Borderstorm Black Jack
Owned by Ian Mallabar

Jack and Ian work Championship Grade 7, and are a stunning partnership to watch!

Jack is such a gentle handsome boy, lightning fast, and completely nuts, like all his brothers and sisters.


bulletAt birth he weighed 13ozs
bullet1 Week old, and 30oz, our son christens him Brandon!
bullet2 Weeks old, and 44 ozs, this dog can eat and eat, but not as much as his brother Margaret!
bullet3 Weeks old, and quite independent - not a follower at all.  
bullet4 Weeks old - Brandon and brother Margaret are the terrible 2. They sit on their sister Daisy and beat up their smaller brothers!  Get off my trousers Brandon.
bullet5 Weeks old - Brandon doesn't have a home yet, despite being the "pick".


bullet6 weeks old, and Ian Mallabar is tempted.  His wife Sue has "Indi" from the  previous litter.  Will he or won't he???


bullet7 weeks old, and Brandon is now Jack, and belongs to Ian.  We're really chuffed, he's gone to a great home.


Jack lives with his sister Indi, and half brother Bo





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