Borderstorm Heeza Kracker
Owned by Jackie Tarn

Harry and Jackie work Grade 6 together


bullet Born at 4.25pm, Beckham was the first pup to make and appearance, weighing 11.4oz
bulletAt a week old, he hasn't changed a bit., but has put on lots of weight, he's now 19 oz
bullet2 weeks old, his eyes are open and he's walking really well
bulletweek3, what a cutie, and what a fatty - at 39oz he's growing really well.  But he's such a cuddle bum too!
bulletBeckham is the calmest boy - very even tempered and not into arguing with the others.  He just goes off and has a sleep!
bullet5 weeks old, and he has been chosen by Jackie.  She had been hoping for him all along.  And he has a new name too - Harry, or Handsome Harry to be more accurate. Bless him.  he is such a handsome boy and makes us laugh so much.  He does the cutest things and has the biggest eyes.  A real chocolate box puppy.  Beckham never starts squabbles, but he can certainly finish them!  He has the most coat at the moment, a big fluff ball :-)


bulletWhat a little thug - no more the calm one!  He's the noisy and nosy one!


bulletHarry went to Jackies at 8 weeks old, where we know he'll be adored and so well looked after.  Bye Bye Becks  :-(


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