod and Bex had a great day, winning both the Grade 3 - 5 agility and jumping.  She will be one to look out for next year.  A small fast black and white girl with old Rodney trailing behind LOL. Well done to you both, after an uncertain start this little girl will be winning plenty in 2008.

Bex, Borderstorm Dare To Be at Jolysses

28th December 2007 All Indi's pups have gone to their new homes, and peace reigns over the Mallabar house. 
25th December 2007 A new addition to Team Borderstorm is Shady - Borderstorm Shady's Crazy who belongs to Leo.  What a little sweetie he is.  I will do a page for him when I have time.
14th December 2007 Very pleased to report that Dare's TNS DNA test has come back as normal.  This means that Flirt must also be clear by parentage. For more information on TNS please click here.  If you are looking to buy a Border Collie pup please please please do not buy one whose parents have not been tested for TNS. It is fatal disease and thought to be prolific in Border Collies.  For more information about TNS, and other Border Collie hereditary illnesses, please read this article.
8th December 2007 Just seen the judges critique of Dare at North West Border Collie Club Championship Breed Show. Click on the picture for a larger image and bigger print. This was her first show, and I was chuffed to bits with her.  I promised my hubby that I wouldn't carry on breed showing, but I may have been bitten by the bug :o)
7th December 2007 LKA show today at the NEC -  hmmm, well we tried our best.  There were 14 in Dare's class (Post Grad Biitch) and she was placed VHC (or 5th to us non show types) - that's the final place given.  So I was pleased to get placed amongst famous names of the show world, but wish we could have just made the Crufts cut.  Dare was such a good girl - she stood perfectly, showed her paces well, and kept her ears alert. She didn't even try to round up any of her competitors or bite my ankles!

Still, I was proud of her - there were very few merles placed during the day, and Dare was one of them.  My special girl :o)

5th December 2007 Happy Happy!!!  Dare has been called up for Crufts in the YKC event, handled by Katie.  They weren't sure after the KC Festival whether they had indeed qualified, but got confirmation today that this was the case. I am delighted for them - Katie is a great young handler and Dare is very fond of her. We'll be there to cheer them on of course.

So Ski will be at Crufts on the Thursday, and Dare will be at Crufts on the Friday.  All we need now is to have a good day at LKA at the NEC on Friday, to qualify Dare for the breed at Crufts on Saturday :o)  Hmm, I won't hold my breath !

Other Borderstorms qualified for Crufts.....Star, Flyte and Tom all for the agility.

Above, Katie and Dare, and below, Ski and Dare

2nd December 2007 Exciting news - Bo, Borderstorm Bo-Nanza, is to be used at stud in the next few weeks!  He is such a handsome boy, more details on the puppy page.
2nd December 2007 We went to see Indi's pups today.  One of our friends is having one of the pups and she was visiting today, so I (and Karen and Jackie) begged a lift.  They were sooooo gorgeous! 
28th November 2007 Exciting News.....Ski has been called up for the GB Team qualifying for the European Open. The qualifying will be held in April, with the European Open itself in July! Go Ski (bless his little merlie paws!).
17th November 2007 I decided not to go to Newton Heath, mainly as I wanted to keep an eye on Cruise on his first day home, and also Dare was is in season too.  But well done to that gorgeous Zak (Borderstorm Double Dare), who took 3rd in Grade 6 jumping.
14th - 16th November 2007 Poor Cruise, its been a traumatic few days for him, and us too!  On the 14th we took him to Liverpool University Veterinary hospital for his pre-op assessment, and we left him there to be collected on Friday the 16th.

Bless him, he had further MRI scans, a CT scan on his hocks and a camera into his left knee joint.  The scope showed that his crucciate ligament, although inflamed, was not damaged.  However, the surgeon was surprised about the damage to his cartilage.  He said in all his years of orthopaedic surgery, he had only ever seen damage to the cartilage like this on one other occasion - another Border Collie doing agility. This damage had also caused fraying to the menisci. Anyway, he trimmed up and drilled the cartilage to promote healing. He also commented about some pathology to both hocks, and, although he didn't believe this was the cause of Cruise's problem, he commented that he was seeing this increasingly in collies. 

Cruise is now on 2 - 4 weeks cage rest, so he's feeling a bit sorry for himself. But its so nice to have him home again.

10th November 2007 Congratulations to Indi, who gave birth to 7 beautiful pups today - 5 boys and 2 girls.  I went up to give Sue a hand as she was on her own - I'm so pleased I did - its so magical, and Indi is such an attentive mum. All those boyz though! The one on the right was the first born, and Sue has called him Twist.  I will post more pics as they become available.
8th November 2007 Photos of Spud on holiday - what a handsome boy !  But he's also now been given "the chop" so no baby Spudlets in the future. 

Spud also takes after his sister Blitz and is an expert at "House Trashing" -  this was his opinion of his new bed, a special present after his operation!


