Baby Dare



"Dare" aka Baby Dare
Borderstorm Baby Dare
Owned by Louise Raine

Baby Dare and Louise are eligible for Grade 6, but more often now she is worked by Junior Handler Kerry, and they make a great team.

bullet10oz when born, little Beyonce was the 4th pup to arrive, and the first with  a non classic face.  I knew straight away Louise would be attracted to her!
bulletBeyonce only put on 7 oz this week, but we're not worried - she certainly knows where the milk supply comes from
bulletWeek 2, and her eyes have opened, and she's an expert at avoiding the wormer!
bulletBold and showy, Louise spent ages looking at her, and her sister Britney.  I thought Louise would choose her, 'cos of her markings, and I was right.
bulletCan't you just see TROUBLE written all over he face!  Louise has been to see her a couple of times, and shes shown her true colours -  creating havoc - and then having a lovely long snooze.
bulletThis little madam is trouble with a capital T.  She's an explorer, a stirrer and generally a serious little minx. I think she is definitely going to the right home where her mischievous streak will be channelled.


bulletDoesn't she look angelic?  Don't be fooled- shes a little witch!  Lou has decided to call her Dare, after her mum.  The name, in my opinion, is absolutely Spot On!


bulletWe'll really miss Baby Dare, but I'm glad that someone else is having to deal with this naughty little madam.  She is soooo adorable though.  She has stayed very petite and fine, but then they do say the small ones are the worst!







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