Borderstorm Now Or Never

12th February 2007

Owned by Jackie Smith


Kobe and Jackie are in Grade 5, but not for long I think as they have at least 20 2nd and 3rd places.  They are a very consistent pair, and have qualified for many finals this year.  Kobe lives with half brother Zak, from Dares first litter.


bulletWhen this pup was born, considering our Simpson's theme he was immediately called Krusty!  Isn't it strange - the puppy that you expect to be the least favoured is always the one everyone loves.
bulletHe is so cute, and living up to his name - she's always happy and such a smiley pup
bulletUgly duckling?  or beautiful swan in the making?
bulletHi, my name is Krusty.
bulletKrusty has been chosen by a lovely couple from Scotland - but thats not the end of his story
bulletKrusty (or Rye as he is to be called) is such a happy boy - he never gets mad or growly with his brothers - he's always the first to say hello.


bulletEyes and ears all tested fine, but thats where everything turned upside down!


bulletRye is now Kobe, and is no longer going to Scotland.  Its a long old story, but sadly one of the other pups in the litter failed his hearing test, and so the pick list was revisited and Kobe is going to live with Jackie and his brother Zak from Dares first litter.


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