5th November 2007 Poor Tom had a lump removed - fortunately it wasn't anything too serious - it was a Seroma - a bit of tissue that wasn't quite right.  Fingers crossed Tom makes a speedy recovery.
4th November 2007 I finally got round to scanning in the photo of the 2007 (February) litter, photo coutesy of Eddie Nolan at the Kings Gallery.  What a bunch of little cuties!  Left to right, Buddy Bateman, Fetza Marriott, Blitz Smith, Kobe Smith and Spud Baker.
25th October 2007 The MRI scans for Cruise have resulted in a referral to Liverpool Veterinary hospital, our appointment in on the 14th November.  Finally we seem to be getting somewhere with this injury, poor Cruise is getting a bit fed up with staying on a lead all the time.  I understand there will be a camera placed into the joint, and the damage will be assessed, and if possible repaired, without opening the joint up, to give a shorter recovery time.
24th October 2007 Ooops!  Someone wasn't keeping an eye on baby Blitz, and this is what she achieved in a very short time (see right).  Tut Tut Amy, you should know what a Borderstorm Baby is capable of LOL!
21st October 2007 Dare and I did a breed show - North West Border Collie Club Championship show.  I was extremely nervous, but to my amazement, she was placed 2nd in Best Working Bitch, and 4th In Best "Any other colour".  She wasn't placed in Veteran, but I didn't care by that time, I was so proud of my girl.  Our next breed show is LKA at the NEC in December.  Click here to see the judges critique LOL

Photo Copyright Sam Houston

13th October 2007 Well done to Louise and Baby Dare for winning Grade 4 at Wigton, and also gaining 2 second places as well!  Next show, Grade 5.

Photo Copyright  Sam Houston

10th October 2007 Hooray - Indi's scan confirmed she is definately expecting puppies in 5 weeks time.  I understand from Sue that all these pups are spoken for now.  
7th October 2007 Certainly a day for us to remember - our club finally qualified for the Crufts Team Competition after a few close encounters.  So look out for Ski at Crufts in March along with litter brother Flyte who was also in the team.  We pulled out 4 clear rounds, 10 seconds faster then any other team.  Our other dogs are Meg and Elsa.  It was also a good day for Ski, 2nd in the 1 - 7 Jumping, with Flyte in 4th, and mum Dare a few places behind. Flyte also took a 2nd in the 1 - 7 agility and 1st in the 5 - 7 agility, so he is certainly on form at the moment!  There was also a 7th place for Jack  in the 1 - 7 jumping, handled by Sue instead of Ian for a change, and Star was 2nd in this class.

Photo Copyright Sam Houston

6th October 2007 It was sunny today at South Durham, although not for me, with few rosettes coming my way.  However, in the 5 - 7 jumping Flyte and Tom took 1st and 2nd, with mum Dare in 9th.  Seems these 2 boys haven't yet learnt that they shouldn't beat their mum!  Meanwhile at Norfolk, Pixie won the 1 - 4 agility.

Pixie (Borderstorm Blue Print)

29th/30th September Saturday at Lincoln - what a day for Team Borderstorm.  Flirt won Grade 3 Jumping, Haze (right) and Amy won Grade 5 Jumping, and Ski won Grade 7 Agility.  Dare got a 4th in Grade 7 Jumping, and Bex (bless her) got her first ever place - a 11th in Grade 3 Jumping earning her Borderstorm Wings - well done Bex and Rod.  At Dashin' Dogs, Pixie won another Grade 3 jumping taking her up to Grade 4.

And then there was Sunday at Lincoln - Flirt won Grade 3 Jumping again, with Rod and Bex getting 8th (right).  Ski got 4th in Grade 7 Jumping, and at Dashing Dogs Pixie got 2nd in Grade 3 agility.

21st/22nd/23rd September 2007 Derbyshire - not much to report - just a few places, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths mostly.  But Ski's team won the Pedigree Team, and Dare's was 3rd.  Dare's pairs partner Rio (right) won 2 classes and has finally made grade 7 - hooray  :o)
15th/16th September 2007 Easington Show at Witton Castle brought a Grade 4 Agility win for Baby Dare (so up to Grade 5 she goes) and another Grade 3 jumping win for Flirt.  There was a win for Star in the Grade 7 Agility, and places for Dare and Harry too.  Our Crufts Team came soooo close, but finished 4th altogether - only one more chance this year!

Photo Copyright  Sam Houston

11th September  2007 Indi had her first mating today, and will be mated again later this week.  Fingers crossed for the patter of tiny paws :o)
8th/9th September 2007 At Wigan, Flirt gained another 3rd place in Grade 3 jumping, Flyte won grade 7 agility on Saturday, Ski got a 2nd in grade 7 agility on Sunday and Dare got a number of top 5 places over both days.  Whilst at Aberdeen, Pixie won the grade 3 jumping, Baby Dare won her first 2 Grade 4 classes, Harry got lots of places, and Star, well Star was just showing off winning 5 classes!  Also well done to Dare's pairs partner Rio for winning another grade 6 agility class, only one more needed, and to Bob and Meg for another grade 6 win.

Star, Borderstorm No Regrets

Photo Copyright Sam Houston

6th September 2007 Indi is in season and due to be mated to Dylon again. What a gorgeous litter they had last time!  They have amazing drive and are a lovely working build.  There may be puppies available. If you are interested please see our "puppies" page.

