Borderstorm  Gunna Be Magic
Owned by Alison Caton-Walls

Alisons words on Gunna are short and sweet.  "He's gorgeous, even for a Black and White".  She must have forgiven him for eating her budgie  LOL. 

Gunna has DNA tested normal for CEA, so thats great news.

bulletRooney put in a late appearance at 21.27, everyone had gone home, and logged off the web-cam thinking it was all over, but I felt sure there were more pups. He was puppy number 6 - I thought the last ones were usually the smallest - so where did this pudding come from?
bulletHe's such a stunning boy, and has doubled his body weight this week to 20oz
bulletWhat a flashy boy. He was first to open his eyes too.
bulletRooney is perhaps the most co-ordinated of the litter so far - he is very mobile, despite his big tummy. He's always the first to the edge of the whelping box for a cuddle.
bulletRooney is still the biggest boy, by about 5oz, and has many admirers, both Rod and Alison like him, but Alison has the pick.  I have held him up to Alison on the webcam lots of times.  He's lively and noisy.
bulletEveryone loves Rooney as he's such a flashy boy, and the biggest.  He looks just like Dad without the ears (maybe they'll come later).  A bit of a whinger, he certainly lets you know when he wants to come out the pen, go back in the pen, come out the pen, go back in the pen ........


bulletWell, Alison has finally chosen Rooney - firstly named Star, then finally Gunna, after sitting in my front room for a good 6 hours or so.  It was Rooney or Beckham, Beckham or Rooney..........


bulletGunna is going to be such a handsome dog.  Can't wait to see how he ends up in Alison's capable hands.


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