Borderstorm Tom Boy
Owned by Jackie Gardner

Tom works Grade 7 Championship with Jackie, and they have had a couple of close calls.  They have also represented the UK in the FCI World Agility Championships.


bulletAt birth he weighed 11ozs
bullet1 Week old, Batman is a classically marked black and white dog.
bullet2 Weeks old, it became obvious that Batman was  the noisy one.
bullet3 Weeks old, Batman was less pushy than his merle brothers, but soon caught up.  He became very showy - strutting proudly around, and he stopped being so squawky.
bullet4 Weeks old - Batman, laid back, but eager to play when he feels like it.  His classic markings make him a handsome chap, but he is definitely not as pushy as his merle brothers. However, he's a real charmer.
bullet5 Weeks old - and "Tom" is going to live with his dad Joe, half brother Glen and full brother Matty. He has such appealing eyes, and is a dark horse - pinching all the toys


bullet6 weeks old - cute isn't he!







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