Borderstorm Spot On
Owned by Becky Godridge
Becky and Speckles had a late start due to Speckles OCD, but they are startin to get things together now. They have had some clears in Grade 2 classes, and Backy is taking it slowly.  Speckles is just nuts around the rings - very motivated!  You can hear him anywhere!


bulletWe call this puppy Captain Slow, or James, not that we hop he will be slow of course.
bulletBeautiful at 10 days old
bulletCute little pup - perfect markings and very nicely built .
bulletOMG - this puppy is going to have Speckles! 
bulletHmmm, imaginative name that Becky has give to him - Speckles :o)  or Spec for short.


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