Borderstorm Dare To Be At Jolysses
Owned by Rod Norton

Bex and Rodney are currently working well together in Grade 6

When I asked Rod for a few words to describe Bex, this is what his wife Anne had to say, tongue in cheek I think!:

"I'll put a few words together about Bex. For starters, Rod says she is a typical Borderstorm - laid back and calm," (yeh right!) "especially around the agility ring" (no chance of that!). "Early training has been difficult as she lacks motivation and seems uninterested" (wishful thinking - shes nuts and never switches off). "If she doesn't take to agility, she will make a good lap dog" (hehehe if you can get her to sit still for long enough). "Never the centre of attention and always at the back when there's anything happening" (of course Anne!). "Such a delight to live with - oh and she didn't chew almost every banister spell going up our stairs, or the kitchen chairs or started on several doorframes!!" (now that DOES sound like a Borderstorm!)

Hehehe, well, he did want a dog with attitude this time!  Serves him right! Yep, Bex is a real minx!

bulletThe third pup to make an appearance at 18.54, this little girl was the baby of the litter at only 9.4 oz - still a healthy weight though.
bulletWeek 1, she has doubled her birth weight to 18 oz.  We call her Brittney.
bulletAt 2 weeks, her eyes are open and she weighs 26 oz.
bullet At 3 weeks, she's finding her feet.  Louise comes to visit, and spends hours holding up her and her sister Beyonce.  They are sooo similar.  In the end Louise chooses Beyonce and Brittney is still not chosen.
bulletAt 4 weeks, she's starting to catch my eye.  She's not the most forward of the pups, but boy is she cheeky!  Rod and Anne, with daughter Katy visit weekly, and Bex is on their list too.
bulletAt 5 weeks, she still a little dot compared to the big boys, but still holds her own. Her markings are getting very flashy indeed and her eyes are a lovely deep colour.


bulletBritney is a stunner, she is a live wire and always takes the opportunity to pounce on the others.  She and Baby Dare love wrestling together, I looked long and hard at her as she is very finely built and petite too, and will be very flashy.


bulletI decided on the merle, and when Gunna was chosen by Alison, Rod decided on Brittney over Ronaldo and Beckham.  She's now Bex.  I don't think she'll take long to sort those Belgian Shepherds out - after all, they need to be herded don't they?


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