Borderstorm Take Flyte
Owned by Marilyn Murphy

Flyte and Marilyn work in Championship Grade 7, where they have come very near to the ticket on a number of occasions.  They have competed at both Crufts and Olympia and are a stunning pair.  But really we think Flyte can read the numbers himself!

What a handsome boy!

Wild as the wind!


bulletAt birth he weighed just 8ozs. What a little dot.
bullet1 Week old, and 21oz, we call him baby cos he's such a tiny boy.
bullet2 Weeks old, and 32 ozs, baby is still very small, but putting on weight well.  He's too pretty for a boy!
bullet3 Weeks old, and starting to catch up - he's very noisy and the first to try and escape from the whelping box.  I'm quite tempted by him.
bullet4 Weeks old - what baby lacks in size he makes up for in personality.  Look at that angelic face - he's the devil in disguise!
bullet5 Weeks old - Now officially the naughtiest pup.  He causes trouble with his brothers, and then they beat him up!  But will he give up - no way.  He's very persistent. 
bulletAbsolutely gorgeous.  6 weeks old, and his name is Flyte.  He's light, fast and a real handful! Watch out Mazzer, you may regret choosing him!










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