Borderstorm Challenge At Petnat

12th February 2007

Owned by Karen Marriott

Fetz and Karen were the first pairing from this litter to go into Grade 7 Championship. Fetz is a long striding dog and not at all what Karen is used to, but they look very stylish together, qualifying for the Laser Pairs Final this year with his half sister Flirt.


bulletWelcome Bart, the 4th boy and all big boys too - Dare is shattered by now and he took some pushing out!
bullet I like him lots....but I can't keep one!
bulletAt 2 weeks, his eyes are open, and he looks like he's going to be a cracker.
bulletBart loves to wrestle with Homer - but Homer is a bit more of a thug and Bart always ends up on the bottom of the heap.
bulletBart loves his bed - there is a bed in the run, and you can be sure that Bart is on it at all times.
bulletWell, whould you believe it - Bart (or Fetz) is going to live with Karen, my pairs partner.  She has been on my puppy list every litter, and we never thought she would actually have one.  She only wanted a girl, and as Amy had chosen Blitz, we though Karen wouldn't bother - but no, little Fetz stole her heart  :o)


bulletEyes and ears all tested fine, not long now till he leaves us, with his bed of course.


bulletHe is such a handsome chap - very well marked - maybe Karen will show him a little????  No, probably not!


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