Indi, Borderstorm Indi-Go

2nd September 2007 Pedigree Pairs Finals at Birmingham. Karen and I had qualified for this, and we went with such high hopes.  In the final round, Rio and Karen were inch perfect. But Dare and I had an unusual pole down, my timing was slightly out on a pull through and it caused her to take off from an almost impossible angel.  She then took the wrong end of a tunnel.  Such a shame as our pair has worked almost flawlessly all season.
August 31st 2007 At Northern Week, we just decided to compete on the Friday.  It was very windy (as always at this venue) and so most courses had few of no contacts in for safety.  Flirt won another 1 - 3 Agility (minus the contacts) and Dare won the 6 - 7 jumping and was placed in the TFO (!4th).  Ski managed a 3rd in the 5 - 7 jumping too.  Not a bad day, but the weather made it seem hard work.  Cruisey got to stay at home, much to his disgust!
August 30th Cruise had his MRI today.  It showed a fluid build up on his left stifle, but not specific to his cruciate. As far as they can tell the cruciate is not ruptured.  In fact, Sam (our friendly vet) suspects that the problem is caused by a tear in the menisci (sp??) which is similar to cartilage.  In pet dogs this would simply be removed, but this may not be appropriate for a working dog like Cruise.  The MRI scans have been sent to Chestergates where there is a specialist who can analyse the results, and suggest appropriate treatment.   In the meantime, Cruise is on Cartrofen injections, Rimaldyl, and strict rest and exercise. And M & S insurance are £1600 poorer. LOL.  I hadn't realised what an MRI scanner was like until I saw it!  It has to be big enough to accommodate the horses at the practice.   In fact, it was almost bigger then my house! Check out the photo of the monster scanner at
August 29th Just when everything seems to be going well, Cruise seems to be suffering with that old Cruciate ligament problem which has been quiet all season.  An MRI scan is booked for tomorrow along with further x-rays.  Poor Cruisey Bum - he's had a great season, with one win left to Grade 7, and we all thought that his 4 months of complete rest earlier this year had done the trick, but obviously not. His lameness is intermittent again, but his health is more important than his agility, and we need to get it put right.  Thanks goodness for insurance :o(
August 26th/27th Dog Vegas - back to local shows again, and we had a really fun couple of days.  Dare was on form and picking up prizes, and Ski won Grade 6/7 jumping, managing to keep all his poles up for once.  Flirt got a 1st and a 3rd in Grade 3 jumping, and even Cruise got a 5th in Grade 1 - 7 combined. We did ring party for Trev, and the sun shone.  I got to see Spud again, he's growing very quickly, and is shaped more like his dad Wizard.  Flyte won a couple of classes, as did Thomas.  And Zak got a great 3rd place too.

Our friend and Team Borderstorm founder member Jackie (Owner of Zak and Kobe) has gone into hospital for a procedure on her leg - wishing her all the best  :o)

Meanwhile at SKC Baby Dare won another two Grade 3 jumping classes.

August 19th onwards A week at Troutbeck in the lakes - what a lovely time we had climbing mountains, pony trekking, quad biking and just chilling by the lakes and rivers.  Pictures on the on-tour page when I get a mo.
August 18th/19th Dundee Show - I judged on the Saturday - thanks to my ring party, especially Ellen, who made my day entertaining even through the rain.  On the Sunday, Dare won Grade 7 jumping and took a 4th in the agility.  Cruise had a couple of places, and Flirt (bless her) won grade 3 agility. I also got to see Harry and Baby Dare working again and they picked up places (although I can't recall what - I can just recall hearing the presentations).  Star also cleaned up on the Saturday winning my 5 - 7 jumping class.
August 12th onwards Team Borderstorm headed north to spend a week in the Scottish Highlands.  Pictures will go onto the "on-tour" page when I get time.
11th/12th August The KC Festival - what a great show - the sun scorched us all and we all chilled out big time.  Dare and Ski (in his first grade 7 classes) both took places, and little Flirt picked up a 2nd in grade 3 jumping.  Thomas had a brilliant 1st in the British Open Agility, and there were places for Matty and PixieBex made her first appearance in the ring and amazed us all with her focus.  Dare ran in the YKC finals with Katy (see right) - we're not sure as yet whether they've made the Crufts cut off. Wizard and Dare had a rendez-vous - Wizard was pleased to see Dare - Dare showed Wizard a lovely set of teeth :o) 
4th/5th August At Kingdom of Fife, Star took the highest honour and won his 3rd Agility Championship Certificate, making him an Agility Champion What a special boy he is - our first Borderstorm Agility Champion.  And little sister Baby Dare wasn't to be outdone, winning the award for the best grade 3 dog over the whole of the show.

At Scunthorpe - our own show -  the Team Borderstorm Dogs certainly had a good weekend.  Flirt got 2 more 2nd places in Grade 3 classes, Dare and Cruise had a number of high places too.  Flyte won the Grade 6 agility, and Matty qualified for the Adams Derby Finals.

