Flirt - Borderstorm Dare To Flirt - Date of Birth 6th Jan 2006 

Eyes CEA unaffected (DNA tested carrying) - Hips - 5:4

BAER Hearing Tested Normal,

DNA Tested Normal for CL (Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis)

 TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome) normal by parentage


Borderstorm Dare To Flirt
Flirt is of course the most beautiful of all the Borderstorm Girly Babies ;-)


Flirt is out of my special girl Dare and Sammi Stevens "Dylan" - Dylan He Do Well - our 3rd litter.  I had hoped to have a 2nd litter from Flirt for a pup for myself, but unfortunately she has developed cysts so this may not be possible.

Canoing with my mum!   In the heather - pretty aren't I?   Is that a sheep I can see!

Flirt now works in Grade 7, although not what I would class as a true Grade 7 dog yet, she is gaining experience all the time.  She is fast, noisy and quick thinking.


bulletAt birth she weighed 10.5ozs. I was immediately attracted to her as she was the first merle born, one of 2 merle girls.  Leo, our son, calls her Kylie.
bullet1 Week old, and 17oz, she's quite a dinky little thing.
bullet2 Weeks old, and 27 ozs, she is the hardest to photograph, she just won't sit still!
bullet3 Weeks old, 37 ozs, and a little cuddle bum.  She's staying here, I'm sure of it, but we can't call her Kylie!
bullet4 Weeks old - Flirt is no longer called Kylie, she seems very chilled - not as pushy as the other girl pups, she likes her own company
bullet5 Weeks old - we can't work out what colour her eyes will be - they are a sort of silver colour - definately not blue, but not really brown either.  She likes her toys, and to beat up her sisters now shes getting a bit more pushy.


bullet6 weeks old, and she's a real baby - its very cold outside, and where the others will have a play, she wants to be inside!


bullet7 weeks old, and the others will be going soon, but she will be staying right here with me. 








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