Borderstorm Blueprint

DNA CEA Normal, CL Normal, Hips 4:3

Owned by Sue White

Pixie with her dad, Dylon

Pixie works Grade 6 with Sue where they hae 2 wins towards Grade 7


bulletMadonna made a very late appearance - the last to be born at  21.58 (5.5 hours after we started), weighing  nearly 12 oz.  As a 2nd merle in the litter, she was a very welcome sight indeed, as I knew there were people on the list desperate for merlies..
bulletAt one week, and this little merlie girlie is something different - the pushiest and greediest by far!
bulletAt 2 weeks, he eyes are open, and like with many merles, the colour is puzzling.
bulletEven though I love my merlies, I knew Madonna (or Madge) was not for me - too pushy and bossy to fit into my pack. I knew Sue wanted her desperately, but it was down to Louise.
bulletLouise has chosen Beyonce, and so Madonna (now Pixie - I ask you!) is going to Sue. She is now 62 oz and the biggest girly by far.
bulletPixie is settling down, not so bossy, she's still first to the food dish, but she enjoys playing and interacting with the others.


bulletPixie is the biggest girl, and a bit of a thug, but just loves cuddles.  She started out quite naughty, but is a very even tempered girl now.  She loves to kill the toys by shaking them (is there some terrier in there?)


bulletPixie is such an adorable girl, and will grow up with stunning markings. Her eyes are a slightly different shade of light brown, we thought they would be blue for a time, but not so.  She is going to be one very spoilt little girl.


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