Borderstorm  Bo-Nanza

DNA CEA Normal, CL Normal, Hips 3:6

Owned by Sue Mallabar

Check out Bo on the "At Stud" page - he's looking for a new girlfriend!

According to Sue, he is of course the most handsome Borderstorm to date although you probably wouldn't agree with me!!!  (Of course not - Lisa)

"His temperament is wonderful however he did not come equipped with an 'OFF' switch. I suppose I should be thankful that at least he now sleeps through the night but it did take until he was 5 months old........ even now he doesn't sleep at all through the day, he's on the go all the time and does everything at 100 miles/hr.
He is best known for escaping from the garden at shows and joining other dogs in the ring - something I'm not proud of!!!
He is very affectionate and loves kisses and cuddles. He has learnt to open doors by jumping up at the door and pushing the handles down. He is very focussed and ball mad but likes nothing better than to herd big brother Jack whom he shadows constantly. Jack loves him too, they are inseparable.
We do of course love him to bits!!!"
bulletThis puppy was a huge surprise when he popped out - sooo dark, with the tiniest spots of white. 2nd born at 17.50, he weighed 11.4oz, identical to the first pup.
bulletAt 1 week old he weighed 20.4 oz.  A good weight gain.
bulletRonaldo isn't attracting much attention as he is so dark, and his markings aren't that flashy.  Secretly though, I think my hubby has a soft spot for him.
bulletAt week 3, he's 40oz, and we're struggling to keep him still for his weigh in and for photos!
bulletWeek 4.  Ronaldo has a secret admirer, someone wants him very much, but ha to weight and see whether he's chosen.
bulletRonaldo and Rooney are the ruffians of this litter along with sister Madge.  They play really rough, but the others who aren't so big use surprise as their tactic, and Ronaldo is always getting pounced on by his sisters!


bulletWeek 6 - Ronaldo is a stunner, very dark with a classic face.  I think my hubby would have secretly liked to keep him, as he's a real boy dog.  He's such a sweetie too, not as thugish as Rooney, but loves a game of chase the paper towel.  Somehow he seems to collect all the toys! Things are falling into place -  his admirer Sue can have him, and boy is she excited!  His name is Bo.


bulletLook at that angelic face - although he wasn't flashy at birth, Bo is a real stunner now, and quite a naughty boy too!  Not phased by anything, Bo is Bo the Brave!


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