21st/22nd July Weardale - what a brilliant weekend.  Firstly Star won the Agility CC  (that's his 2nd), and then Flirt took a 2nd and 3rd in Grade 3 jumping. Tom qualified for the Pedigree Pairs finals, and there were first places for Star and FlyteCruise managed a 5th, Dare a 3rd and a 5th, and Ski tried hard :o)  There were also some good places for Pixie too, and Baby Dare in Grade 3, but I can't recall exactly what.  And to top it off  Matty got a 5th in Grade 5 Agility.  Roll on next weekend - the season is just getting better and better!
16th /17th July At the world champ qualifiers, we had a great time.  Team Borderstorm were represented by Jackie and Tom, the other Jackie and Zak, Maz and Flyte, and of course me with my mob Dare, Ski and Cruise. Sadly Cruise didn't make it past day 1 on his see-saw technique, but the others all were back for day 2.  On day 2, some testing handling courses challenged us all, with only Dare being in with a fighting chance by the last round.  She ended up 10th overall.  As she had performed 4 brilliant clears, and had no pre-qualifying points, I was chuffed with her performance.
14th/15th July Barnard Castle - A great weekend for us - Flyte won combined 1 - 7 agility, and Ski won the Graded 1 - 7 jumping with Cruise in 2nd. Dare was 2 in the grade 7 section. In the 6 - 7 Helter Skelter, Ski again took the top spot and Dare was 2nd. Dare and her partner won the pairs, Indi took grade 7 Jumping, and baby Flirt got third in 1 - 3 jumping.  Up at Aberdeen, Louise and Star won 4 classes, and Baby Dare won 2 grade 3 agility classes taking her into grade 4, Harry also picked up a number of 2nd and 3rd places.
7th/8th July East Lothian brought clear rounds and rosettes for the 3rd Borderstorm Litter.  Jackie Tarn and Harry (Borderstorm Heeza Kracker) had 4 places in grade 3 classes, Sue White and Pixie (Borderstorm Blueprint) also were placed in Grade 3 Agility, as were Flirt and I.  Best result of the weekend went to Louise Raine and Baby Dare (Borderstorm Baby Dare) with a 2nd place in Grade 3 jumping.  Well done everyone and keep it up!
7th July 2007 Mega congrats to Indi (Borderstorm Indi-Go) for winning the reserve ticket in the Championship at East Lothian!  Also to Jack for his 2nd place in Grade 5 jumping.  Ian Mallabar handling both dogs :o)
6th July 2007 Sadly, we had to say Goodbye to our old girl Sasha today. At 15 years she had lived a full and active life with us. We rescued her at 11 weeks from the local pound, and she had been our special girl ever since.  Sleep well old girl. 
6th July 2007 The 3rd Borderstorm Litter are 18 months today, and 6 of the 7 babies are competing for the first time this weekend.  So good luck and big hugs to Gunna, Bo, Harry, Baby Dare, Flirt and Pixie!
30th June 2007 At the Highland Finals in Perth, sadly Ski got a big fat "E", but well done to Louise and Star who came a very respectful 2nd! What a great day out - definitely one to try and qualify for next year!
23rd/24th June 2007 Brilliant results all over the UK - at Tweedbank, Indi won a handful of grade 7 classes, Ski won grade 6 - 7 agility (taking him into Grade 7) and got 2nd in grade 6 - 7 jumping, Cruise won grade 4 - 7 jumping.  At Lune, Flyte won grade 6 - 7 agility and jumping, and down south, Thomas and his team qualified for the Crufts Team competition.  A good Borderstorming Weekend :o)
16th June 2007 At at a very wet Wilton, Cruise had a good day gaining 3rd in 1 - 7 Jumping Combined, beaten by Louise and  Star, and Ski got 2nd in the 1 - 7 TFO beaten by litter brother Flyte. Quite a good Borderstorm Day :o)
10th June 2007 Great news, Ski has been called up for the Pedigree Highland Finals at Scone Palace.  The KC Olympia stakes has no qualifiers in Scotland, so this competition is their equivalent, and Ski and I qualified as a reserve when we were competing at Woodside earlier this year.  Ski had been having a great round when he turned the wrong way over a fence, and we lost loads of time, so I'm really pleased we got called up as I wasn't expecting it.  So its off to Perth we go in a few weeks time!.
8th/9th June 2007 Hoorah, at Wyre Cartmel Cruisey Bum got another win towards advanced, by winning grade 6 jumping, pipping his sister Meg by the smallest margin.  There were also more wins for Maz and Flyte, and over at North Derbyshire, Jackie and Tom got another win.  There were also places for Amy and Haze and Jackie and Zak. Its turning into quite a good season.
3rd June 2007 Brill news - Marilyn and Flyte won Grade 5 - 7 agility at PADS making them Grade 7, and Jackie and Tom did the same at Hinckley, making them Grade 7 also.  Cruise had a good day with a 3rd in grade 5 - 7 agility and 5th in grade 5 - 7 jumping, and Dare got 4th in grade 5 - 7 agility.  Also well done to Amy and Haze - who got 8th in Grade 5 - 7 agility and 8th in grade 5 - 7 jumping.  Roll on next weekend at Cartmel.
26th May 2007 Well done to Wizard, father of the most recent Borderstorm Litter of Kobe, Blitz, Fetzer, Spud and Buddy for getting another CC at his BC breed shows, and hence making him Show Champion Goytre Price of Dreams.
26th May 2007 Nottingham was a good show, with Dare winning Grade 7 jumping, also winning the Trek pairs with partner Rio, and reaching the champ final too.  Flyte got 2nd in Grade 6 jumping too, and Tom got 5th in pairs with partner Binka.  Again, Up North in Scotland, Indi won grade 7 agility and Jack (the nearly dog shown right) won Grade 5 Agility making him Grade 6 at last.  Haze and Matty had some good rounds, working well, but clipping the odd pole. All 5 recent Bordertorm Babies were together this weekend - what a cute bunch they are.
19th /20th May Waldridge Fell brought lots of places for the Borderstormers, mum Dare won Grade 3 - 7 agility, beating Ski into 5th.  She also got a 3rd, 4th and 7th as well.  Flyte got a good 5th in Grade 6/7 agility, and there were places for Tom too. Meanwhile Up North at SKC,  Indi won Grade 7 jumping too.
22nd April 2007 No prizes for me at Otley as I was judging, but well done to Jackie G and Tom - who qualified for the KC Olympia Stakes.
7th/8th/9th April 2007 Lots of prizes at Dog Vegas this weekend, but brilliant results for Ski, winning Grade 1 - 7 Agility Combined, Maz and Flyte, winning the same class the following day, with Louise and Star in 3rd, and for Dare (only 8 weeks after giving birth) for getting 3rd in Grade 6/7 combined jumping.  Flyte and Ski have 3 wins to Champ each - who will win the race????? Buddy went to his new home this weekend too.
1st April 2007 Spud went to his new home today, all the way to Loughborough, leaving us with Buddy (our merle boy)  here, who will go next weekend. 
31st March 2007 Well done to Louise and Star for winning the Crufts Qualifier today at Dundee.  We know Louise won't take Star to Crufts due to the surface, but a great achievement anyway.
31st March 2007 Scunthorpe Agility Show - There were prizes for Cruise in the Team and Pairs, Matty also was placed in Grade 5 Agility.  Its nice to be back on the outdoor show circuit again, letting the dogs stretch out properly over full and fast courses.  Also, following the show, 3 of the pups - Kobe, Blitz and Fetza went off to their new homes, bless them.  They will have their own new pages just as soon as I find a spare couple of hours.
29th March 2007 Things never go to plan do they?  On Tuesday we took the pups down to the AHT for puppy eye tests (although we already know they are OK due to the DNA status of the parents).  We also had them BAER hearing tested, but expected no problems as both parents are BAER tested normal.  Deafness is a major problem in Border Collies, but many owners do not know that their collie may have a hearing problem in one or both ears, and put it down to stubbornness.  Well, we were faced with the disappointing news that our merle boy pup failed his hearing test in one ear.  His other ear was perfectly normal, but obviously we were devastated.  However, it really proves how invaluable this test is, as without it we would have been none the wiser, as he reacts, responds to noise and behaves the same as the rest of the litter.  His hearing is fine, he just uses one ear  more whereas other pups use both.  Bless him.

