Borderstorm Dare To Dream

12th February 2007

Owned by Amy Smith


Blitz lives with Amy and sister Haze - she has gone whizzing in to Grade 6 this season, and is very quick, but very naughty!  A typical Borderstorm, she has storm opinions which don't always agree with Amy's!


bulletMarge was the last to be born, late into the labour when Dare was so tired.  She was covered in green fluid - not a good sign, and it took us a while to get her breathing - but there was no way Amy was giving up - she wanted a merle bitch and this was her only chance.
bulletAfter her shaky start, she's now strong and eating well.
bulletAt 2 weeks, her eyes are open, and like with many merles, the colour is puzzling.
bulletMarge is such a little dot next to her big brothers, but she's growing well
bulletEven though she's small, her delicate start in life has  not affected her personality and attitude!  She's has mothers daughter for sure!
bulletAmy is definately taking Marge, to be called Blitz.  Her eyes are still a bit puzzling, but she's a very pretty girl!


bulletEyes and ears all tested fine, not long now till she leaves us.


bulletBlitz is such an adorable girl, and will grow up with stunning markings. Her eyes are  still a puzzle, but who cares  :o)


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