Borderstorm Dare'd Again

12th February 2007

Owned by Ian Bateman

What a handsome chap.  Buddy and Ian have had 2 Grade 3 Jumping Wins



bulletItchy was the first male born and I immediately loved him, being so similar to my Ski
bulletHe has a lovely merled coat, and a half white face.  How can I resist him!
bulletAt 2 weeks, his eyes are open and they will be brown!
bulletItchy has lots of admirers, especially Jackie who has 3rd pick.
bullet2nd born Itchy is a lovely boy - not too pushy, but very friendly.  I think if I were having a pup it would be between him and Bart (Fetz).
bulletAmy is definately taking Marge, so Jackie has chosen Itchy .


bulletOh bu**er!!!! Itchy has failed his hearing test on one ear.  Although this shouldn't affect his agility ability, for Jackie, who works her dogs from a distance due to her own situation, this would be unrealistic, so instead she has chosen another pup.


bulletAfter much umming and ahhing, Itching (now Buddy will be going up north to Sue and Ian Bateman, friends of ours.  Ian will have no problem working Buddy and chances are there will never be any problem with his hearing.


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