Having been through this I would now urge potential collie puppy owners, never to purchase a collie puppy unless the litter have been BAER hearing tested.  On discussion with the specialist, she said that although blue eyes, merling and white patching can often be associated with problems, in her experience, for every pup with a white ear failing the test, there are just as many with a coloured or black ear. Food for thought.

18th March 2006 Its been a long weekend here, but all pups are now chosen and their new owners have been choosing names.  I like this time best with puppies - they are active, fun, a little bit mischievous,  but gorgeous, and watching them interacting with their owners is great fun
13th March 2007 The pups are downstairs now, in their new pen, and more photos have been uploaded.  Cruise's leg appears to be improving - after a long period of rest we are now increasing his exercise, and fingers crossed - no lameness.
6th March 2007 More puppy photos loaded up today.  Sooooo cute :-)
5th March 2007 Good news, Wizard (the sire of our current litter) has DNA tested normal for TNS. Currently, the world of Border Collie breeding is going through some "challenges" with TNS being the most recent concern, but with the DNA test only recently becoming available. Wizard's result means we can breath a huge sigh of relief, as this means that our pups cannot be affected by TNS, a dreadful fatal genetic disease.  To understand more about this condition, click here.
1st March 2007 Flirts hipscore is back 5:4 - we are very pleased with that, maybe we will have baby Flirties one day - if we're brave enough!!!  Pixies hips are back too (Flirts litter sister) and hers are 4:3 - even better!
25th February 2007 Our babies have their eyes slightly open. Should be open fully tomorrow.  More pictures are on the puppy page.
24th February 2007 Well done to Jack (Borderstorm Black Jack) and Ian for a great 2nd place in Grade 5 Jumping today at Fife.
22nd February 2007 Bo's hip-score came back at 3:6 - so obviously Sue is very pleased.  Looks like Bo will be keeping his "bits" for a while.  Just Pixie's and Flirt's results to come back, we are expecting them any day now.
18th February 2007 Flyte won both the Grades 5,6,7 Jumping and Agility at NAWS today - taking advantage of our puppies to knock his brother Ski of the leader's spot.  Well done Maz and Flyte - they will be grade 7 before the year is out - you mark my words!
12th February 2007 Our long awaited litter from Dare by Wizard has finally arrived, 4 boys and 1 girl, both B/W and Blue merles. Sadly we lost one baby, but all others and mum doing very well. This was not an easy whelping for Dare, and I found it quite worrying.  Thanks to Amy and other friends who kept my spirits up.  Leo has named them after Simpson's characters. Check out Dares puppy page for more info, or the webcam for a real time view:
9th February 2007 Waldridge Fell show, well done to Flyte for a great 6th place in combined 6/7 agility, and to Indi for a very creditable 4th in the combined 6/7 jumping, her first proper show back after her puppies.  And well done, but commiserations to Jack, the unluckiest  Borderstorm Boy for 1 pole in the 1 - 5 Agility.
7th February 2007 Cruise has been suffering intermittent lameness on a back foot.  We've been treating it with anti-inflammatory drugs, and lots of rest with only lead walking.  Today the vet x-rayed him, checked out his hips, spine and knees, and suggested he may have some slight damage to his cruciate ligament.  He needs rest, lots of rest and more rest, along with more anti-inflammatorys and cartrofen. Poor Cruise, he likes to run free - he won't be a happy boy now.
6th February 2007 The webcam is now up and running, for Dare and Wizards babies,   It won't be on all the time, obviously, and it won't be running when other applications such as MSN Messenger are using it.  "Streaming webcam supplied by"
3rd February 2007 See post dated 23rd January - Leo has now decided the pups will be named after WWF Wrestling Stars.  Not sure whether this is a better option or not! Amy is very disappointed by this, as she had wanted to call her puppy Ting Tong!
27th/28th January 2007 Tom won Senior Agility on Saturday at the Agility Addicts show and 2nd in Level D jumping at NAWS. Sadly, his win at Addicts was at an unaffiliated show, but it looks like he and Jackie are getting it together again for the coming season. Tom only needs one more win to go Advanced (Grade 7).
25th January 2007 A new photo has been added of Indi's pups. Absolutely gorgeous! 
