Cruise - Woodsorrel Cruise Control at Borderstorm 

Date of Birth 1st May 2002 

Eyes CEA, CPRA and PLL unaffected - Hips 3:3

Cruise looking gorgeous as ever!

Cruise is a gorgeous chocolate and white Border Collie from the famous Woodsorrel lines.  

Cruise is now retired from Agility due to a stifle injury.  He spends his time between our house and mum's where he is very much spoilt.  Cruise's agility career was somewhat erratic, he won his first Novice class in April 2004, and went senior in August 2004 after 4 Novice wins in total. In June 2005 he won his first Intermediate towards Advanced Status, and competed for World Championship selection, finishing 8th and just out of the qualifiers.  He got 2 Grade 6 wins under the new Grading system, and therefore was only one win short of championship when his injury took over.


He's very much a "lady's man" - tall, dark and handsome (and of course being "chocolate", what lady could resist him).  His temperament is spot on and his has quite a strong eye too. 

bulletCruise is on the right of this Trio.  The pup in the centre now belongs to Gwyn and Anne Roberts (Hinckley), Woodsorrel Red Dragon.  Sister Meg (Woodsorrel Nutmeg - shown further down the page) went to Dave & Linda Hutchinson from Rugby.
bulletCruise, making himself at home at 8 weeks


Cruise on his first holiday, in lake Coniston.


bulletA bit more mature now, Cruise at 6 months.

bulletAlmost an adult, at 8 months


bulletAt 9 months - handsome isn't he!

So Gorgeous!


Cruises pedigree is on the Border Collie Database, click here to see it.  

Below is a photo of his Woodsorrel Relations, however, perhaps the most famous of his Woodsorrel Relations are Woodsorrel Red Wine (Mary Ray), and Woodsorrel Spectre (Nicola Garrett). Cruise's mother (Guinness) is also the mother of Spectre and his Grandma is the mother of Quincy (Woodsorrel Red Wine), making Quincy his half uncle.  However, on his fathers side the lines are very different, see below.

bulletPhoto Left - At the front is Cruise's Mother - Woodsorrel May Guinness.  To the right is his grandma, Woodsorrel Sorreline Red Russet, and to the left is half sister Woodsorrel Mulberry.
bulletPhoto Right - Cruise's litter sister Meg (Woodsorrel Nutmeg)

Cruise's father Torrin (Teshon Fatal Temptation) is an Obedience Dog belonging to Jan Aldridge. Torrin comes from Stillmoor, Bheinn, Wizaland and Sealight lines, and that famous dog - Ob Champ Dalemain Red Rascal is Torrin's Grandfather.   

Cruise is not available at stud, so please do not enquire. He was castrated in 2005 due to epilepsy in a litter mate, which made breeding inappropriate. So these days he only has eyes for me  :-)




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