Borderstorm Blue Magic
Owned by Alison Caton-Walls

Jinx works Grade 7 with owner Allison, and lives with half brother Gunna from Dare's 3rd litter

bulletAt birth she weighed 11ozs
bullet1 Week old, she's just like her merley mum.
bullet2 Weeks old, Kite was  boring to start with but soon became a bossy madam just like mum, arguing over teats with the males, and winning!
bullet3 Weeks old, Kite's coat is much the thickest and is especially thick an curly around her neck area. Her eyes appear to be dark at this stage.  She still throws her weight around.
bullet4 Weeks old - Kite - her future was uncertain - originally my hope to follow on in Dares' footsteps, but now - well who knows!  Big and bossy yet with such pretty markings.
bullet5 Weeks old - now called Jinx, she's gonna be a CrazyMaesy girl with Alison down in Oxford. Crazy describes her well!


bullet6 weeks old - the first to leave.  She would have been my choice, so Alison.....I'm watching!!!




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