23rd January 2007 Dare has 2 weeks to go until her litter are due, so we are all getting very excited at Dares expanding waistline.  We always let our son Leo name the puppies as it helps him to feel involved.  Last year the boys were named after footy players, Ronaldo, Rooney and Beckham, and the girls were named after singers, Kylie, Brittney, Beyonce and Madonna.  The previous litter was TV characters, and the year before super-heroes.  Worryingly this year he has announced that the pups will be named after "Little Britain Characters".  So far he has chosen Davith, Vicky Pollard, Bubbles  and Ting-Tong Macadangdang!  Any ideas on how to get a 7 year old to change his mind????? Needless to say, I expect the new owners will want to choose their own names eventually :-)  For updates on Dare check out the 2007 litter page,
18th January 2006 Flirt has had her hips X-rayed, and they have been sent to the BVA for scoring.  Fingers and paws crossed for good result. Good hips are so important, not simply for our future breeding plans, but to ensure the dogs are capable of the workload we ask of them in agility.  I always get my dogs hips scored regardless of whether they are going to breed or not.  Bo has had his done too, and Pixie will have hers done this week, so we are all waiting nervously.
6th January 2007 Hooray - Dares scan confirmed she is expecting pups.  Check out her pages for more information - Dares 2007 litter
6th January 2007 Happy 1st Birthday to the 3rd Borderstorm Litter, Flirt, Pixie, Bex, Baby Dare, Gunna, Harry and Bo
31st December 2006 NAWS indoor show, and Ski had a great day with a win in Grade 5 6 7 Jumping, and 2nd in Grade 5,6,7 agility.  Zak had a 3rd in the jumping, and Cruise got 5th in the jumping and an unplaced clear in the agility.  Good boy Ski!   Dare had to watch, much to her disgust due to her "condition".
24th December 2006 Back from our weeks skiing holiday in Chamonix, dogs are all fine, and Dare seems well.  Indi's pups have started to leave for their new homes too.
20th December 2006 Happy 4th Birthday to the 1st Borderstorm Litter - Tom, Matti, Zak, Haze, Jinx and Indi
18th December 2006 Happy 3rd Birthday to the 2nd Borderstorm Litter - Ski, Star, Jack, Flyte and Daisy
13th December 2006 Went to visit Indi and her pups.  Rumour has it there MAY be one available.
11th December 2006 Took Dare to visit Wiz for a 3rd mating.  She was behaving like a real tart. This time she threw herself at him 100%. Thats my girl :-)
9th December 2006 Dare and Wiz had a 2nd mating, Dare liked him a little more this time, but still took a lump of red fur as a souvenir :-)  And whilst we were there, Jackie and Zak were at Rugby Chritmas show, and got a great 6th place in Open Jumping.  Well done!
7th December 2006 Dare and Wizard were mated, and will be mated again on the 9th.  If all goes to plan, the pups will be due on the 8th February 2007.
2nd December 2006 Wyre show, and well done to Louise and Star, who took 1st place in the Intermediate Agility, with Jackie and Tom, and Marilyn and Flyte in the top 10 as well. Ski was a wuss and fell off the see-saw!  In the Senior Agility, it was Flyte who again came out top Borderstorm Boy, with 3rd place.   No rosettes for me, and the other Borderstorm Babes, but we did have our photo taken :-)
1st December 2006 Hormones are high here, as now Flirt (Dares daughter) has come into season too.  Bless my baby girl, she's a grown up lady now :-)  Our boys are very much confused, but fortunately, very much neutured!
27th November 2006 More pictures added for Stars  Litter
26th November 2006 At the Northern Series, we had a good morning, but not so good afternoon.  The mornings classes were Grade 5,6,7 Jumping, and Cruise came 1st in Large Dogs, with Ski 4th and Zak 5th.  Fizz came 1st in the Medium section.  Sadly, we couldn't match it in the afternoon over the agility course, with no prizes at all :-(

23rd November 2006 We have chosen our stud dog - Goytre Prince of Dreams, or Wizard to his friends.  And Dare has at last come into season. Follow her progress on the Pups 2007 page.

19th November 2006 On Tour looking at Stud Dogs for this space, "Love is in the Air".  We have our eye on 5 - W, J, G, R and of course D!

18th November 2006 An update page has been added for Star and Megs pups, as well as Indi and Dylons pups.

18th November 2006 Flyte got a good 7th in the Senior Agility at Newton Heath, well done Maz!  I was appalling with my gang and we came away without a single piece of ribbon  :-(  Think I need to have a glass of wine!

11th November 2006 Tom had a good day at North Downs with a 6th in Intermediate Agility!

6th November 2006 Indi's pups have arrived, making Dare a Granny again, and me a great Granny again!  3 dogs and 3 bitches, all black and white.  Indi is being a super mum, but gave birth in a super speedy 2 hours!  More pictures to follow!

