Borderstorm No Regrets
Owned by Louise Raine

Star works Grade 7 Championship with Louise, within a year of competition, and they are such a stylish pair. Star really is a Star!  What a partnership!     He's also (whoops) sired a litter of beautiful babies, and following that a planned litter, where Lou kept 2 Star babies.  Star also lives with his half sister Baby Dare, from Dare's 3rd litter.

Star with his son Storm

And Star is now winner of a CC - the first Borderstorm to take a championship ticket aged 3.



bulletAt birth he weighed 14ozs
bullet1 Week old, and 30oz, our son christens him Margaret! - hope he doesn't grow up with a complex!
bullet2 Weeks old, and 46 ozs, this dog can eat and eat!
bullet3 Weeks old, what can we say about this little chap, confident, friendly, pushy, the dominant pup.  Louise visited the litter and took a shine to him. Must be those blue eyes like dads!
bullet4 Weeks old - Margaret always has been the most forward of the pups.   He's not afraid of anything and is always first to investigate.  Size obviously matters!
bullet5 Weeks old - Margaret is still the biggest and boldest - but just loves to be cuddled.


bullet6 weeks old, and his name is Star.  He's definitely not a dog for the faint hearted, just like mum.






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