Borderstorm Wicked But Wise
Owned by Amy Smith

Hazey bum works in Grade 7 Championship with Amy. She also lives with half sister Blitz from dares 2nd litter



bulletAt birth she weighed 12ozs
bullet1 Week old, she's got us all confused with those markings - where did they come from?
bullet2 Weeks old, Wicked is an extremely friendly girl, and just oozes personality.  She has a very expressive face.
bullet3 Weeks old, Wicked's spot is now merging into her black patch, and she has less white markings.  Her eyes are dark.  She is "Little Miss Mischief!"
bullet4 Weeks old - Wicked pup - she is sooooo appealing with her streak of wickedness - always into mischief - Amy will have her work cut out.
bullet5 Weeks old - Wicked (now Haze) is always looking for  and adventure - she's the boldest of the girls.


bullet6 weeks old - Haze is fiery and daring, just like mum!


bullet7 weeks old, and Haze has gone to her new home confident (and muddy!).





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