End Oct 2006 We kept it in the family at the Northern Winter Agility Series - In the Grade 5,6,7 agility, Ski came 1st, Flyte came 2nd, Cruise came 3rd, Rio (an honourary Borderstorm and Dares Pairs Partner) came 4th and Dare came 5th!

12th October 2006 New web pages have been uploaded for the last litter (Dare x Dylon 2006) - they are still under construction though so please bare with me, but each pup now has its own page.
9th October 2006 Baby Borderstorms are coming - or baby "Indistorms" to be exact.  Indi was scanned today and is definately expecting baby Dylon's and Indi's in November.  Meanwhile Dare is due in season at any time!
8th October 2006 Wilton - a fun day for Borderstorms (and friends of!).  Ski (Borderstorm Who Dares Wins) won the Senior Agility, and got 4th in the Open Agility. Star was 2nd in the Senior Agility too.  Zak was 7th in part 2 of the Open Agility and mum Dare was 7th in part 1.  Dare was also 4th in Open Jumping, and Ski came 7th. Tom followed yesterdays successes with a place in Open Agility too, but can't remember what - sorry Jackie!
7th October 2006 South Durham - there were places for Ski and Cruise today, and Matty got a great 9th in Inter Jumping beating his mum, dad and brothers.  But prize for the best dog today must go to Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy) who romped home with a 2nd in Inter Agility and a 3rd in Senior Agility.  That illusive last win is not far away!
3rd Oct 2006 Brilliant News!  Alison's Gunna (Borderstorm Gunna Be Magic) and Pixie (Borderstorm Blueprint) from Dare and Dylons last litter have both DNA tested normal for CEA.
28th Sept 2006 At Easington, rosettes were a bit on the scarce side, but  Ski had a lovely run to come 4th in the Senior Agility - beaten by his litter brother Star (right).   And Cruise picked up a place in Intermediate Jumping - 7th.
15th Sept 2006 Sue has been granted her own affix "Indistorm" for her pups which are due in November from Indi, Borderstorm Indi-go.  We like this affix, as it follows nicely from the Borderstorm Theme.  For info regarding Sues pups, please see the Puppy Page, or click here.
10th Sept 2006 Wigan show brought rosettes for Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy), 4th in Inter Agility, and Dare, 10th in the same class, but otherwise it was a very quiet weekend.  Still, we can't be perfect all the time LOL!
Sept 2006 Wilton Week brought lots of prizes for the Borderstorm Crew.  Flyte went on to win another Novice Class, and then Intermediate Agility (making him half way to advanced).  Ski took a 3rd place in one Intermediate Agility and 4th in another. Even Cruise managed a 3rd in Inter Agility!  Mama Borderstorm, Dare, had some good runs with a 3rd in Advanced jumping, and Open Jumping, and her daughter Jinx (Borderstorm Blue Magic) shown right, won the Open Jumping and had 2nd in Advanced Jumping.  Well done to everyone .  
9th Sept  2006 Indi (Borderstorm Indi-Go) was mated to Dylon today and yesterday, so hopefully pups will be due in November.  These 2 stunning Border Collies both work at Advanced level.  Dylon must have enjoyed the experience, and felt the need to "show off" to his new girlfriend as he went on to win the Championship Ticket at Chippenham today as well.  Well done Dylon!  You can see pictures of Dylon by clicking here.
Very end of August 2006 Stars babies are all 6 weeks, and on their way to their new homes on the Agility Circuit.  Meanwhile, Sue's Indi has come into season and will be mated shortly!.
End of August 2006 Well, its all happened while I've been away on my hols!  Jackie and Zak have had a 4th in Senior Agility, Alison and Jinx have had lots of places at Dashin Dogs including a 2nd and a 4th in Senior Classes.  Star and Louise won their first advanced class AND won the Championship at Wilton Championship show (see photo right), and Sue and Indi have had a 1st and 2nd place in Seniors and Opens.  However, the award for "Borderstorm Baby of the Month" must go to Flyte and Marilyn who have had no fewer then 6 first places in the last 2 weeks, including one in Open Agility, and 4 further 2nd places along the way.  He's well and truely into Senior now, with a win towards advanced just for good measure.  I think I should go on holiday more often .........


