Borderstorm Crazy Daisy
Owned by Pat and Dave Adamson


Daisy is such a pretty girl.

Daisy's a real live wire now, herding cars, bikes and her Schnauzer brother Sonny.  Dave has put a lot of time and effort into training Daisy, and she's a great friend to both Pat and Dave.  She may never do agility, but she certainly gets the most out of life, loves to work for her treats, and enjoys every minute of training.  Her hearing never developed fully, although she seems to be able to hear some noises.  She has the perfect home.


bulletAt birth she weighed 8ozs and was immediately nicknamed Zebra.  She was very tiny and quite weak.  She was born alongside a dead pup, with possible interference.
bullet1 Week old, and Zebra girl  is very sweet, and very small, but very much alive.
bullet2 Weeks old.
bullet3 Weeks old, her eyes are open and what beautiful dark eyes. 
bullet4 Weeks old - Zebra is a long way behind the others in strength, speed, co-ordination and eating skills.  She sleeps a lot.  However she is absolutely beautiful, and her markings look impressive on her longer coat.
bullet5 Weeks old - the vets check Zebra and she is not  as well developed as the others.  The vet blames her traumatic birth, and the fact that she may have been in too close proximity to the dead puppy, restricting the function of the placenta.  She is however bright, and feisty just like mum with very sharp teeth.
bullet6 weeks old, and decisions have to be made about her future.  Until we know more about her development,  she stays here with us.  She seems to have some hearing difficulties too.


bullet7 weeks old, and I decide she should not go to a working home.  She's a "special needs" pup, so she goes to live with our parents who fell in love with her during evenings of "puppy sitting". Her life will be as a very spoilt pet girl.  She has them well-trained already!  







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