Borderstorm Nutty Boy 
Owned by Alan Gardner

Matty and Alan work in Grade 6 together



At 2 years old Matty is very cuddly and would like to be cuddled 24 hours a day. He would like to be an only dog, so that he doesn’t have to share things, or us, with the other dogs. 

Alan and Jackie say that Matty is very good at agility but just doesn’t see the point to it all. We are hoping that one day Matty will decide that he does like agility. But, in the mean time, Matty is our pet psychotic merle.

bulletAt birth he weighed 11ozs
bullet1 Week old, we called him splodgy dog, but our son soon changed this to Superman
bullet2 Weeks old, Superman is independent and very chilled, he has the most beautiful piercing eyes
bullet3 Weeks old, my personal favourite, he has beautiful facial markings and bright blue eyes.  A bit more "thoughtful" than his merle brother.
bullet4 Weeks old - Superman is the most handsome of the group with beautiful symmetrical markings and the brightest of blue eyes, he's second only to Spiderman in his confidence. 
bullet5 Weeks old - and "Matt" is going to live with his dad Joe, half brother Glen and full brother Tom.  He only has one blue eye, making him very striking.


bullet6 weeks old and Matty has gone to his new home, and is settling in well by all accounts



bulletMatty with brother "Tom" and dad "Joe"





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