Borderstorm Dare To Have Fun

12th February 2007

Owned by Georgie Baker

Spud and Georgie work Grade 6 together, and have qualified for Crufts and various other finals.  They are a great Junior Team, in fact they give the seniors a run for their money too!

According to Sue and Georgie ....... Spud is a very loving boy who loves nothing more than to sit with you and give lots of kisses :-)  He also loves to work, proving to be a very intelligent young man. He picks things up very quickly but also has a very strong opinion of what he thinks is right and wrong.


bulletHomer was 1st born and what a stunner, with his fathers "spot" on top of his head.
bullet1st born Homer has put on the most weight.
bulletAt 2 weeks, he is such a classic boy, but very opinionated already.
bulletBless Homer, he  is so cute - my hubbies favourite!
bulletBig is beautiful in this case.  Homer is the largest and the most outgoing.
bulletThis little boy is still unsure as to who will own him - fingers crossed someone who will think he's as gorgeous as we do.


bulletEyes and ears all tested fine, not long now till he leaves us.  He is going to live with Sue and Georgie. Sue had her name down for nearly a year for a Borderstorm Baby, but Amy, Jackie and Kaz were a permanent fixture on the puppy list if the right baby was born, and in this case they ended up with 4th choice.


bulletHomer is a truly handsome boy - the nearest to breed standard and a must for the show ring! He will grow up with stunning markings. I know he has gone to a very very special home, where Sue and Georgie will love him to bits.


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