Borderstorm Indi-Go
Owned by Susan Mallabar

Indi works Grade 7 Championship with owner Sue, or more regularly with husband Ian, as Sue suffers with Championship nerves.  She has had 3 beautiful litters of pups under the affix Indistorm, keeping Dare's name alive in pedigrees of the future. Indi is the Black and White version of her mother, she is a very special dog.  You can see more of Indi on Sue's website


bulletAt birth she weighed 10ozs
bullet1 Week old, nicknamed Arrow bitch due to the arrow marking on the top of her head
bullet2 Weeks old, Arrow (who no longer had an arrow) is smaller but stubborn.  She has very girly features, an intense gaze and is very pretty
bullet3 Weeks old, Arrow is extremely fluffy and is growing in confidence every day and is now our very own "Cheeky Girl".
bullet4 Weeks old - Arrow - the minx! A quiet girl to start with she is making her presence felt, with teeth like needles, she is now not so backwards in coming forwards! Perhaps the prettiest girl.
bullet5 Weeks old - what a transformation - "Indi" is bold and minxing! and she was such a quiet pup. Is "Indi" short for Indestructable? 


bullet6 weeks old - Indi has gone to her new home, do we miss her? You bet we do!



Now, as Indi's breeder, I'm a bit worried about her strange new home - Sue's husband Ian always seemed a decent sort of chap but.....- click here to read exerts from his latest composition - Indi's Story! 


Indi and her Family at Indistorm Border Collies  She also lives with her half brother Jack from Dare's 2nd litter, and her half brother Bo, from Dare's 3rd litter





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