August 2006 Well done Tom and Jackie G, who have just qualified for the 2nd Olympia Semi at Stoneleigh.  Keeping our fingers crossed for you.
August 2006 Go Go Marilyn and Flyte (Borderstorm Take Flyte) - winning Novice Agility at Scunthorpe in great style, and qualifying for the Novice CSJ finals.  And a big well done to Louise  and Star, for getting a 3rd in the Championship final at the Scottish show they attended.  This was only Stars 2nd Championship class.
July 2006 At North Derbyshire, Ski managed a close 2nd place in the Inter Agility after leading the class most of the way through, whilst there were also lots of places for Louise and Star.  Marilyn and Flyte also picked up a good 14th in the Open.
July 2006 Congratulations to Star (Borderstorm No Regrets), who has just become father to 6 lovely pups, from Meg, a Border Collie who works on the farm where Lou and Nev live.  3 boys and 3 girls.  
July 2006 Well done to Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy) and Jackie G for winning Senior at Caerphilly, only one more needed for advanced. And prizes too for Matty in Intermediate.  Prizes were a bit scarce for all Borderstormers at Weardale, although Indi made it to the champ finals.  I was judging, but didn't manage to give any of my babies a clear round. 
July 2006 BLESS! They don't stay babies for long.  Just heard that Bex (Borderstorm Dare To Be At Jolysses) has come into season at just 6 months.  Thats the youngest of any of the babies.  She's a lady now! Rod, her owner Rod is very concerned and so far has diagnosed headaches, tummy ache and bloated/swollen tummy - he is sure Bex should be in bed with a hot water bottle!
July 2006 World Championship Qualifiers - we took Dare, Ski and Cruise to the qualifiers at Coventry.  Although they all did really well, non were selected for Team GB as there were better dogs on the day that deserved the selection. That will probably be Dares last year to try out, but next year all being well we will take Cruise and Ski again.  It was Ski's first try and at 2 years old, I was worried that he would stand out as being too "Novicey" but he didn't, he was such a grown up baby boy.
July 2006 Barnard Castle.  There seemed to be a Borderstorm in all the presentations (except small and medium of course!). Well done to Dare (Altricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm) for getting 2nd in Inter Jumping, Indi (Borderstorm Indi-Go) with a great win in Senior Jumping, Zak (Boredstorm Double Dare) for his 9th in the Senior Agility and for looking sooooo handsome, Flyte (Borderstorm Take Flyte) for his 2nd in Novice Agility (and lots of other paces too) and to Jack (Borderstorm Black Jack)  - A CLEAR ROUND - giving him 6th in Novice Agility too. Thats Jack's picture on the right.
July 2006 Go Matty Go - Matty (Borderstorm Nutty Boy) got 3rd in Novice Agility at Rugby,  Alan was understandably very pleased with "Meryl".  And his brother Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy) did very well at the World Championship Qualifiers, putting on a good performance, 2 clears and a 5 faults, which wasn't quite good enough to get selected.
July 2006 Jack (Borderstorm Black Jack) and Ian/Sue (they take it in turns!) had a very nearly round at East Lothian this weekend, with Jack only knocking one pole.  So what? you may ask!  Jack is the type of dog who does everything at 100 miles an hour, and so getting him to think about actually clearing the fences has been a challenge.  So a round with 1 pole down is an achievement for Jack.  Well done guys. We all know that when you leave all the poles up, you'll win the class.
July 2006 Jackie G has reminded me of Toms (Borderstorm Tom Boy) recent successes, including a 2nd in Inter Jumping at Supadogs, a 7th in senior jumping and a 3rd in the pairs at Hinckley, a 3rd in Inter Jumping at St Edwards.  At Thames, he was also a little star, with a 2nd 4th and 6th, as well as qualifying for the Olympia semis!  So why oh why, after all those places, does Jackie insist in dressing him up like Little Miss Muffett?  Does she have a fetish I wonder?
July 2006 Way  To Go Matty!!!! Matty (Borderstorm Nutty Boy) and Alan won the Novice Touch and Go today at Bretford, and just to prove it wasn't a fluke, they followed it up with 3rd in Novice Agility and 4th in Novice Jumping!
July 2006 Well done to Indi (Borderstorm Indi-Go) for making it through to the Championship Final at East Lothian, and finishing 4th.  Your time will come!  She also got 3rd in Senior Agility at the same show.
July 2006 Otley Show!  Wow, you all did soooo well.  Amy and Haze (Borderstorm Wicked but Wise) got 3rd in Novice, Maz and Flyte  (Borderstorm Take Flyte) were 4th, and Alan and Matty (Borderstorm Nutty Boy) 8th.  Jackie and Zak (Borderstorm Double Dare) were clear in Intermediate (see! he isn't just a pretty face!), and Maz and Flyte, and the other Jackie and Tom (Borderstorm Tom Boy) got other places too.  Mum Dare (Altricia Wishing Silver at Borderstorm) got 2nd in Senior Jumping, and Uncle Cruise and his team qualified for the Pedigree Team finals by coming home 1st in the Team competition.

July 2006 According to Jackie, Zak breathed several times today in a most beautiful fashion, looked gorgeous numerous times and looked lovingly at his mum.  ??? I'm worried about her.
June 2006 Sue confirms that she has chosen a "husband" for Indi (Borderstorm Indi-Go) and that it will be Jayne Brays lovely red merle dog Kruise (Merledaze Can't Wait Won't Wait at Upanover).  That mating should take place in the autumn. Wouldn't mind one of those myself!!!
June 2006 Stop Press, Zak's nose has got a little bit blacker!  He's sooooo handsome!
June 2006 Gunna (Borderstorm Gunna Be Magic) had his first taste of fresh meat - so fresh it was still alive!  Sadly Alison's budgie didn't make it!  Rumour has it Gunna was spitting feathers!  Naughty Gunna.
June 2006 Amy and Haze (Borderstorm Wicked but Wise) win Novice Agility at Wilton, after coming so close on many occasions with lots of "if only" rounds.  Big hugs to Amy, glad I was there to see it.
June 2006 Ski (Borderstorm Who Dares Wins) gets his first win to Advanced at Tweedbank.  We actually kept all the poles up!  Very proud of my baby boy
June 2006 Hooray for Matty (Borderstorm Nutty Boy), with 6 clears over the 24th/25th weekend.   Matty hasn't been the easiest dog and this is a real achievement for him!
May 2006 Maz and Flyte (Borderstorm Take Flyte) win the Adams Derby Qualifier at PADS.  Look out for them in the final.
May 2006 Louise and Star (Borderstorm No Regrets) go Advanced!  Yey, thats another one into Advanced!
May 2006 Dare and Flirt pass their BAER Hearing tests, Flirt DNA tests normal for CL and carrying for CEA, but is unaffected.


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