Borderstorm Double Dare 
Owned by Jackie Smith


Zak is currently working Grade 6 with one win towards Grade 7, and lives with half brother Kobe



Jackie and Zak - well deserved success

Zak (left) with mum Dare who both won first prize at Derbyshire, Zak in Novice Agility and Dare in Senior Jumping

Zak and his half brother Kobe




bulletAt birth he weighed 12ozs
bullet1 Week old, we nicknamed him merley dog as he is a classic blue merle, but he soon became Spiderman
bullet2 Weeks old, Spiderman is always first to come and say hello. He is the handsome one too.
bullet3 Weeks old, what can we say about this little chap, confident, friendly, handsome, pushy, the dominant pup.  He was fearful of nothing.
bullet4 Weeks old - Spiderman dog - always has been the most forward of the pups.   He's not afraid of anything and is always first to investigate.  
bullet5 Weeks old - "Puppy" is still the biggest and boldest - but just loves to be cuddled.


bullet6 weeks old, and his name is Zak.  He's definitely not a dog for the faint hearted, just like mum.


bullet7 weeks old, and Zak has gone. All the adult dogs here breathe a sigh of relief! 



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